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By RandomGuyOffCL

September 27, 2022

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61 days ago

My dad got me into pinball when I was a kid...then around 03 I bought a fish tales and brought it home...I guess I'm kinda old school in the hobby but never really cared to fix machines...a rubber here, a lightbulb there but when they break I sell them...I say weird stuff irl and post even weirder stuff online...some days you can catch me around town in a six figure vehicle and other days a crummy couple thousand dollar vehicle...I typically appear like I just rolled out of bed...I took my grandmas chevy celebrity on a joyride when I was 14 and picked up my buddies...accidentally ran over one of their feet...he screamed, we laughed about it later...I also hand out cash to random people I meet in public without sticking a camera in their face for clout...

I know my story won't get published...but at least the powers within will read it

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46 days ago

Looks like you got published. :)

38 days ago

I have a window, out of the goonies house, if that basic, but true story about your synapnce I like it..

21 days ago

Interesting. I guess it depends on your mood when you roll out of bed, that sets the tone for your day's adventures.
I'm sure those "random people" are happy.

11 days ago

Where are you today so I can get some of this random cash? If it's over a grand I'll even let you slap me across the face for some laughs!

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