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3 years ago
I tried so hard to like this pin. I wanted to love it but it's just poor from start to finish. Even the hyper loop can't save this. Why is there an LCD eating up most of the right side of the playfield? Waste of space for a pointless gadget. The shot multiplier is way over the top. No video mode should be able to be multiplied up to over 400 million. It's shot the Death Star shot all day but fear not as the shot is even harder on this version thanks to the ramp to the Hyper Loop. Don't even get me started on the auto plunger sending balls directly to the left outlane like some kind of super skill shot in Congo... Another theme that should be amazing but shoots like garbage. Imagine this theme on the Iron Maiden layout...
3 years ago
The right ramp is impossible to hit. Magna slings are terrible. Don't get me started on the you know who brothers. Mis-designed lower playfield ruined this pin from the start. It's a waste of an amazing theme. The Pro plays better but still has many issues and takes a lot of mods and tweaking to cut down on air balls.
3 years ago
IM is a game that keep you pressing the start button over and over again. The depth of rules is a perfect match for how brutal this machine can be. Jericho is do-able, Do or Die Hurry Up is an order of magnitude harder, Do or Die Multiball is several orders of magnitude harder than the hurry up. It's right up there with Valinor it terms of difficulty to reach. The dots are the weak spot. If this game was made today on Spike 2 with the LCD and video like GotG it would challenge for a top 10 spot. Shaker motor integration is some of the best around and the soundtrack with a sub is insane. I don't see this one leaving my collection anytime soon if ever. IM is another great example for Stern to really step up their VE game. Imagine this game with an LCD and true clips like GotG. Same goes for Tron, LotRs, etc... All these games would be epic VEs with LCD integration.