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7 months ago
I've had this game for about a year now so I can judge it fairly. Probably put 200 plays on it. The game is very deep and has a lot of stuff going on. This would definitely be a premium/le if it were released today. Didn't care for it much at first but it definitely grew on me. I can't see me selling it but you never know. The call-outs are what makes this game
1 year ago
If you're a Guns N Roses fan you will love it. If you're not this probably won't be a keeper for you. Great game but as far as satisfying shots it's not there. Good but not excellent. However I'm a huge Guns N Roses fan so it's probably a keeper for me. The upper playfield is not that big of a deal unfortunately.It looks fantastic but not much of a payoff.When you get into song mode it's steps up to another level.Best light show in pinball bar none!
1 year ago
Fun for a little while but it's not a keeper
2 years ago
Waited two years on buying this game. I have never been so disappointed after a long wait. Everyone raves about this game and talks it up but it just wasn't for me. I found it to be a clunkfest and very repetitive. Got bored with it after a month and sold it. But as a famous saying goes one man's trash is another man's treasure. Really like the theme and I love the show as a kid but it just wasn't for me.
2 years ago
Fantastic machine!! One of the few machines that ropped me in immediately! Very deep with tough shots. Got BM 66 two weeks before I got this. Have barely touched BM 66 since.
3 years ago
Great e m machine! Same game as top scorer but yet top scorer is ranked way higher than this one. I don't understand that but whatever. Anyway very good old school game. The centipede on the right it's very fun to shoot for. Definitely worth picking up if you can find one that's not beat up.
3 years ago
Great game but the lack of a Eddie Baah toy disappointed me. could have really done something cool with Eddie instead of cheap plastics on the pro and McDonald's Happy meal toy like figurines with the premium. Come on Stern, people are paying a lot of money for these quit going cheap on everything. however from a business standpoint I can't blame you. People are lining up to buy these so as long as business is good why change? anyway long story short great game at first but grows old after about three months so I moved on.
3 years ago
After having this for a couple of months here is my opinion. Very good game and fairly deep . however hard game especially on just three balls. I had to put mine up to 5 to be able to get to a few modes that I wanted to get to. Overall I would definitely buy this game again but it's not a keeper for me.
4 years ago
Very underrated game! Best buy along with Lethal Weapon for DMD under 2k. Great keeper for a year or so then move on.
4 years ago
I've had Dirty Harry for a couple of months now. It has grown on me and im editing my original rating. Very good game. deeper than I originally thought. Still not an A title but definitely a B title. Call outs are cool and gun never gets old
4 years ago
This is the best DMD out there for under 2K! To me is much more fun than a lot of the tables that are in the top hundred. Action-packed game and the gun is very cool! I don't know why it's rated so low? Very, very fun game and if you can pick one up I recommend you do so especially for the price!
4 years ago
Great bang for the buck! $1,700 or less and i'm a buyer! Very fast and call outs are great! One of the best light shows on a game even by todays standards. I love the Russian fighter pilot trash talking! takes me back to the days of the cold war. USA vs RUSSIA and if you lived in the 80's you hated RUSSIA! No DMD of course ( 1987 ) but if it had one and add a couple of ramps and you got a top 50 machine! REMAKE STERN???????? or JJ or ANYBODY?????
4 years ago
I wanted this game for awhile and finally got it. After i had it for about a month i was ready to move on. I loved the show back in the early 90's so i couldn't wait to get it. I don't understand the high ratings for this machine??? It's ok don't get me wrong but not top 50 or 60??? Very repetitive and the call outs get old fast. Buy it and keep it for 2-3 months and then move on like i did.
4 years ago
One of the best out there no doubt! However i can't justify paying $6500-8k for a machine that's almost 25yrs old. The twilight zone song gets a little repetitive as well.
4 years ago
The artwork on this machine is one of the best of all time! I'm a Batman fan going back to my childhood with the comic books but still! Call out are fantastic especially the Joker! If you like Batman or a fan of the original movie you'll like this game! The only negative is that its not a longtime keeper. It is very fun for a little while then starts to get a little repetitive. I would give it a 7.5/10. Its a better game than it gets credit for. The sound is great and was ahead of its time! In 1991 this game would have been in the top 10. I personally wouldn't go over $2,000 for one even though I paid $2,300 for mine. They don't come up very often especially in good shape.
4 years ago
Good game for the $$$$$$. For $1,200 or less i'd buy it all day long. However over $1,250 or so i'll pass, even at todays skyrocketing pinball prices. Very good first pin which it was for me.
4 years ago
If you like Rasslin get this machine! I really wish they would have released this just a year or two earlier ( much better wwf roster ) Anyway great game for the money! Probably the best game I've played that can still be had for $2000-2500. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH !
4 years ago
Best music pin out there! Very fast and fun table. You can't go wrong with this purchase. The only complaint is the cabinet and backglass art. The cabinet looks like someone wrote Metallica on their and just started throwing paint all over it. The backglass sucks with the stupid cartoon characters. Metallica is a cool band and it looks like they mailed it in on this one. Just look at some of their band t-shirts from the past. You really had a cool theme to work with and this is what we get? They should have incorporated some of the album covers from the past in the artwork ( Lady Justice, electric chair, grave yard with puppet strings etc ) . Nope, just throw splatter paint all over it and put some dumb caricatures on it!
4 years ago
If your into Vettes and pinball GET IT! Very tough and challenging layout. It has tight shots which I love. The drag strip and moving engine are fantastic toys! Overall I would give it 8/10.
4 years ago
I have wanted this game for awhile but was leery of the code talk. I pulled the trigger and Santa came through! Kiss saves Christmas once again! Anyway if you like or love Kiss you will like or love this game. If you hate Kiss than this game is not for you. I'm a big Kiss fan so I love it! However standing on its on is still good but I don't know if it would go in the home collection. It's a lot deeper than I thought it would be. Lots of things to do and shoot for. I have Metallica and theirs more to do than Metallica. Overall I would give Kiss an 8.5/10 and Metallica a 9/10. I hope that helps make your decision if your on the fence about owning it like I was since it came out. (Re-adjusted on April 3rd and I just love this game! I sold Metallica and kept Kiss!