Predictable to the Unpredictable

By revrock81

February 10, 2015

7 years ago

Derek here... As most kids who grew up in the 80's, everything was about the arcades. Pinball was in a valley during my early memories, and video games were what was thriving, heck even Gottlieb's "Q*Bert" seemed more popular in my eyes back then. What took me a while to realize as an adolescent, was video coding had pattern and was easy to catch onto. Remember Nintendo's "Super Mario Bros.", yeah beat that in a couple weeks. "NEXT!" I loved the video games because you could go to the arcade and play the "official version" then go home to the consoles and continue to work on it. How ever I had Pinball Action and Pin*BOT for Nintendo, and guess what, the games sucked but the unpredictability was still there in ways. That always was intriguing. By age 24, I had 4 dedicated arcade machines, a Playchoice-10, a Multicade, and all the consoles. Wait?? NO Pins? I convinced my parents to get a machine for the family business, "Lethal Weapon 3" then I flipped a "Rescue 911". After a time I tried to grow up but made the mistake and sold everything. Now 10 years later I regret not keep my childhood. The only thing in my collection now is a POTC. I tend to seek out pins that are not necessarily esthetically pleasing but are rare and quirky! I'm starting to immerse into the EMs now!

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