What a Ride!

By Replayer

January 27, 2021

28 days ago

     First game I can remember having an impact on me was Mata Hari. It was new and I'm pretty sure it was the EM version. I enjoyed the game as any  13 year old would in 1978. I went back to play the game and was disappointed. It was gone! They had replaced it with a new game called Flash. Solid state electronics. First game with a flash bulb. First game with  background sound. This thing literally exploded when you get the drop targets down with lightning bolts flashing. I was hooked. I had no idea who Steve Ritchie was but he changed my life.

      Suddenly it's the 80's with arcades everywhere. In 85' I turn 21 and hit the bars. I get a job as a service technician collecting and repairing games. A vinyl jukebox in every bar and usually a pinball. The first game I take out of a box is High Speed. Steve does it again with the most innovative game to come along.

First pinball to play a complete song.
First Williams pinball to use alpha-numeric displays.
First use of Auto Percentaging in a solid state game for replay.
First Jackpot available only during multiball.
First use of broken switch compensation programming.
First SS game with operator report.

     I was blown away and its still one of my favorite games today. After Black Knight, T2. Star Trek NG, Firepower, F14, The Getaway I realized Steve likes a fast game that fights back and so do I. There is over 100,000 pinball games out there that Steve designed. He is a great innovator. Thanks for the ride Steve!

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