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10 years ago
Yes I have played it and definitely not a pinball machine!
10 years ago
I like ES alot! I played it when it first came out. The shaker motor is perfect for this machine. All other shaker game kinda seem okay. This is the original. EARTHSHAKERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
10 years ago
This game is great but there are ALOT of sdtm shots! Also, the reliability of the holo in alot of machines brings the score down a touch. This is one of those games that has to be in great shape to enjoy.
10 years ago
This is my favorite of all time. Audio really makes a game for me and this one with "Don't touch the door" etc. really brings a complete package. Love it!
10 years ago
This game would be near perfect with better audio and a better backglass. Very fun game to play!
10 years ago
Funhouse is my #1 machine! It never ceases to be fun. Probably the best value of any top 20 machine.