My intro to you...

By Ricker

July 09, 2016

4 years ago

Since I was a little EM'er many moons ago, I loved to play pinball. Sure once in a while I would try out the baseball pins or even the occasional video game but the pins held all of the magic that kept me coming back! Starting with the EM's and graduating to the SS pins was wonderful! More sounds, more options to shoot for even the occasional ramp! These were my golden years of playing pinball. Now I also enjoy some of today's DMD and newer pins but the prices are in the stratosphere and not very practical $$ for me. Many years played, many more to go!

If you see something on my wish list that is from your collection, let me know if you are willing to sell or even trade a pin. As a collector for many years, I value the time everyone puts into this passion that we call pinball and look forward to seeing your collections!

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