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3 years ago
I have played MM quite a few times but held off rating it until I finally owned it and played it enough to fully understand all the rules.
Wow what a blast,I think it totally lives up to its reputation.
Great call outs, great toys and great fun and great rule set.
Whats not to like?
4 years ago
A great game with a lot of different things to shoot for.
It has a Deep rule set, which im still learning.
Great playfield layout.
I have a feeling the better you understand this pin, the better it gets rated.
Cant see this leaving anytime shortly.
The LE lacks the figures of the original , which is a pitty.
However, they can all still be purchased and fitted , no problem.
I think ,it finishes off the LE perfectly.
4 years ago
Great fun pin for all to play.
Looks good, sounds great.
4 years ago
Only just picked one up, so its a bit early for detail.
First impressions, good fun and a good looking pin.Certainly draws attention.
I like Steve Ritchie pins, so I think I am going to have some fun with this pin.

OK, played it a lot and understand the rules,now.
Personally I like that you do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out the rules in a game of pinball.
Obviously the cannon to rack up points, but I also enjoy shooting all the other features, as well.
Fast and fun,looks great all chromed out,stunning light show all in all a very good pin
5 years ago
A great looking Pin and a great playing pin.
Wish I never sold mine.
What more can I say.
6 years ago
Played this a few times and was very impressed.
Great toys and gimmicks , fast with great ramps.
All in all, a very under rated Pin.
If it was a Bally/Williams in would rate so much higher , I believe.

I finally added this to my collection and cant stop playing it.
It has renewed my enthusiasm for this great hobby.
If you have never played It , go out of your way to.
You wont be disappointed.
9 years ago
based on LTBR LE
Stunning looking and sounding game
Very deep rule set
Great toys with the bell and cannon
Super fast and the novice will struggle
As most of these will be HUO,it will be hard for most to play,unfortunately

Totally different game than the pro model
9 years ago
Very similar to the Shadow.
Shocking movie,very under rated pin.
Good fun to play and great value for the price.
10 years ago
Fantastic Pin
Great, well thought out playfield
Great rules and a variety of shots to keep making
The flow is excellent and it really stands out in a crowd

Should be top 5 all time IMO
Definately a keeper for me
10 years ago
Great Pin
Heaps to shoot for and some great toys
Hard to get tired of this machine
10 years ago
Good fun to play,love the crane .Pleasently surprised ove rall
11 years ago
Great game,Would love to add one to my collection.
Fast and heaps to shoot for to keep you entertained
Love shooting the pop up targets
A bit pricey,though.
I managed to buy one recently and after playing it a lot , my opinion of this game has gone even higher.
I dont get why people complain about the guns, the play is fast and varied,great ramps, bad guys targets, still one of the best gimmicks in pinball.
Great Pin , no doubt.
11 years ago
Great Pin,worth all the high ratings
Fast and never dull,LEDs bring it out
Definately top 5 with MM and BSM
11 years ago
Basing my rating on Black Spiderman
Great Pin with heaps to shoot for.Great toys,magnets and fun ramps.This is a super fast pin
The more I play it and the better the sofware gets,the more I love this game
The shaker motor a must
IMO it is one of the nicest looking pins ever
Love the chrome side webbing over the flipper buttons
I removed the existing sling shot palstics ,which look very average and replaced with some custom ones,also added custom target decals
This Pin looks Amazing
Fast and entertaining
Yes the Dot Matrix is ordinary,so I replaced it with a new Red Dmd cover.It now looks heaps better
Light show is fantastic
Definately a keeper
The best in my humble collection,so far
11 years ago
Pleasently surprised when I played this.
Didnt think it would be so much fun
Great looking pin
Thinking of adding it to my collection
A 2nd Edition Chrome one,Nicest looking of the three
11 years ago
The movie sucked, This Pin Does Not
Probably the best Pin available for a reasonable price.
Great Value,indeed
Have recently added The Shadow to my collection,so it gets played heaps.
Very addictive game with some great toys.Rule set is quite deep,
however,the novice loves this machine as well
Heaps to shoot for and heaps of fun
This game will take ages to master.
It is definatley a long term keeper for me.
11 years ago
After owning BR for a year I decided to down grade my rating
The cannon is a great feature and sinking ships is great fun with great graphics
Great looking machine,however,doesnt get played as much now as Radical or Shadow
Worth while in your collection
11 years ago
Great fun for an old school pinny
11 years ago
great fun game
will add one to my collection one day
11 years ago
great pinny,heaps of fun
Never gets old,great lastability
Great video modes ,great call outs,love all the different modes.
11 years ago
I have played this a heap more since my first rating.Growes on you and is great fun
Great game,would add one to my collection because you can pick up in great condition for a good price
11 years ago
Very,Very Under Rated Pin
A real surprise packet.Not so well known,it is up with the best in my collection.
Great mix of skill and luck,which allows pros and beginners to play together and still have heaps of fun.It never gets boring or too repetative
Looks wicked with LEDs,great shots to be made off all flippers,super fast and entertaining pin