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3 months ago
This game is different. And different is decisive. The XP system feels like the early stages of the future of pinball. Groundbreaking stiff there. Having the 3X4 grid is a brilliant new take on "Modes" that give the player a ton of control over perks and how to play the game. I find that most people that dislike this game really don't understand the rules or haven't spend much time with the great music and callouts. The BIGGEST drawback is the lack of moving mechs on the pro. I personally love the flow and the way the pro feels to play but it does feel so barren compared to the premium. I wish they would have included that right ramp/diverter in the pro and it's would have maintained more of the "Change the host... Change the game" tagline they were going for.
1 year ago
Not a very fun pin for me. Played the pro version and was bored very quickly. It is okay but the location I was at had many other machines and I would play pretty much any of them over this one. The shots and mechanics felt very generic and were not exciting.
1 year ago
Old school shooter. The artwork is brilliant but it's not a machine I would keep coming back to.
1 year ago
This game is fantastic. I have fond memories of playing it while introducing those close to me to pinball. It is a harder game that I have not fully completed but it keeps me coming back for more. I don't think I have ever shot an unfun ball with this Pin. The ring jump is fantastic and the modes are easy to understand. The changes in the play field for the modes and the hidden shots are fantastic. Would love to own on of these one day.
1 year ago
While I only have about 8 plays on Godzilla Pro I do not see what all of the hype is about. I find that it shoots fairly well with some satisfying shots. And I will say the magnet is very fun. I did not have a wow factor for this game. This also may be due to the fact that I do not particularly enjoy the theme. I have also heard that the premium version of this game does add a lot so I will have to try out the premium at some point. Others that I played with love this game while others still (Those with closer tastes to mine) find it "Meh" when compared to the hype it has drawn.

Like with all pins some will fit your style better than others. This one does not speak to me but it is a home run for many others.
1 year ago
Oh man, I love this pin! The shots are so much fun and the jumping gargoyles are just a blast. The game is full of all of the double entendre and smirky jokes you would expect with clips from some of my favorite "Best worst movies" for the haunts. The game is challenging without being too hard and has very satisfying shots. The Back door shot is brilliant and the physical ball locks are super cool. The one complaint I would have is that the animations for the modes can drag after seeing them many times.
1 year ago
Played this game on location. I enjoyed the game and the theme. It was really fun to play with good flow but I did find that the ball would get stuck fairly frequently (About 4 times in 15ish plays) Not sure if this was an issue with this specific machine or if it is due to the design. The movement of the toys on the play-field was engaging and fun and I loved the animations for the swamp thing.
1 year ago
There is a reason that medieval madness is touted as one of the greatest pins around. I played this on location and instantly fell in love with the toys on the field. The first time that tower falls is a fantastic experience. I find the shots to be very fun overall if not very "Flow-y". I have not gotten full the full code but what I have played has been fantastic with hilarious animations and call-outs. You can't beat catapulting a duck or cow at a tower Monty Python style in terms of just plain fun.
1 year ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE this pin. One of my favorites of all time. Has a fantastic flow and great play field layout. The modes are fun and difficult without being too hard. There is a ton of replay-ability in this machine and the shots (especially from the upper flipper) are a blast.

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