By Rando

March 19, 2013

9 years ago


To start, I don't know what I'm doing and I'm slow. I have a wife, kids, house, and job, all of which get in my way of working on Pinball. I grew up playing in arcades in the 80's, and recently learned about MAME and setup a home cabinet running all the classics. Doing that opened my eyes to Pinball a bit, my wife was a Pinball fan, and I picked up my first machine over almost a year ago: a 100% working and nice condition 1984 Bally Spy Hunter. Lots of fun, works great, and aside from a bulb or two, I've done no maintenance to it. It's good working turn-on fun. Aside from my personal machine I have very little Pinball playing experience, I don't know if I ever played an EM machine in an arcade when I was a kid.

Having said that, I'm looking to add some EM machines to my collection and have some playable games for my Gameroom. Since I have no experience or clue what I'm doing, I'm using the Internet (this site and BYOAC forums) as a resource, as well as the "Pinball Machine - Care and Maintenance" book from Bernard Kamoroff. So far the book and the sites have been good to get me started.

If my first restorations are successful, I hope to work on a couple more, either for personal use or family. I really enjoy the Spy Hunter, and I'm really liking the Post Time machine that I've been working on so far.

Appreciate members help in advance, and look forward to updating my efforts!

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