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7 hours ago
I have had this game for over eleven years. Some people complain about the ruleset in that it is not very deep. I would say that the ruleset is straightforward and that is a good thing. My one complaint would be the "Parlay" ball save. After it is used it never returns even though it continues to register on the upper playfield ball drop. This may be a code issue. All in all I find this a fun and very approachable game.
2 years ago
I have had an FH for a few years. It had been heavily routed and the playfield has some of the typical planking issues. At first, I was not a big fan of the game. Recently, I rebuilt the flippers, changed out the coil sleeves, replaced the rubber and did a full light/flasher change to leds. I thought that I would sell this game, now, not so much. It is a lot of fun to play. It does not have a complicated ruleset and that can be a good thing at times. The light show is excellent. Of course, Rudy is the star of the show and is a timeless character.
4 years ago
I have an ECLE. I was one of those who waited in line for the release of WOZ. I have really tried to like this game. From the get go there were a number of issues (monkey ball capture, flippers out of sync) that took some time to fix. To this day the upper right flipper does not work properly. The ruleset is indeed, very deep. I have studied it over and over and it does not quite click. Non-pinball people love it: theme, lights, sound. I will likely sell this game at some point. New edit: now this version 1.0 7.5 light board thing? I have to spend $800 and fifteen hours to make this right? I have subsequently sold this machine.