The pinball late starter

By razorsedge

July 21, 2015

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6 years ago

Since an early age, I consider myself privelaged to have had access to various "personal computers" that I would mess about with... I found the whole business quite fascinating. I became a teenager with some handy skills in the feild of electrickery; including knowledge of AC/DC circuit principles, transducers, filters, amps, rectifiers and soldering techniques... as well as some basic programming abilities.



Eventually I became side-tracked, and began a trade in fitting and machining, where I learned many skills regarding the manufacture, repair or maintenance of a wide range of weird and wonderful items. where does Pinball come in? ...Well, coming from a family where money was not so plentiful, trips to arcades with "spare" money was something that happened with similar frequency to the occurance of a "blue moon"... Lol. (ie. hardly ever) . I can not recall the title of the first pinball I ever played, but I remember the game lasting minutes, and the money was gone...


What I do remember being mesmerised by, was the physics at play in the big glass cube containing an elaborate ball (bearing) playground at the science exhibition... probably about age ten.


To the modern times, I had my interest and knowledge about pinball games boosted when I discovered PinMame and Visual Pinball. To cut a long story short, this eventually led to me aquiring my first real pinny, a delapodated Maverick the Movie by Data East. The balls would kick out, and the flippers worked, but that was about the limit to it's operational status... although the sound worked, I had a DMD full of missing lines and columns. But it was Cheap! . A bit of tinkering and fixing, it finally plays well and it is satisfying to be able to actually use it. Not long after I found the second and third... a nice White Water with a gleaming topper,and a well used and very tired looking TMNT... also most recently there is now a reasonable example of Judge Dredd. :-P


Engineering is my trade, and playing with pinball machines seems to be right up my alley!! .... err, I mean, right down my left inlane! :-P

....pinball is one thing that gets me excited :-)

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