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Wrentham, MA, United States

August 6th, 2011

September 22nd, 2018

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Had you propelled the ball along the proper trajectory...

“Went to a technical college in Rhode Island that had Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Addams Family in their break room. Fell in love with them both... but STTNG especially. Played every day between classes. I was excited about going to school just because   ... continued here


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favorite games

Aerosmith (Pro)
3. Aerosmith (Pro)

Stern, 2017

Who Dunnit
5. Who Dunnit

Bally, 1995

Monster Bash
6. Monster Bash

Williams, 1998

Demolition Man
7. Demolition Man

Williams, 1994

Star Trek (Pro)
8. Star Trek (Pro)

Stern, 2013

Twilight Zone
9. Twilight Zone

Bally, 1993

Addams Family, The
10. Addams Family, The

Bally, 1992


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X-Men (LE)
X-Men (LE)

Stern, 2012

Lethal Weapon 3
Lethal Weapon 3

Data East, 1992

Aerosmith (Pro)
Aerosmith (Pro)

Stern, 2017

NBA Fastbreak
NBA Fastbreak

Bally, 1997