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2 years ago
Let me start by saying, i owned MM for over 6 years, and was often told, AFM was more of the same, i never looked after AFM.
Now i got one, buy this review is maby not fair, couse the one i got is pro restored, and with the same one original owner from new, cabinet is 10/10.
Playfield has been pro clear coated, the ball jumps/spins like crazy, so fast so fun.
Everything looks feels and playes like new.
Got installed UFO LED mods witch looks crazy.
Gameplay is SO fun, callouts makes me laugh everytime, ruleset is solid and just perfect balanced by LFS.
Artwork and theme is 10/10 for me, love the music, i mean what a game!!! Yes I enjoyed my MM, but thisone is a gem for me, totally a keeper.
Buy it, before try it, I can’t get enough of this pin ;-)