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11 months ago
Sensational game. The toys work! Super code, great modes. Makes you wanna play it over and over. Likely top 5 all time. WOW.
11 months ago
Shocking playfield given when this game was designed. Clever code but just a boring playfield and shots.
1 year ago
If the hammer, snake and post leading to the jets worked properly, this would be a much better game than it is. The mini wizard modes save this game.
1 year ago
I have to say like that of the other remakes (AFM/MM) there is an issue with the timing of the flippers and it appears to be hardware related, which means that the originals are still the way to go. Its a pity since everything else is fantastic.
1 year ago
Finally a great game from Stern. Subtle code inclusions, smooth shots, amazing visuals, good sound, unique layout....
2 years ago
Super game with one of the best bonus countdowns in pinball.
2 years ago
Absolute waste if time. Never should have been made
7 years ago
Kmart toys, flippers not centre to the player, limited modes, cheap parts, annoying irritating sounds, boring game play, difficult shots,STDM from the jets when left loop is made... Not much than IJ
8 years ago
The WORST Stern ever made. Boring as batshit. Useless game that I would not even use for firewood..
8 years ago
Best pinball ever created