By rewjr

June 16, 2017

1 year ago

Just to introduce myself, I'm Bob Williams in Pembroke GA. Not really a pinball guy, but I do have a Bally Xenon in "complete but restorable" condition that I acquired about 3 years ago while doing a cleanout for a local property management company. It had been in storage for a dozen or more years before that. It's for sale and I have a buyer lined up, but if that falls through I will list it in the classifieds here.

I do have some pinball and game machine experience, though. I briefly worked as an attendant in the old arcade on the corner of 16th and Butler at Tybee, back in the '70s, if anyone here remembers that. You know, right across from Kitten's Korner :-) I actively use MESS, MAME, and other simulators and emulators, but not game hardware much. Retro computers and mini's, yes, I am on classiccmp and other lists under another name, but that's not really relevant here.

Glad to have found this place, definately.

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