Getting Started:

By Rexdeanrds

January 11, 2023

23 days ago

The first pinball exposure I had was, depending on what you count, a 1960s Disneyland pinball machine that I played with since my earlierst memory or 3D Pinball's Space Cadet virtual pinball. This was my earliest introduction to piball and my interest in pinball would continue to grow from there. The first pinball game that I ever realized could be played with strategy was another vitural pinball, Pinball fx's "Sorcerer's Lair". I played hundreds of games on this virtual playfield and then began searching out the "real deal". After a number of years I was gifted my first ever pinball machine, a Rush pro with plenty of mods from the previous owner. Since then the pinball addiction has been aproaching feverish. Looking forward to many more games, nostalgia, and innovation.

Other Activities and Hobbies: Slacklining/Highlining, Climbing, Reef Keeping. If you enjoy pinball or any of these feel free to reach out to chat or maybe even meet up and talk pinball or get on a line/wall.

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