Rob Zombie Spookshow Original Oil Paintings

Rob Zombie Spookshow Original Oil Paintings

By RedStacy

September 06, 2018

3 months ago

I am the manager of artist Alex Horley as well as one of the most well known models in illustration arts field where my image has appeared in the fields of consumer products, magazines, comics, video games, animation, statues and sculptures.  Alex created all the artwork for the Rob Zombie Spookshow machine by hand in oil paint.  There are currently 3 pieces of art left including the two back glass paintings as well as the battle painting on the side of the machine.  My image appears as the American Witch on the limited edition back glass and on the machine playing field as well as the zombie girl riding the rat.  You can view more of his art at  If anyone is interested in any of these rare pieces of art I can be reached at

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42 days ago
Any photos to post here?

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