Had you propelled the ball along the proper trajectory...

By Rascal_H

April 12, 2013

9 years ago

Went to a technical college in Rhode Island that had Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Addams Family in their break room. Fell in love with them both... but STTNG especially. Played every day between classes. I was excited about going to school just because I knew I'd get to play STTNG! After graduating I managed to find a STTNG for sale and brought it home. At the time I didn't know it but it had all kinds of opto errors. I was too intimidated to try to do anything about it myself. I played it occasionally but after a being frustrated by the quirky errors I mostly let it collect dust. I sold it and I thought I was done with pinball. Then, a few years later, I really started to miss pinball. I found a good deal on a T2. Got that home and I was in love again. I learned how to fixed issues myself and had a lot of fun doing it! Bought a Demolition Man next, then a Dirty Harry, then.... you get the idea. I've got the bug bad. Hope to own everything at some point!

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