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2 years ago
Fun game. The shots and layout are really unique. For sure. But it is really easy with the current code - except for the upper playfield. That is real tough and frankly I don’t understand what the hell is happening up there.

Playing on route I can get through (or I’m knocking at the door of) two of the mini-wizard modes almost each game.

Callouts are fun. Love the animations. Cabinet is good too! This is a fantastic route game. But I really worry about the depth / lastability In the home…. You’d beat this in a few weeks (or less).

Played it last night and frankly - left about 3 credits in the machine. I just didn’t want to play anymore.

The shots are really fun and the beskar / foundry pieces of the game are fun.
2 years ago
Ok, so I made the 100 mile drive to play last night. It is REALLY a great game, you guys. Now, if you're a tourney player - and are just wanting a quick bang bang jackpot multiball, probably not for you. But, this game, like a LOT of JJP games are an EXPERIENCE. Once you get the song going, and if you can REALLY get it going... wow does it rock.... It is just so fun to complete stage after stage of the songs and having to decide to keep going or to stop...

The game - as you all know already - is stunningly beautiful. The coolest thing I didn't know is the spotlights in the back corners of the game actually move like real stage lights.

I don't really know what JJP is doing, overall.... but the toys are significantly cut-down, vs their other games. The use of the optos and prox sensors makes the playfield very clean looking... not a lot of rollovers and other switches sticking out. So, there is a "CLEAN" look to that, in my opinion. Also, less can break.

It is definitely multiball heavy.... similar to Hobbit. Once you get the songs going, there is a lot of stacking. I didn't play enough to really understand ALL of the different things that were going on. I just mainly tried to start songs and keep them going as long as possible.

This game is really really really great. Very enjoyable. Shots are clean and smooth. It has a really nice flow to it all... and with the concert experience going the whole time, it really makes for something fun.

After picking one of these up, I truly don't understand the hate for this game. The rules are so incredibly similar to Metallica; yet - deeper... and it seems like all y'all just LOOOOVE metallica... I am convinced that some people truly have no patience to figure out what they're doing, and then - try to do it. Some, it would seem prefer a simpler machine & ruleset... want a mode-scoop / saucer and nothing else to understand.

MET - Collect the snake / coffin / grave / electric chair (gets harder the deeper you go) - through the appropriate shots and, of course lane stacking.
You can start multiballs to help you make this happen (coffin / snake / grave / sparky - there are 4)
Very little / no scoring until you can get to crank-it-up and, ya know - actually DO something in the CIU mode.
Then you are in CIU - there are 4 of these. Then you can really score.
You have the option of getting out of the CIU mode, if you choose, or - ya know - Risk it all!

GnR - Collect the band through the appropriate shots (harder the deeper you go)
You can start multiballs to help you make this happen (Ignite the Flames / Throw the lights / Make Some Noise / Turn it up - there are 4).
The better you do in these multiballs, can hugely impact your song level; making scoring pretty crazy.
Then - once you collect the band - you can do the song (kinda like CIU).
The songs are all different they build toward the album modes - there are 4
And you have the opportunity to risk it all in your song modes - if you want - or you can just - get out... (kinda like CIU).

I think its not only a great music pin, but it's also a really fun pinball machine on it's own. The Album modes are really tough but fair.

On top of that - it's just gorgeous & is a total crowd pleaser in the basement.
If it is price and one of those arguments - I get that. If this was priced like a Stern Prem; maybe people would like it more... I don't know. I mean - I feel that way about TS4. Totally fun game... just not at that price-point (for me).

***End review***
2 years ago
This was my first ever NIB machine. In fact, I bought it sight-unseen / never played - Just for a little adventure in the pinball hobby. What a blast it is to play... Collecting the stones is HARD. It flows and flows and flows for days and days and days. Buttery-smooth. This game is likely the most FUN game I have in my current collection. It doesn't "feel" hard. It feels like you're going to have a crack at doing the mission. by contrast TMNT "feels" hard like you're going to drain at any second. :)

The Dr Strange spinner is kinda fun, it can be in your way at times... which I think is part of the fun of it. Need to hit a key shot? Spinner is in the way... gotta move it first. So, extra steps.

Fight the enemy / during the battle --> hit the required shots and then there is the final shot (a la Deadpool). Then, after that you have to "Collect the gem." Then there is a victory lap. Incredibly challenging. In some cases, the shots are HUGELY challenging. However, you can stack the battles with the IM Multiball or the THOR multiball to help out with the tougher enemies (a la Deadpool).

The first mini-wizard mode is great... Collect 6 avengers and then hit the right ramp (Collecting all 6 Avengers is no small task, either... The Captain America POPS are tough... ) There are 8 shots to hit during the mode, and the ballsaver is on the whole time. However, it counts your flips. So, you only have so many chances. If you drain = -5 flips. The mode ends when you are out of flips. Haven't battled Thanos yet - Hopefully it will take a while :)

There are also opportunities to go to other challenge modes in the game, which are really fun. Just like TMNT and JP.
The game also has power pops / power spinners / etc... (a la IMDN)

People on here are knocking the art... Not me - I love it and this game immediate became the end-piece of my main pin row.
2 years ago
Game is rock solid, and works well as a theme. Great integration into the "90's style fighting games." I think that is really fun... Lots of "Mini" Wizard & usable breaks in the game (Sauron / Mechsuit Multiball / Disco Multiball)

I have take out Mr. Sinister (The Final Battle) at least 3 times. It is so gratifying... And HUGE Points if you can get there.

I don't usually work on the "Snikt!" shot too much, or my machine isn't adjusted properly or something... I just try to progress through the game. I love the small Colossus loop, and I rarely can hit it clean. It's a TIGHT shot. The spinners are so gratifying too. I love snapping the dazzler spinner.

I added:
PL shaker
LERMODS disco ball
COMET spotlight kit

The lighting, right out of the box, is ROUGH - it's not good. Way too dark to play with the lights off, in my mind.
But - at least that is an easy fix. The comets really help with that.

This game is one helluva crowd pleaser, though... people WANT to play this game...
Easy to hit "BATTLE" on each ball, and even for the causal player, you could end up fighting an enemy - and even getting to the first mini-wizard mode of "Sauron."

Also, there is a "Clean" version of the language and callouts... I have three youngsters, and I have it on the CLEAN version.

<<So, once you play this a ton - there is a definite strategy to it... How you approach each of the battles / how you use team ups, how you use your multiballs... As you go go through the game, you know how to get the game set-up to make your journey as risk-free as possible... but Once you get the "Table all set..." if you have one or two quick drains, it can make you just walk away from that third ball! ha... Conversely - If you get everything set-up just the way you want it... And things start happening, it goes REALLY well... I have beaten Mr Sinister many times, and it is still a fun game to play... though the game can get very repetitive - wouldn't recommend owning this if its your SOLE pin or if is, perhaps your crown-jewel in the collection. >>
2 years ago
This game flows like butter... the combo shots when you hit them are just amazing... It'll make you cheer while you're playing.
However, If you're out of control, you are in big-big-big trouble... Once you are bouncing around, the the slings will take over & you're done.

Lot's of nudging when the ball is far away from the flippers, for example, when it's bouncing OUT of the van lock... I nudge, just to keep the ball to the side of the pizza.

The Pizza can send the ball STDM, but it only tends to spin, when you are missing shots. If you're playing clean the pizza is a non-factor.

The ZY art is great. It's fairly clear what you need to do to progress through the game, and the "LAIR" training shot is very unique.

Every time I play this game, I tell myself, "Ok, one more game..." then I finish that game, and I play another game.
It will make you a better player....
3 years ago
This game is absolutely amazing. Played it on route for about 1yr. Fell in love with it. Bought it. The Home experience is 2nd to none. The music, the call-outs, the light show, the animations. JJP does it right. No question about that. I am a rules player / Mode player. If you like those two things, then this is a game for you.

If you like a "quick" bash game; this one is maybe not for you.... but - that said - there is a TON OF STUFF TO BASH (I don't know why players say that there's not).

No game is as deep as this game - if there is one, I am not aware of it. 31 playable modes, 3 mini-wizard modes, Smaug multiball where you are trying to kill the dragon (with victory laps).

Does this game have long ball time? It can, for sure. It has 3 lanes on either flipper --> One out-lane, and two feeder-lanes. That alone keeps you alive longer.

Music? Score from the movie... if you don't like the score from the movie, then you won't like the music...
Call-Outs? Lines from the movie - fantastic... (and some fabricated ones... but still A+).
Artwork? Its great.
Toys? People forget about the 4-pop-up beasts that come out of the playfield. Plus a talking Smaug Dragon. There are PLENTY o things to bash & interact with. Plus the pop-ups "get in your way" during certain modes - and really makes the game challenging.

It doesn't have a "BIG ELABORATE SHOT" like say... the Deadpool Katana shot, or the Maiden Pharaoh shot. But the Orbitals are a smooth as can be (With Spinners), and the left and right ramps are gratifying...

This is one intense game... Its an adventure... not a "Lets blow up the spaceship (AFM) 10 times..." As the adventure goes on, and the game intensifies, it can wear you out... It can make you sweat, and make you have goosebumps...

The rules are not actually THAT complicated - but people get it in their heads that it is sooooo hard to understand.
Because the rules are more complex than, say AFM - some people just dismiss this game completely.
To me - this is a perfect game for the home environment (Sound / video / callouts / immersive game).

There are 5 goals you are trying to complete at all times. Spinners / Smaug Multiball / Complete a Mode / Beast Frenzy / Collect all of the dwarves...
Modes are probably the hardest - And not all of the modes are available to you - so you have to qualify them with certain shots. Also - there are secret ball locks that you can get a mode-multiball going.... which is critical for CERTAIN modes. Certain modes - you just don't have enough time to hit all of the shots with one ball. So, you lock 1 or 2 balls - in the mode lock (orbital shots) - then you say - "oh yeah - this mode is hard - lots to hit... I'll skip Smaug ball lock (ring button) and start this mode!"

You probably know all of this already.

If you can't get these things going - this game is going to feel hollow / stupid / waste of time... You have to get it to open up... It's not like old-school B/W games. You start a mode in a B/W game - you get credit for it. In Hobbit - You have to BEAT it.

Then - if you can actually accomplish all of this - you can go into the mini-wizard modes (Into the Fire / Barrel Escape / Battle of 5 Armies)
And if you get to actually beat one of them - it is AMAZING... like - Heart racing.
And when you kill smaug - OMG - its great!
This is the only game that I have ever played that makes me sweat and gets the hair on the back of my neck standing up. I also hoot-and-holler when I play it and I get some good stuff going. No other game makes me do that.

So - I like mode games. I guess that is the rub - This theme is integrated very well (my opinion). The Hobbit is an adventure story and this pin plays like an adventure. I love bashing the beasts / fighting smaug / snapping the spinners / getting to the wizard modes.

A friend of mine has an AFM. He and I have decided that AFM and Hobbit are truly the most polar opposite games you can possibly purchase. So, I think if you don't like it - that's 100% fine. I - for one - would not like to have a Dialed in. Hobbit is all about opening it up. If you haven't - Then you aren't getting the experince it can offer.

If you have played it 100 times and absolutely whooped it... and still don't like it - maybe it's just not your thing - and that's cool too
4 years ago
Played Pro version Saturday night 4/20/19 - Probably 15 games.

Game play = Shoots very nice / Smooth / Cool shots / Nothing OVERLY gratifying. But cool nonetheless. It does integrate with the heavy metal theme very well;
Flow = There are some cool loop shots / It’s pretty smooth – I would NOT use the word “clunky” to describe this game. I mean – Unless you are just tagging posts non-stop.
Has magna save – I was never able to do this successfully – If I played the game more / owned it / you would get a LOT better at using this feature. I just didn’t play enough.
Goals / Targets
• The black knight is cool. You have to shoot the shield button to open the shield (the knight lifts the shield to expose the ball lock) – kinda neat.
• Also – his mace / you have to bash that for some hurry-up bonus and stuff. Pretty cool - I liked it.
• The modes and ball – lock were the same target
• Heavy metal shredding non-stop-high-energy music / Black Knight – Curses / swears / etc…
• The deep dark voice of the knight out of the game = Not so great. I am sure I didn’t’ hear all of the call-outs, but here were a few…
• Again – for me – This was a big turn-off. It was the opposite of attract mode (for me) – I am sure some people will love it.
• Modes that I was able to unlock would unlock these mythical / horror-like beasts that I didn’t care for much.

It very much feels like a throwback to the 1980s games with a bit of modern flare thrown in (video modes / more consistent flippers / much faster / cleaner design / etc…). Which I like very much!

Do I like the game? – Yes, absolutely.
Would I ever play it again? Sure – Absolutely; in fact I likely will this week...
Would it be my main play if I was out on route somewhere? – Likely not.

Again - To each their own. It's fun; it shoots well. The knight is cool. Simple rules for a walk-up player. The theme is not for me... at all... And when you weigh $ vs. fun / other options out there ... There are better choices.... However - I am still excited for it, and will definitely play again.
4 years ago
Game is a lot of fun, but there's really not that much to it.... the field goal loop is VERY cool... Some of the sound effects are a bit rough.
4 years ago
This game is great for its day. Drop targets and upper lanes need to be hit. The "Sound Effects," are cool, but do wear on you after a little while. Thankfully, you can turn off the active sound, if desired. When you get the drop targets to fall theres a cool blue lightning flash that happens on the playfield.

Not sure who this guy is on the back-glass (common joke about this game), but the coloring and lighting is beautiful on the game and attract mode are awesome to have in your house...

There is also a VERY gratifying spinner shot on the upper right portion of the field.
The game has REALLY thirsty out-lanes. But, to the positive, the lower playfield is WIDE open so you its a very LOW&SLOW game.
4 years ago
This game is HIGHLY underrated on Pinside... its very hard and very unforgiving but it's wonderful... there is a left orbital / upper flipper loop shot combination into the ball lock that is absolutely fantastic. Also, the ball lock puts the balls into a TURBOCHARGER that spins and launches the balls at you. There are SO many great quirks to this game, and I love it...

So far - of all the games in the Pinside top 100, This one should be higher up the ratings than it is... It's just so good....

<Update> I don't get to play it much - But I recently completed the Victory Lap via modes (start all the modes). Though very gratifying to do this; there is nothing on the other side of it... No Wizard Mode / No "Tour the Track" no / Drinking the milk / nothing... Kind of surprising... I think I got 200M points for completing it... but then; the modes erase and you start over.
4 years ago
So, for me - this game is the best game ever made. The game is HARD to play and have sustained success at. The theme is what puts it over the top - probably the best theme in Pinball (IMHO). The ball launcher is Indy's revolver for goodness sake! And when you launch the ball, it makes the "Ka Boom!" sound from the movie. The audio callouts are fantastic on this machine... there are 12 modes to stack and the ramps are tough to repeatedly hit. The ball lock is is very gratifying to hit because its low on the playfield so if you miss, the ball comes back HARD, but if you make it.... *whew*

There is a great "Narrow Escape" lane on the right out-lane where you can nudge the machine to escape certain death!

Just overall a very fun and very great machine. My mind = #1
4 years ago
This game actually has a great flow. You cannot compare this game to the more modern, layered machines... they're just in different categories. But I think this game is a LOT of fun.... The game consists of 4 drop targets, 2 orbital shots (one with spinner), and one lane shot. The goal is to spell "T R I" (Lane Shots) and "Z O N E," (Drop Target) for scoring and multipliers etc... its easy to get into a rhythm and REALLY rock this game and that makes it fun. I have owned it for about 1 year - and I still enjoy it... its a LOT of fun and a great game for its day!

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