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8 years ago
I really like this game! You gotta love the circus/creepy clown aspect of this game. The animation of adding balls for the clown to juggle in the backglass is pretty cool. There were only two 60's two player AAB games that Gottlieb produced and this is one of them. They only made 750 of these so I highly doubt there are more than 50-100 of them left in existence. These are the ways you can get AABs. The first is lighting up A,B and C, rollovers. You light them by getting the top single rollover. It will change from A, B or C as 1 point scoring is scored. Next you score one of the three roll over targets that are lit from scoring the top roll over target. Another way is scoring the top stationary targets numbered 1-4. You have to light them in order. 1 then 2 and so on. All of these goals don't reset either on ball drain , player change or even when the game ends. You may turn on the machine and have 1-3 lit up A,B, and C ready to collect for 4 added balls with a irritated 2nd player waiting to play. (can be a draw back of the game). The last way to collect an AAB is scoring 1000 points. (This can be adjusted for different amounts in the backbox.) The bottom of the playfield is sparse and creates quite a challenge of keeping the ball in play. There are two "off" button roll overs and a "on" button rollover. These roll oevrs eithe light the pop bumpers for 10 points a score or they are off for only one point. The outlanes can sometime be brutal but at least they either score 100 or 300. The light lighting up "300 when scored" alternates between the outlanes during scoring.
8 years ago
This game is an underrated gem that lays low on the radar simply because it is a 2 player game. Most people trash this game not only because it is a 2 player game but they try it out only as a 1 player game and then they move on.

This game is a MUST play in 2 player mode to have loads of fun! This is a trash talkin bet your money with your friends good time!

This game is GORGEOUS to look at and has a fabulous theme. There are 4 (2 inch) flippers. Two are at the bottom and two mid field to take shots at the roto target. You build up a bonus with the two roll overs with a roto target in the middle of the top of the game. There are two ways to build up the bonus for each side. One is the roll overs. The roto target will display 1-5 and a "Star target" target as well There are 10 inserts that light up the red side and the yellow side. they start out at 1X what ever is on the roto then 10X and then 100X. Lets say there is a 3 on the roto on the red side and the red is on the bottom. Well the bonus will go up 3 spaces. 4 spaces if the roto is on 4 etc. When you hit the roto itself it will score 1X, 10X or 100X depending on which insert is lit up. If you hit the roto on 100X it will collect the points and rest itself. There are 4 bullseye targets. These will give you 100 points and spin the roto. When the ball drains it will also spin the roto. The pop bumpers (red and yellow) light up for 10 points when the 10X or 100X bonus is lit on either corresponding side. The green pop bumper is lit and alternates I believe when both yellow and red pop bumpers are lit for 10. ( I may be wrong on this)

There are 3 ways to score red or yellow target roto target values. The first one is hitting the roto number itself. The second would be midfield there are "collect red" and "collect yellow" stationary targets. The third way are the two outlanes. One is labeled "Collect Red" and the other one is "Collect Yellow".

The last important thing you need to know is the "Star" target that appears on the roto target. If you hit it or collect then the "Same Player Shoots Again" is lit and you get to shoot again.

Here's what makes this game a cursing / trash talking fun time with two players. You build up the bonus but the ball drains before you can collect the 100X bonus. The second player comes into play and can steal the bonus you just built up and leave you back at 1X.

This game is a good game with one player I would rate the game play at 7.7 out of 10. This game is a 10/10 with two players! This game is also very rare because they only made 1700 of them and you just don;t see them around anymore for sale. I believe that most of them got parted out to fix other games unfortunately.
8 years ago
This is the ugliest game and worst theme that Gottlieb ever put out. Now after you get past all this you have one awesome playing game. This game is all about the snap targets, the sling shots and keeping the ball out of the viscous outlanes. The top roll over lanes are labeled A-B-C-D-E. You want to get all the rollovers so you can protect yourself on the outlanes. When the outlane rollovers are lit up they score 500 points instead of 50. The snap targets go back and forth and if you light up certain targets then you light the bumpers so they are worth 10 instead of 1 and the stationary targets can be lit up for 100 points instead of 10. This is one of those games that will have you coming back for more and cursing the game as you do so. The best part about this game is at parties. People will lay down money to bet against one another. This game is highly addictive and very cheap to buy one in the wild. This game normally has a well worn playfield when found and for a good reason because this game is a BLAST!
8 years ago
This game is a one trick pony. It has a slot machine in the top area. The artwork is pointy and ugly. I just really dislike this game and the rules. It leaves me cold. I borrowed this machine for a few weeks and I just wanted it out of my house.
8 years ago
This is a fun game with multiball. The artwork is typical ugly pointy people but man is this game fun. Zipper flippers and did I mention multiball?
9 years ago
This game will leave you coming back for more. You light up the pop bumpers with each roll over. You light up the specials on the kick out holes for some serious points. In order to do so you need to collect the green rollovers for one of the special and the yellow rollvers for the other special. The kickout hole by itself on either side is worth 100 points. With each special it goes up to 200 and then 300 points. Get every single roll over and you light main "Special" (extremely hard to do) The best special is the special in the middle of the 5 pop bumpers. for each phase of rollovers the special in the center lights up more often. (top roll overs, green roll overs, yellow rollovers specials...etc)

The game iteself is very hard to locate for some reason. I really don't think very many of these survived the past 50 years and the ones that have stay in collections for decades. I think the game itself is slightly over rated. The game is a great game and very fun to play. I would give it a solid B+ This would make a great game for a collection that has 6 or more pins. I wouldn't recommend getting this game for a small collection like I have. The only reason I picked this game out over others I wanted was due to its scarcity and the fact that I may not ever be able to find a copy of this game to own.
10 years ago
Man I really dig this game. The version I played was an EM. I have no idea how good the SS would play nor would I really want a SS. I did not think I would be remotely interested in this game. This game is not hard but not easy either. Collecting the bonus after each ball is my favorite part. You have to collect both halves of each color along with both kick out holes to get both halves of the bonus to light up. I played this in an EM tournament and had a blast.
10 years ago
This is one the only Williams EMs that I wish to own. I like the moving target in the center and the ball kickouts that are built into the sling shots. The game is easy but fun. This machine pops up for sale everywhere like roaches in a condemned building. I used to play this machine in the early 80's at my next door neighbors house. This was one of my first experiences playing pinball as a small child. For that reason alone I must own it.
10 years ago
I fell in love with machine at the Texas Pinball Festival a few years ago in collector's quality condition. I also got to play this game at a collector's house recently. This game has the Drop Targets right smack in the lower middle playfield and will cause you trouble but the game will have you coming back for more. You better know how to trap and nudge the hell out of this machine. This game will help your nudging skills. The theme is awesome and is one of my favorite themes. This is easily in my top 5 favorite 70's wedge heads. It is hard to find this game with a good playfield. Most of them are worn to hell. I hope to find a collector's quality specimen of this fantastic machine.
10 years ago
This is my second favorite 70's non 1 player EM. I like Royal Flush just a tad more because of the card theme. I do however LOVE the theme and backglass of this game. I love the second set of upper flippers to get the drop targets. This game reminds me Abra-Ca-Dabra meets El Dorado. Some people will compare it to King Pin and like it better than King Pin. I have yet to play King Pin so I cannot make that assessment. The backglass with the big Jack-In-the-Box is cool. The big brested cartoon women will not be a good theme in some family oriented game rooms but i like it. The roll overs on the side are a pain to collect. The pop bumpers at the bottom will kick your butt! I am a huge fan of pop bumpers along the bottom like Abra Ca Dabra and this game. I am a HUGE fan of at the top of the playfield drop targets like this game and El Dorado/Solar City/Target Alpha. This game is hard to find with a playfield in good condition since they were played to death in the last 40 years. I hope to own this game soon!
10 years ago
This machine and the 4 player Royal Flush is my favorite non one player 70's EM.
Card theme...CHECK
Drop targets....CHECK
Good rule set....CHECK
A challenge....CHECK

This game will challenge you to trap the ball and bat the ball hard to get it back to the roll overs. The return lane to the shooter is a nice touch. Did I mention DROP TARGETS?? :) I LOVE the backglass and the theme. One day soon I will own this machine or Royal Flush.
10 years ago
This game is a pain in the butt but after many games you will become more efficient. This game is a nudgers paradise. This game has to be set up right for it to play correctly or you will have a miserable time. This is not the game you play 5 games on and then walk away in disgust. This is a game that you play 25-50 games on before you make a decision. This game is one of the most difficult games that Gottlieb designed. Because of this you will find Central Park playfields in good shape most of the time with low play counts.

There is not much of a skill shot. The skill shot is easy to get and it splits into two roll overs. they spot the targets 2 and 4 or 7 and 9 on the right side. The 10 targets 1-10 are in an arch and must be all hit to advance the bonus. There is a green side and a yellow side. The stationary green and yellow targets advance in value as you clear a side of targets (1-5 and 6-10) The gap between the flippers is the size of the Grand Canyon with two rollovers with rubber posts to bump and nudge the ball back tot he flippers. I used to hate this game. Now it has grown on me and challenges me every night that I play it. The theme is gorgeous and the game is gorgeous. There is a monkey animation that rings the bell for every 100 points scored.
10 years ago
This is a game that I used to own and it was my second EM. This game will be tons of fun but after a year it will get stale. This game will kick your butt! Like someone else said it has a gap the size of the grand canyon between the flippers that will drive you nuts! This game's major gimmick is the roto target in the center. Without this roto target in the center it would be an average game at best. The artwork is good but I feel it could have been slightly better. If I came across this game for cheap I would pick it up. This game is a classic and should be in the top 10 of any serious EM collection. This is my third or fourth favorite 2" flipper game.
10 years ago
I absolutely love this game and have to play one everytime I am around one. The kickout holes are my favorite part of this game. You collect the cards and collect the bonus depending on how many cards you have rolled over and which kickout hole you landed the ball in. The rules are that simple. The game is not hard but it is not easy either. It is a must have for any serious EM collector. This game is very famous, and unfairly costs more not only because it is fun but because it was featured in the 1975 film "Tommy" with Roger Daltry playing the machine against Elton John. This is a pin I hope to add to my collection some day!
10 years ago
This is an overall fun game with the 4 kick out holes. You collect all the colors and collect the bonus points for getting the kickout holes just like in Kings and Queens. I am not really a fan of winter themes and this is one of them. I will say that playing this as an Add-A-Ball made this game more fun. I would definitely recommend owning a Kings and Queens Vs Melody alone on the theme and similar gameplay unless you are a die hard AAB collector.
10 years ago
Drop Targets...CHECK
Layout and rules....CHECK

This truely is one of my favorite 70's wedgeheads. I prefer it over the 2 player Solar City and 4 player Target Alpha. Why you say? One players keep track of your bonus and which drop targets you had down. The theme to me is great and a nice contrast next to other one player wedge heads. Did I mention DROP TARGETS!? I love em!
10 years ago
This was the very first EM I ever bought. This game is fun at first but after 3 months it will get very stale. It is a pool, theme and the first game that introduced return lanes straight to the flipper. The theme is fun but I think there are better pool games out there like Big Shot but it was years later before we saw drop targets. 2 inch flippers make this game hard to get used to and make it a challenge to get it past the pop bumpers and back to the top. The pool balls that fall down in the backglass as you collect the balls is very nice. I wouldn't buy this game again to own because It would feel like I have "been there and done that". If you collect 60's Gottliebs then this would be one you would want to get. I would recommend it's add-a-ball cousin "Flipper Pool" instead.
10 years ago
I like the theme and animation in the backglass. I have played this EM several times trying to like it but it really does nothing for me. The gameplay is average at best. Kings and Queens or Bank-A-Ball are tons more fun.
10 years ago
This is my personal "HOLY GRAIL" of EMs. It has everything a 60's EM should have an in some people's opinions shouldn't have.

The Pro's : Fun rules with lots of pop bumpers to light up to spell "slick chick"to light roll over buttons for higher scores between the sling shots. This game is fun and lastability should be years. I never ever get tired of playing this machine.

The Con's : (not mine but how others might feel)
Gobble Hole in the middle of the lower playfield. 2 inch flippers very far apart but with rubber posts underneath that can help you get the ball back in play instead of draining. The art work (love it or hate it)
The cab itself is rather drab with just white and a little bit of blue design.
The theme is cheesy 60's pinups on the backglass that some families wouldn't like to see in their house with kids.

The takeaway:
This game is just pure fun! I don't really care how they themed it. The rule set is fun the game is short and challenging and was probably a coin sucker back in 1963.
10 years ago
What can I say about a holy grail game that hasn't already been said?

2 inch flippers flippers (a must for my EM collection)

2 inch zipper flippers! OMG so much fun! The two yellow mushrooms open the flippers and the one blue mushroom target closes them.

Spinning target in the center. It grips the ball and throws it wildly. (Get ready to nudge properly if there is a slight chance of it not draining SDTM) The spinning target has rollover buttons surrounding it with "kicker on" and "kicker off" labeled" The left outlane has a kicker if it is turned on via the roll over button. The only problem is it typically gets turned off before the ball is drained because the buttons are in direct route to the left outlane.

3 ball multiball!! In 1972!! (so ahead of it's time!) You lock two balls "Woton" and "Odin" They are the fire gods. When you lock the balls take advantage of the free plunger shot for another 3000 points and the top two pop bumpers turned on for 100 points. You first want to trap Wotan on the right side. You then want to hit the yellow mushroom targets 3 times on one ball so when you release Woton you end up with not only 3k points but you also get 300 points as the ball is released Next you want to trap a ball in "Odin" The last shot you want to do is hit the ball into the stationary ball that climbs a track and hits the "release all gods" target. Keep in mind that the trapped Odin ball has a points scored on release that is variable and it is ideal to unlock when the 5k insert is lit. If all is done right you will receive 2,200 points for "releasing the gods" 3k+300 as Woton is released and 5k as Odin is released. All for a total of 10,500 points! (Out of 50 games I think I have done it twice)

I forgot to mention the Skill shot. This game is a make or break skill shot. It separates the scores in competition. The skill shot is worth 3k every time it is done right. (5 balls times 3000 points =15k points) As you score the 3k points IMHO the best skill shot in pinball..It will turn on the top two bumpers for 100 points instead of 10 points per hit. Take advantage of having the top two bumpers lit. When you lock a ball they will still be lit and you get a free plunger shot for another 3k points plus the targets only turn off on a ball drain.

This game is a perfect 10/10 in every way and will always remain in my collection.
10 years ago
I really enjoy the rule set and theme of this game and this game is a fun challenge to play. There are tons of reasons this game is a top 5 game for any serious EM collector. Theme, playability, ruleset and artwork are gorgeous.

You have a side bank of drop targets. They score for either 500 or 5000. If you hit a white and blue drop target together then you will score 5000. If you hit all the drop targets you will score 5000 points as they reset. There is a bank of rollovers 1-9. 1-4 and 6-9 are at the far right with the 5 target being one of two rollovers behind the left slingshot the other rollover scoring 1000. You will score either 500 or 3000 for each roll over (500 when not lit and 3000 when lit). You have to advance the numbers 1-9 by rolling over them (when lit) in numerical order. There are three post targets that you can hit when lit (two star rollovers labeled "Targets On" and "Targets Off" determine this) or three rollovers that alternate on the top when hitting the top slighshot that scores for 500, that will advance the current rollover target to the next number you need. After you have rolled over #9 while it was lit after doing so for 1-8 then the special when lit will light up. There are 5 specials that can reward the knocker knocking loudly and getting another game on the credit counter. One method is dropping all the drop targets after you have completed 1-9. One method is the 1000 rollover behind the left sling shot. The other 3 will be the 3 stationary targets that will be either on or off depending on if you hit the two star rollovers labeled "Targets On" and "Targets Off" This game rewards trapping on the left flipper and can punish for trapping a ball on the right flipper due to the roll over wire not completely covering the right part of the apron creating an exit hole for the ball to roll over. This game is a 1 player re-theme of a game called "Sheriff" from 1971. This remake took a good game and made it excellent by not only making it a one player game but also the balance of having no return gate Vs. escape hole in the right ball return lane.
10 years ago
This machine is top 5 EM quality in playability, theme, artwork, rule set and all around fun.

When you approach this machine the first thing you see is all the red, yellow and white of the cabinet with wizard eyes blinking at you while the game is over. A smile will great your face as you see the beautiful play field with the wizard's hands stretched out to the 10 drop targets.

The object of the game is to roll over each rollover marked 1-4. Each time this will up your bonus from 1000 all the way too 5000. After 5000 you will light the "Special When Lit" and have that knocker bang for a replay as you feel the adrenaline pump through your blood. Another way to advance your bonus is to hit all 10 drop targets and then hitting up the middle bullseye target while lit.

This game is a ball trappers paradise. As you hit the slingshots the pop bumpers will light up for 1000 or will be dim to score 100. As you hit the slingshots a light will light up in the plastics as to which drop target will give you the bonus score Vs. 500 points. Your face will light up with a smile as you hit drag the bonus to 5000 and actually hit one of the drop targets when you are supposed to. These same pop bumpers can either curse you by slamming the ball at the flippers or pop the ball to either one of the drop targets or even sling the ball on the slingshots. This game is a must own for any serious EM collection. Only have room for one old EM in your DMD or SS collection? This would be the one to get and show off to people that prefer older games.

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