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10 years ago
Some of the other reviews mention the big thing that this machine does right: FUN. It isn't a cookie cutter by any means. It is very unique, with the gaps next to the flippers, the return lane, and the Doodle Bug. Random may not describe it but it is "fly by the seat of your pants."
10 years ago
It's funny how sometimes the A titles don't really do it for you and then some of the titles that aren't regarded as highly can be more fun. That's the way I feel about JD. I have had more fun with it than the few games I've played on Twilight Zone and TAF. Now, that's just my opinion. JD has a theme that doesn't really appeal to a lot of people but I think that's it's only drawback as far as a home environment goes.
10 years ago
This one seems squarely caught between the woodrail era and the 70's era of great Gottlieb EMs. It is slower pace than most games after it but still has a faster pace than most 60's pins. As it was Gottliebs first foray into drop target games it would have been hard to predict the success they would have with them soon after this game. They are awkwardly placed on Groovy and do more to disrupt flow than add to the fun.
All that said, I still like to play this one. The pops down low makes it pretty frantic by the flippers. Add in the art and it is an above average game.
10 years ago
Not a lot to say about this game that hasn't been said already. Only difference in my review is that I don't see why it's so pricey. It is a really fun game that is a very common layout. Given the choice there are a lot of games I'd rather play.
10 years ago
I've played more of this DMD than any other. I just love it. I go to a bar with this, an MM and an LOTR and I play this 2 to 1 over either of those. The layout is great for me as there really aren't too many trap shots. The humor is great IMO and I don't even get tired of the Wolfman. I can't always tell what to do on every machine but this one is very clear.
10 years ago
Well, I was afraid to write this up because I figured I was going to be the only negative review. Looks like everyone feels about the same about this machine. Just an amazing, unique glass. I really like the playfield as you don't see too many that are just black, white and red. The art on the playfield work perfectly for the theme.
Aside from that it is just too open with not a lot too shoot at that feels good. Like others have said that center horseshoe is a huge risk and seems to swallow a lot of shots if you get out of control. Not sure why it had to be a widebody at all.
10 years ago
Gotta give them a lot of credit for pulling off the dot matrix in the center of the playfield. It makes for a really unique game. It has that classic 60s art on the field that is just beautiful. I just don't like the backglass. Just not my style I guess. Not my favorite from the time period but it is a lot of fun and it was way ahead of its time.
Edit: When I originally played this game I enjoyed it even though everything was weak. Same game tuned up a bit with all features working is a really great time. Making the letters is a fun challenge. Haven't enjoyed an EM this much in a while.
10 years ago
Got some good time on this one and I wasn't disappointed. Lots to do and all of it is linked together to make everything important (except the spinner) to get a good score. The art is bright and happy. Nice cabinet art too.
Haven't mastered, or even really tried, the backhand shot so the top drops are luck as much as anything. Really feels good to make the "skill shot" cleanly from the plunger.
11 years ago
In theory I like Buccaneer a lot more than I do when I play it. The layout has a more classic feel than its age would have you believe. The importance of collecting all the numbers is very interesting but the difficulty of actually getting some of those numbers without lucking out with the spinner lets me down a bit. It is unique, no doubt, and has some cool wrinkle is gameplay. When playing though I always feel like there is only one shot from the flippers, the spinner. It's a rough one if you miss.
Edit: I'm not updating my score but I have a lot more time on this machine and it is definitely a lot more fun in a home environment. All of the ball breaking things that I didn't like at first really keep me coming back for one more game. It is important to nudge in order to get the ball to go where you need it. Lots of fun to try to get special lit and go for free games.
11 years ago
Dodge City screams classic pinball to me. The art sets it firmly in its place in time. The art is pretty much the bar I set for other 60s tables. The layout seems pretty by the numbers with the exception of the center roll unders. The projected rewards are my favorite part of this machine as it really seems to set it apart.
A tough game to do well on but you feel like a super hero when you do. I love to see the cowboy dance.
11 years ago
First impression, this game is gorgeous. One of my favorite playfields, art wise. The double flippers do a good job of replacing slingshots since they cause all sorts of anarchy. They can be useful but as often as not they shoot the ball out of control. Other than that the game, to me, is slightly above average. It's drops are Quick Drawish in a good way and the side alleys are tough to hit.
As a package it's pretty great to play. Definitely one I always play if given the chance.
11 years ago
I may be over-rating this one just a bit but I just really like playing this game. It is amazing for the era that this has all the bells and whistles that is does. The multi-ball gets a lot of attention, for good reason, but the combination of that and the zipper flippers, the great skill shot, AND the spin plate. It's just so fun. Unless it spins the ball straight down the middle at a hundred miles an hour.
11 years ago
It seems like they threw a little of everything but drops on this machine, but I'm not sure it really benefits from it. It is a fun table for all the different shots but it seems more like a mosaic of Gottlieb machines than a flowing cohesive design. I do think the art is really striking and it's a great looking machine.
11 years ago
I wasn't sure about this one. I loved the backglass but the game itself looked a little blah. Once I played it for a while I really like it. It seems well ahead of it's time. Lots to do that will reward you with point and like others have said, those spinners are more fun than they have any right to be.
11 years ago
Team One is no Abra Ca Dabra but it's some of my favorite art. I really like the layout and it's fun to play. It really seems like the scoring lets this table down as some of the easier and least fun things to hit get the most points. I usually just play it for fun and don't really look at the score.
Edit: I'm not sure why I said the scoring wasn't good. Lots to shoot for and different ways to get EB. It's a well thought out package. Must be a product of playing it at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Too many machines to play.
11 years ago
I smile when I play Bad Cats but I know it has more to do with the quirkiness than the game itself. It's a fine playing game but not one of my favorite by any means.
11 years ago
The first couple of games and I just wasn't feeling it but then it clicked. It's a fun game that knows how to reward you just enough to keep you feeding quarters in. Not real big on the art anywhere on the table but it's likely a product of its time.
11 years ago
As close as you can get to perfection for me, except the cabinet art.

This is my favorite EM from head to toe. The art is great, it's my favorite playfield layout by far. I'd love to own one.
11 years ago
I'm sure a lot of why I like this machine so much is how well the theme is used. Great sounds, voicework, and the modes fit well too. The game itself is a lot of fun too.

It has good flow without just being a fan layout.
11 years ago
I'm not a huge fan of most of the new Stern tables but this one is a definite exception. The flow seemed to differentiate itself from what I think seems like the cookie cutter newer machines and the game seems to flow really well.
11 years ago
While I still don't care for the colors, I really like the art on this machine. It's not my favorite by a long shot but there is a lot to like. It is a fairly simple looking playfield but if set up to be fast it is a ton of fun with lots to shoot for. Unlike some EMs its really always up to your preference as to where to shoot next. Points can be found anywhere if you can get them. The targets are riskier but they pay off, even more so if you've got ABC lit (on 3 ball). It's a mistake to ignore them and just go up top as they are the focus of the game and help you get ABC.
Not my favorite art but a lot of fun to play and I always like an EM without slingshots.
11 years ago
I love this table's layout. The pop bumpers low on the PF and no slingshots makes for some fast gameplay.

The artwork is really great as well. One of my favorite playfield art of any EM I've played. That said, I probably like Team Bone's art just as much. Both tables are two of the first tables I play when we go to the PBHOF.
11 years ago
This is my second favorite EM I've ever played. Its hard to find a fault in my book.

The art is some of my favorite and the layout, although similar to some other tables, is just exciting to play. It rightfully earns the praise it gets.

I smile the whole time I play this machine.

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