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5 years ago
Great flow and fun to look at - Abra Ca Dabra keeps it simple and remains a challenge to play.
6 years ago
If you want to be hunched over for 10 minutes on a redemption game disguised as a pinball machine before realizing that there are much better ways to spend your time and money, pop a few quarters in to Super Mario Bros. Mushroomland. Sure, the game was designed for children and created as an attempt to make pinball relevant to FEC redemption game madness, but that doesn't mean it can't be subjected to harsh criticism as a terrible pinball machine.
6 years ago
Flipper buttons or grips? Each have pros and cons, but Demolition Man can be fun to play either way. However, while there are plenty of shots, the game starts to feel flat and simple within just a few games. There are some interesting rules, but - even with the upper grip / triggers - the game is actually too easy to walk away from.
6 years ago
I was hoping to jump into the cryptomythology of Atlantis, but found out that all I was there to do was save some divers. Still, the shots were balanced and appropriately challenging and the game was fun enough. I could play Atlantis or walk away from it, so it isn't addicting, but it isn't repulsive either. However, there are better late-80's games out there - not worth a long drive or waiting in line to play.
6 years ago
Monster Bash's popularity is warranted - it is one of the best pins in terms of lastability and fun. Getting all six monsters on board to jam out is an addictive challenge, and the corny jokes are amusing enough that they don't get worn out too quickly. The rules aren't quite as complex as my favorite pins, and, like many pins, the D-I-G rollovers are buried by ramps and toys. Still, bashing Frank, bashing Drac, and bashing the Mummy's bumpers all build up to a fun game (there's a reason it's called Monster BASH!). An excellent game that deserves its acclaim, just not a cerebral experience. Bash! Bash! BASH!
6 years ago
Guns N' Roses is one of those games that just feels "off" to me - the layout seems skewed and confusing at times (why is one of the best shots buried in the upper left under the hokey yellow plastic ramp?). Overall, the table was challenging at times, rarely fun, and just seemed like another run-of-the-mill rock band game, but not as entertaining. And the lighting was just terrible, so all that was left to keep me at the coin door was the music and the easy multiball.
6 years ago
Mata Hari can be an evil table - the saucer kickout from the upper pf has a tendency to go SDTM. Howver, there are a few fun shots on this EM-to-SS transition piece (note: the SS version still utilizes EM-like chimes for scoring, which I found interesting for an SS). Gameplay can be a bit sluggish then frantic, but A-B then drops, repeat to rack up a good score - not much to it.

It won't make my wishlist, but if you're a masochist, pop a few ball off and feel the burn.
6 years ago
NASCAR has some interesting features (the outer "race track" loop, the rotating car obstacles in the truck at the back of the left ramp, the rising and lowering car / garage toy in the center) but the game rules are ho-hum and the theme isn't for me. I did note that the game seemed to be thoughtfully designed. The drops on the right serve as the multiplier that most games have as lit rollovers towards the upper PF (usually by some pop - but the designers moved away from this format, which is generally good because it shows that they were actually trying to build a better mouse trap). For all of its interesting pieces, I just didn't get excited about my game and the shots were just sort of "sure, why not" feeling. Overall, an original and thoughtful design, but not dynamic or complex enough for me.

It's worth dropping a few quarters into on location to see the racing ball (think Getaway HS2 but expand the loop all the way around the playfield), but I'd imagine that only the most die-hard NASCAR racing fans will want this game in their collection for its theme alone.
6 years ago
The X-Files has some nifty toys and art, but it plays like a... like a... very forgettable experience. The file cabinet shot is fun and the ramps are easy shots, but the game doesn't engage with the player in a great way. It is worth exploring, but prepare to be underwhelmed.
6 years ago
Doctor Who was a severe disappointment because the theme and art drew me in only to give me a water-down PIN*BOT experience with the machine's Dalek voice driving me insane the whole time. There aren't many great shots to the game and the overall play is fairly dull, which is manageable when the sound is off. But the sounds made me run away after a few tries and I don't think I'll even torture myself with a Doctor Who again.
6 years ago
Eight Ball Champ is a sniper's game, but the listing, wandering ball slows down game play too much to make this shooter a fun experience. Not a great game, try Eight Ball Deluxe instead.
6 years ago
Freefall is one of the only Stern widebodies I can play for long. Landing that rear-facing center shot is fun and builds to a multiball (takes some skills). Aside from the widebody and the center kicker, there is a lot of unused shooting space on the playfield and if the flippers aren't shooting clean, the game crawls and stutters. Also, watch out for the double flippers on the left - no traps allowed, gotta shoot on the fly or pass from those suckers.

And above average (but barely) early SS, worth picking up if you can find one for a decent price.
6 years ago
Harlem Globetrotters on Tour is a boring ol' brick that offer little in the way of game play. The in-line drops are there... and that's all the fun you'll have with this transition piece. Not really worth the quarters, but it's nice to set a drink on when you're playing a good game beside it.
6 years ago
Earthshaker is surprisingly agile considering its crowded playfield and numerous loops and ramps. The skill shot is fun (like PIN*BOT), but it might take up too much room. The VUK is a nice touch to change momentum and, of course, the shaker motor fires up for multiball, which adds to the thrill of the game. If it weren't for some of those little touches, the game would fall flat and be a run-of-the-mill late SS, but there's enough going on to keep me wanting to shoot a few more balls. Not addictive, but not repulsive.
6 years ago
Addams Family offers a variety of shots and "special effects", but the overall flow of the game is a sort of surge then flail experience. I'm also not a fan of Thing flipping for me (because he's usually off - even though this feature can be disabled, you never know what you'll get on location). The chair scoop is a little too close to the flippers and some of the shots in the back are too obscured by all the crap on the field (the spinner, the other scoop, etc.). Finally, while "The Power" magnet is entertaining, it add too much randomness and broken momentum to be of any value.

I really think this game takes a special kind of player to appreciate - and I'm not him.
6 years ago
Mustang is one of the fastest games I've ever played; it'll test your reflexes. I thought the shots were decent, but hitting the GEARS drops is deadly at times. The scoop is annoying (like most scoops) and the far left Nitro shot is a bit of a challenge. I was in multiball before the first ball of my first game came out of the pops (???), which makes for a desperate but acceptable first impression. The left (and only) ramp was popped up in an orbit mode for most of the game - I never did figure out what makes it drop. But, after realizing that the play was going to be lightning fast, I adjusted and had my initials up in no time. Not much of a challenge in terms of tricky shots, but I did play through six games (and paid for one!) on my first go.

Not for me. The theme is dull and the shots were just meh. I'd recommend giving it a whirl, but maybe just a s a back-up plan if something else is in the room.
6 years ago
The neon lights on the ramps pulled me in, but the weak gameplay couldn't hold me for long. The right flipper is almost useless, just good for a ramp and the loop shots on the upper left PF. The arcade scoop was placed about as well as a scoop can be, and the Disc multiball magna hole dead center is a neat shot. However, aside from a multitude of fairly easy to access multiballs, the game sort feels like it is missing something on the PF. On the one hand, the shots are fairly clean, but the TRON drops on the left are accidental shots and the craziness in the upper right PF reminds me of Tommy (not a good thing).

A decent game that feels just right on location but not in a collection.
6 years ago
I'm not into the bar room / casino themed pins, so the theme is already unattractive to me for WPT. However, the game play was really limited and it seemed like there should be more action on the playfield than I could actually muster. Just a bunch of dry shots that focused more on playing poker and less on being a great pin. Not a great game, but I know I'm biased against these themes anyway. Give it a shot if you're into poker - but I think you'll find it lacking too.
6 years ago
White Water has good shot flow and feels like a dynamic machine. However, the theme is so lame, and the shots get to be repetitive and dull as gameplay goes on. This is a good example of a game that uses just a little too much real estate to add texture and a fun raised PF. In a way, it is a good thing that WW went to the limit on the decorative raised PF - now we know what is too much on a game. Fun for a minute, but not all that entertaining after hitting the shots a few times.

Don't want one, but worth a play here and there.
6 years ago
For a game that should be one of the best in the world (in proportion to the ubiquitous and fame of the Pinball Wizard song from the freaky rock Opera "Tommy"), this game is the pits. The shots are super-clunky, and most of the mirror / gobble hole action on the upper PF is occluded from the player. And then there's the most annoying call outs on a machine since the "uh uh uh uh"' s of Xenon. "HOLIDAY DARLING!" and "READ ALL ABOUT IT, EXTRA BALL EXTRA BALL!!!!!" are so repetitive that I want to turn the sound off - which is extremely sad because this table is dedicated to a Rock Opera!

The one cool thing about this machine is that "blindfolds" that block the player's view of the flippers can be activated (they slide out of the apron) either by normal game play or by holding the lower button when hitting the start button. Sure, that is a fun gimmick, but I can do that with a towel, so even that feature can't save this game from a devastatingly bad rating. Booooo!
6 years ago
Strikes and Spares is a challenging game that really wants to be bowling so much that it starts to lose its value as a pinball machine. While I'm no purist or traditionalist when it comes to pins, SandS is a poor imitation of bowling and not much pin. I prefer that the rules of my pin are made anew by the designers rather than stolen from other popular games. Still, there is something fun about this machine, so I gave it the appropriate lastability rating which means it isn't the worst game in the world.
6 years ago
Nothing to write home about, Stellar Wars does make a good showing in its class. Lots of stuff to shoot at, and some interesting pop bumper set ups by the outlanes - but there isn't much going on for this table after hitting all the different target types. I saw someone else who understood the rules well put up some great scores, but I still wasn't impressed by the game. Maybe I need to spend more time on it - but for now, I don't recommend more than a game or two on this eclectic early SS.
6 years ago
I really wanted to like this game - lots of people had told me it was a great machine and I really like the ST theme. However, Start Trek: The Next Generation was a pretty big let down. The toys are cheap and the looping wireforms seem like a waste of space. The shots are okay-ish, but I'd rather not have to be perfect on the wonky upper PF flipper to get the back sideways ramps (but, for some reason, Star Trek by Stern 2013 made this shot feel better). I just couldn't get into the games here - a Borg re-theme and some re-bending of the wireforms could make it interesting.

Play it for fun, but don't expect to be amazed.
6 years ago
Star Trek (Stern 2013) is a bright, slick, rapid game that resembles a mix of AFM and STNG. Smash that ship... hit the center button... smash mash smash... oh wait... is this still pinball? For as clean and zippy as the shots are on this beast, there isn't a lot of intrigue to the game. Most of the modes require the same shots in different order, and the games can get exceedingly long without much satisfactions. A good, solid game that feels great to shoot, but not very engaging at times... smash smash smash!!!

I'd like to own one after my top 25 or so are secured, definitely not worth the money now.
6 years ago
This version of Star Trek is very flat and definitely the worst of all the ST themed games. Even giving the game leniency for being one of those SS's-that-feels-too-much-like-an-EM transition games, there is still little of value for a pinball player. And, I'm a bit of an ST nerd, so my low rating would be even lower if not for the theme points - take that into consideration before spending a dime on this lousy clunker.
6 years ago
Space Jam is probably the worst modern pinball machine I've ever played. There are very few redeeming factors - even the art is terrible. The toys are junky, the shots are less than ho-hum, and I think I could fall asleep playing this big ol' loser. I'm not usually this harsh, but some games deserve to be destroyed so that they don't taint the gene pool of pinball.

Obviously, I wouldn't recommend playing this hunk of junk, and I think that if you have one, you should re-theme it and try to sell it as a "custom" machine.
6 years ago
Spell SILVERBALL MANIA and go nuts! This early SS is a fun machine that will keeps the player on edge. The middle outlanes feed to the between-the-flipper kickout - and, when set-up properly, there are big bonuses to be had between the horseshoe, standup and kicker. The pops in the back are just there to take up space and the rest of the game is boring after the novelty of the kicker / horseshoe action wears off (or frustrates the hell out of the player!).

A neat game with dynamic graphics and decent play, but it lacks lastability, so it won't be on my wishlist anytime soon.
6 years ago
Sharpshooter is a fun drop smasher (think Target Alpha but easier), but I got bored with it so quickly, I'm not sure the I was able to give it a fair shake. The pops in the place of a sling on the lower right PF didn't add the kind of action I was hoping for, and the ball seemed to just wander around anytime it went behind the main drop target bank. Still, interesting design from an upstart company.

Don't want it, but it is worth a game or three.
6 years ago
Which way is the ball going to go?!?! Road Kings brings good ramp action to a rather sparse playfield and limited rule set. Still, there is some fun to be had on this table - worth playing.
6 years ago
Bobby Orr's Power Play lacks any sort of ingenuity in its overly symmetrical and dull design. Gameplay suffers because of the lackluster design, and there's no reason to put a quarter in this Bally.

Pretty much just a game for hockey fans to momentarily oogle then walk away from.
6 years ago
Popeye Saves the Earth suffers from trying too hard to make the theme playable. While the nautical theme is implemented with impressing results, the shots are wild, odd, and momentum is nearly impossible to maintain. The toys and design are fun, but Popeye is so easy to walk away from it won't ever make my wishlist.
6 years ago
The first thing that stood out to me was that the main characters are lions and cheetahs, etc. rather than human police officers. I'm not sure why, but this made me chuckle in a good way. The shots on this middling table were actually decent and the rules were clear yet somewhat shallow. I had fun spamming the ramps, but I ended up being able to walk away from this machine without much remorse.

If you see this, at least examine the backglass carefully - it's worth a minute or two just because it is so odd. I don't think I'd even want to own this machine, but I don't dislike it for any particular reasons - just sort of a chuckle and shrug type of game.
6 years ago
"2 ball play ready" --- "Ready for 3 ball play" (something like that). Phantom of the Opera is a challenging table that requires quite a few progressive shots to be made to start a 3-ball multiball, and even more difficult to get the jackpots. However, even with a punishing, brutal design, once the multiballs have been made, there are too few other shots to keep the player engaged. After overcoming the initial challenges of getting the organ shots timed right, the rest of the game fizzles and gets lame.

I don't think I'd ever want a PoO, but it is worth playing a few times through to see how challenging the 3-ball play is.
6 years ago
Paragon often gets a bad rap, but I found it nearly impossible to tear myself away from the beast. It's a widebody with in-line drops, a 2" flipper and a killer three-flipper set up (on the version I played) that punishes trapping (not always great, but changes the strategy). There are so many cubby holes and challenging shots that the game never got boring for me.

I'd love to own a Paragon over a Hotdoggin' because of the fantasy theme alone. Play one if you haven't already.
6 years ago
Not much to look at, even for NFL fans, Monday Night Football actually has an interesting design that utilizes a jump ramp (RFM anyone?) and integrates Football rules into a pin in a clear and sensible manner. It sometimes felt less like a pin and more like a pitch-n-bat, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The rules were simple and obvious - but I'm sure there were some features I didn't get to see on location.

A decent game worth a few plays, not on my wishlist though.
6 years ago
Meteor is a real S-O-B. It is challenging in a brutal way and tends to knock me out of local tournaments. There isn't much to the game other than wailing on the drops and popping the spinner when all but one METEOR drop is down. I'm not a fan of the angular design in the upper PF and I think that the "All-Bonus" scoring is a boring design. Still, it would be fun to own one of these, even if only to light it on fire once if drives me mad with the sound and outlane abuse.
6 years ago
There are so many fun shots on Metallica Pro, yet, it seems difficult to really bring a game together. The more I play this metal-loving champ, the more convinced I am that it belongs in tournament play beside GoT and other games with complex, progressive rule sets. Even if there aren't a lot of shots to fall in love with on this table, it is nevertheless a lot of fun to play - and, I'm a sucker for in-line drops, so bonus points there.

There aren't many band games that I'd like to have in a personal collection, but Metallica is the first on the list. Great fun to play!
6 years ago
I played this beauty at Zapcon 2016 (4) quite a few times. Oddly, there wasn't much of a line for this machine, so I found myself playing it over and over --- great lastability. The upper right PF mini PF is a fun and unique addition to a game with decent shots and original plastics.

A great game that is difficult to find - I'd love to own one if I could ever afford it. Find it and play it if you can.
6 years ago
Medusa has a deceptively simple layout that challenges the player to pop all the drops possible to rack up the points. The art is fun and caters to fans of the Western mythology. My only complaint about the machine is that there are times when it can get repetitive after the zipper flipper fun is over. Head to Neptune's Cove!

I'd like to have one of these someday, but they seem overpriced for now. Play if you see it, for sure.
6 years ago
Hyperball is not a pinball machine proper, and it is really a different kind of game than pinball other than the fact that it uses small metal bearings to finish various words. So, comparing it to other pinballs is really not a good analogy. However, the game should be outed as a boring, attention grabbing yet silly game that doesn't deserve a quarter. Fits better in a redemption game format at FEC's than in a pinball collection.

Just keep walking.
6 years ago
A better-than-average widebody with in-line drops in the upper left and a fun little middle PF flipper make Hotdoggin' a treat to play. The shots are decent and the gameplay is exciting enough. I'm not a fan of the skiing theme, and the left lower pop bumper creates chaos at times. I'd like to play this a bit more, but first impressions were favorable.

Worth playing and a solid machine relative to its age.
6 years ago
At first, I was tempted to just point and laugh at this Miami Vice ripoff that reminded me of Hardbody and mediocrity. However, once I started playing, I realized that Hollywood Heat is another one of those underrated games that shouldn't be judged by its spoofy, corny art and design. There are some great shots and excellent flow to this game - and the layout is unique enough that it doesn't get boring immediately. It isn't the best game in the world, but it is a hell of a lot better than it seems at first. The captive ball, the short ramp on the left, the wackiness along the left side, and the ramp on the right that seems adequately difficult to master all add up to make this table a perfect sleeper - shh... don't tell anyone and the price won't crack $1k.

I'd own one... the price is right and the cheesiness can be overcome. Play it - you'll like it.
6 years ago
Haunted House is a unique, tri-level flipperfest that doesn't have much mercy for newbies. The layout is a little off, and there are some feature placements that just don't make much sense - a lot of action in the upper PF left, not much on the right. The raised PF is okay - but the lower PF "Basement" is the most challenging. Unfortunately, there wasn't much keeping me at this table, though I wouldn't say it was a bad game.

I'd like to have an HH someday, but it is down the list. Worth a short road trip (3 hrs or less), but not worth actively hunting for.
6 years ago
I have been a fan of the WMS Sys 7 "Big Four" for a while, so I expected a lot from this WMS Sys 11. I was, of course, somewhat disappointed since Grand Lizard does not really offer the kind of game play that the Sys 7's do. The playfield looks enticing yet cheap, and the shots were clunky and odd. So, overall, GL is worth checking out, but don't get your hopes up.

I'd definitely recommend playing Grand Lizard if you can find it, but it's not at the top of my mid-SS wishlist - needs to be cheaper before I'd even consider buying (goes for around $1.5k as of this writing, Jan. 2017).
6 years ago
Gorgar has some decent fantasy art going for it, but it plays just like an average early SS (like Galaxy or Blackout). I didn't dislike it, but I could easily walk away from the table. It has a fairly normal layout with some fun drops and a spinner, but there are some good shots available - just not much to do after those few shots are mastered. Rules are somewhat shallow, but not bad.

Recommended to pick one up if it's super cheap - otherwise, not much to write home about other than the art package.
6 years ago
While Ghostbusters has a great theme and an adventurously decorated playfield, the game play is just slightly above average. The shots are fine, and the Slimer toy and pop-up Scaleri Brothers drops (a la Cactus Canyon / similar to the trolls in Medieval Madness, etc.) add variety to a somewhat limited playfield design. The only way to accomplish much on this table is to fire up the multiball and rack up some decent points. Activating MB is a matter of hitting the left ramp three times, and then the scores seem to skyrocket (disproportionately, it seems). Pretty to look at and nostalgic for the right target age group, this isn't a loser from Stern - but it's not a winner in several ways either. I'd like to spend more time on this table because I feel like I'm missing something. But, for now, after 50 or so games, this machine is just slightly above average, so not worth it MIB sticker price. Also, it tends to be a bit of a drain monster, so bring a sack of quarters to get a good feel for it.

I'd recommend finding one on location and playing it for a long while before purchasing it.
6 years ago
Game of Thrones (Pro (and Premium)) has some of the most complicated rules sets that I've seen on a game in a long while. Which House should you play as? Which Houses should you go to battle with, and when? Right before Blackwater MB or save it for Hand of the King? To really squeeze all the points out of this game requires an abacus and a good memory. However, when it comes down to the actual game play, the shots are boring, flat, and not very entertaining. The Dragon kick out is surprising but usually survivable, but the Battering Ram is pure death. The only time you can really let loose and play is when the ball save is on during a multiball. Everything else is flip and pray that you don't hit a stand up or get a ramp / toy reject. I like that the rules keep this game interesting and add a sort of calculated approach to pinball that is seldom as complex as GoT. But, the kinematics are blah; the shots feel very binary - you either make the shot or die. Nothing real fun on the table either - seems like it is best for tournament play, not for casual games.

I'd like to own a GoT Pro (not a fan of the Premium) just so that I can learn to master all the ways to progress through the modes. However, I could probably have just as much fun with the game's manual and rule sheet.

Give it a shot, but hire an expert to go with you so you understand what your options are.
6 years ago
FunHouse is a kooky, often creepy middling game that is basically a filler table for FEC's. The right scoop is annoying and the shots feel clunky and often pointless. This is a miss for Williams and a rare miss for Lawlor and DeMar - should be called DullHouse.

Put a quarter in it if you're stranded on a desert island without any coconuts to play with.
6 years ago
Four Million B.C. is one of my top ten EMs. It is difficult to describe because there aren't many EMs like it. The rules are a bit difficult to deduce at first, but once they are learned, FMBC is a challenging, intriguing game that continually offers a challenge to the player. Also, this is a great example of some of the earliest attempts at having a multi-ball feature, so the game is worth playing just for its status as an innovative EM alone.

I'd love to own one of these, and I recommend seeking one out to play for any fans of EM design and unique gameplay. The purchase price seems prohibitive for EMs, so look for one on location or at a convention just to have the experience of playing this gem.
6 years ago
The noise... the NOISE! Much like Meteor, Flash builds into an ear-piercing cacophony of distracting game play. That said, the game play itself is middling, not much to say other than the game often has great flow and the upper PF flipper is not a waste like many games. Feels a lot like an EM (of course), but it offers challenging game play.

As I write this review, the game sells for under $1k, so it's a cheap way to break into early-SS pinball. I'd only buy it if it was very cheap, but I think it is worth a three or six plunges.
6 years ago
Fish Tales is a comedy game that offers a unique layout and a challenging set of shots. The rules are deep enough to be interesting, but not exceptionally complex. The two center right and left ramps are almost intrusive on game play, but I appreciate the closeness of the ramps (but not the repetitiveness of the shots) at times, much in the way that I like the ease of hitting the WHO Dunnit ramps.

The theme wasn't appealing to me, and there are some limitations to the table, but overall it is worth playing several times and would be a fun addition to a collection that already has better games in it.
6 years ago
Well, there's no zipper flippers, but Fireball Classic is still a fun ride. I'd prefer the EM for a collection, but I think I'd rather play FB "Classic" when I just want to shoot around in a casual game.

Worth picking up because it's usually cheap and you're likely to get a decent entertainment-to-dollars return on this middling game.
6 years ago
Dine has some fun shots and neat rules. The playfield is populated with a good variety of targets, ramps, gobble holes, etc., but it doesn't feel too crowded. The layout is expertly done and the rules keep the player involved, but they aren't particularly deep. A slightly above average, family-friendly machine all around.

Worth playing and adding to the middle of a ranked want list.
6 years ago
Derby Day (1967) is a challenging, exciting bash-n-race machine. I'm not usually into the horse racing theme, but this game provided enough of a challenge that I found myself wanting to try to win over and over, though, by the tenth game, I was noticing diminishing marginal returns on the excitement factor. Derby Day is probably best to play at an expo like I did, or on location somewhere - not one I'd like to own. Worth playing just to see the design engineering in the backbox.
6 years ago
The SS version of Close Encounters of the Third Kind is not impressive. It feels like an EM (not surprising since it is one of those border EM / SS machines), and it plays like a slow, boring EM at that. The theme isn't even executed very well, so I felt like I was forcing myself to play a few games just to say I did. Even then, it wasn't worth it. Not much worth discussing about this game - I'd say avoid it unless you are like me and want to play every pinball machine ever made.
6 years ago
This sequel in the PIN BOT trilogy is a fun, bawdy, slapshot kind of game. The rotating face-box in the upper PF (left) is hilarious - there aren't many games so suggestive of fellatio in all of pinball. The shots feel okay enough, but nothing that feels special. If you take away the art and theme, the layout would still be original and with its unique design, but the rules are little repetitive and weak. Watch out for the start of the 2-ball multi out of the eye-locks; the balls usually come down quick and knock each other around and down right after release.

Give this one a whirl on location, and, if sophomoric "third base" themes trip your trigger, you might grab one of these if it's cheap.
6 years ago
At first glance, this homage to the Adam West Batman TV show looks like a campy, candy-coated re-theme of TDK. However, the rules and theme are sufficient to make 66 a different and fun game. And, that LCD is so pretty. The TV / phone / spinner toy is cheesy but in a nostalgic way (better than the gloomy Joker on TDK), and the playfield is decent but a little too open (even considering the room needed for the crane). The shots feel smooth and the game has even more lastability than The Dark Knight, but ultimately is a bit of ball-getting-stuck-in-the-spinner mess with just regular, average play (even a bit dull at times... I spelled GADGET, now what?). The LCD and the campiness give it style points, but the lack of shots and other complaints like those made about TDK still loom in the background.
6 years ago
Shoot the rocket three times and BOOM! --- 13-ball multi-ball. Then, after 8 balls drain in the first 10 seconds, the multi-ball becomes manageable. The shots are smooth enough, but there doesn't seem to be much else to do with this table after the 13 ball multi-ball. The moon toy and rocket are interesting and, since there is currently no other game in the world that will give you a 13 ball multi-ball, this machine is definitely a must-play. However, don't expect to feel like you can't tear yourself away from this one - one or two games and this one-trick pony is all used up.

I'm glad that I've found this game on location, but I'd never recommend buying one.
7 years ago
Black Knight 2000 is a flashy, crappy reboot of one of the best early SS's ever made. It doesn't shoot or feel like Black Knight - it feels like something worse. Concept beat to death - thanks for trying, Williams.

I don't understand the hype or the appeal, and I'm no purist when it comes to sequels, redo's, and what have you. If BK2K didn't say "Black Knight" on it, I would still think it was a dull game. I don't know how WMS managed to ruin a great idea, but they pulled it off. My advice: play Black Knight instead.
7 years ago
Big Game has some neat jungle themed art on the pf, and the bg is decent, but it is towards the bottom of my favorite widebodies (with Space Invaders coming in last!). Oddly, it seemed like the game wanted to be Paragon, but just couldn't make the cut. The shots were too long from either of the stacked flippers on either side, and there weren't enough targets for the space available. I can't really say that it was awful, but I walked away after a few games and never looked back.

I'd pass on this one unless I found it dirt cheap, and I wouldn't bother playing it there are other games around.
7 years ago
I'm not keen on the BMX theme, but the pf has a decent layout and the shots are okay. The raised pf with the flippers and drops / stand ups is between a BK and maybe Flash Gordon, but there wasn't much else going on to give the game special appeal. I played it, nodded to it, and walked away with no hesitation.

I don't think I'd ever put this on my wishlist - mostly due to the theme (but I really dig Banzai Run, so...) but I'd recommend giving it a shot or two to nearby passersby.
7 years ago
As much as I want to support new pinball manufacturers like Spooky, I think this game is a cheesy clunker that should be put to sleep like I was playing it. The swinging door and the ghost shots were terrible, the rules were irrelevant and the game played like molasses oozing down the drain. I wish the new company all the best, but try again, please.

I wouldn't let this take up space in my house, and I recommend watching someone else play, but *you* shouldn't waste your time ;)
7 years ago
Same pf as the first Centaur, and not really improved upon anywhere else. For Centaurs (both I and II), it seems like some are fantastic and some need serious tuning (one of the games with the widest ranges of terrible to great that I've seen in the wild). The multiball start is fun, and I really like the "cheater" holes between the outlanes and inlanes. It's a game that seems to have everything and can be a super fun experience, but you gotta get one that has been set up juussssst right.

I'd love to have a Centaur in my collection (I or II, preferably the first one though). Play as many as you can wherever you can just to see how they vary in the wild.
7 years ago
Buckaroo has a interesting and innovative backglass with "animation", and it comes with a does of Western humor too. The center spinning target (?) is a neat addition, and the art is corny but made me chuckle several times. Fun game play with a theme that'll make many grin (and I'm not big on the Western theme either).

This would be a great addition to my future hypothetical collection. I'd recommend traveling to play this one if you get the chance.
7 years ago
I played this at Zapcon 4 (2016) in Mesa, AZ. I didn't realize that there were only 300 produced, so I should feel lucky that I got to play this game. However, it is probably better that only 300 were made. ::Flush::

Don't want it, and I don't recommend wasting time on playing it unless you just can't pass up playing a low production game just for the notch. Maybe there is something more to the story about the game that would make me appreciate it more - but that appreciation would be at a far distance while I played a good game.
7 years ago
Just... so... weird - gotta like it just because it is gross and funny and somewhat of an unusual overall shape and presentation. Super easy to start up a fun two-ball multiball, and I think the shots are open and clean to the drops and ramps. It's not a complex or intricate pf, and the rules were beyond me on location. I also had quite a few direct-to-outlane (usually right) bounces and the center post was not as helpful as some other games. Still, glad I had the experience of playing.

I'd probably not add this to a personal collection, but it is a fun game nonetheless. I can see how it might get annoying after too much play time, but I think it is worth a go where ever you might find it chattering away at you.
7 years ago
Dirty Harry reminded me a watered-down version of a mix of T2 and Cactus Canyon. The art isn't superb, but the awkward shots at the center targets (under the buildings, etc.) are what really threw me off. The game produced this weird effect where I couldn't tell if I was really enjoying it or just playing it to figure it out. I did play multiple games on location, and I don't think there was anything horrible about the table, it just seemed off on an intuitive level - like something was missing or not quite in the right place. Still, it kept my attention (which many games don't do well), so I'm rating it decent on account of it's apparent lastability (empirical method to the rescue!).

It's pretty far down on the list, but I'd eventually buy a DH after several other conquests. Definitely worth a quarter or two to see for yourself how it is strangely fun and lame at the same time.
7 years ago
This early SS is such a huge let down. I'm a fan of Marvel IP, and the backglass on this game screams late 70's / early 80's Marvel, but the game play is really just plain awful. I played a very nice machine at an expo and it never really hooked me (I tried really hard to like it too!). There are no interesting shots, the rules are flat and unoriginal, and the most dynamic element of the whole machine was Hulk on the BG. Proof once again that licensed themes do not automatically make a game better... so sad.

Even after slamming the game, I'd honestly pick one up for super cheap if I could (and if the bg was in great condition). I like the theme enough that the game could be something fun to look at, but I won't ever seek out a Hulk. I'd say don't waste your time playing it, but I actually recommend playing it if the chance arise just so you can see for yourself what a bad game is.
7 years ago
I can't help but compare this 1997 Sega version of Star Wars pin to the 1992 DE version. Ultimately, the art and the theme seems better executed (for SW lore) on the Trilogy version (this one), but the game play was clunky and not as fun. The X-Wing sits in the way, and there is so much plastic! The shots were boring and everything felt kinda cheap.

This isn't a game I'd like to have - despite being an avid Star Wars fan, but the '92 version isn't much better either. At any rate, worth a play, but don't go out of your way to do it.
7 years ago
I like innovative mechs on playfields, so the flip flags on the right pf are the saving grace for what was a rather dull playing experience. And, even though the art is "Tommy-esque", I've seen better. Not a lot to say about Wizard!'s play other than that it plays like a regular ol' run-of-the-mill EM.

If you're a fan of The Who and the rock opera Tommy, then of course you'll want to hit start a few times on this machine just to say that you have. I wouldn't want to let it take up space in a collection where so many other really fun EMs could be.
7 years ago
Strange Science is a lot of original fun. The concept is neat, the toys and mechs (esp. the Atom Smasher) is unique, and the shots are challenging yet not frustratingly so. While the rules didn't seem overly complex or even all that deep, I found myself being drawn back to this table over and over on-location at a pinball expo.

I'd like to own a Strange Science someday (so I'm actually glad that it is underrated - keeps the price down). I think it is worth hunting down if you are looking for something strange.
7 years ago
Devil's Dare looked so promising, but the ones I've played were sluggish, boring, and just disappointing. There are interesting features (captive, way upper pf flipper, "caves", etc.) and it's widebody (my favorites), but I just shrugged after each attempt to like it.

I wouldn't buy it, and I would only play it to see if it is as bad as I say it is in terms of kinetics and enjoyment level.
7 years ago
Champion Pub has some good concept work behind it, and it has some really neat toys and features. The jump rope, the speed bag, and the up post between the flippers (a nice homage to the EMs like Honey, etc. that employed this mech). I've found that Champion Pub can get a little repetitive after playing for awhile, but it has that "it's a kind of boring until it isn't" feel to it. When a fight starts or when the toys are activated, the game gets pretty exciting. It doesn't quite call me to it like the Sirens, but it is a fun once-in-a-while game. The vid mode with the spittoons is somewhat off the mark (but still thematically appropriate, I guess) and the angled short ramps can be more of a hindrance than an asset during most normal game play.

It's not high on my list, but I'd let it eat up some square footage if I got a decent price on it. Play it in the wild if you see it - it's worth checking out.
7 years ago
The manhole cover is fun... but the rest of TMNT is not noteworthy. A dry, open pf with no decent shots and way too much going on down the sides. Nah.
7 years ago
So many fun shots on this alternative to Sorcerer / Black Knight / Metal Man themes. The upper left PF has an interesting array of shots that add up to good points, and the u-ramp has several ways off. Great fun!

Love to have one of these in my collection someday.
7 years ago
GoT Premium is a wicked beast, but the shots felt too straightforward and too much of the playfield is covered by the raised pf to get a feel for the fluid action (I see that the Pro version lacks this obstruction - it may be better than the Premium - I'll have to give that one a try). The lighting was good, but I couldn't help but feel like I was playing KISS Premium the whole time (in a different mask, so to speak). That said, I actually like KISS, so that's not an indictment of the game - but it wasn't spectacular either.

I'd like to play the Pro just to see how it feels before I'd decide whether I'd ever like to own this game or it's cheaper version. Fun to play - choose your GoT House and go nuts!
7 years ago
So far, I've only played JJ's The Hobbit 3 times, which isn't really enough to make a fair analysis. However, while the LCD and sound are neat, and while the theme is fun for Tolkien fans, the shots and rules were way to simple. Left ramp, right ramp, repeat (while occasionally hitting the captive ball between the ramps). There's not much else going on for this machine.

Of course, I'd like to have one in a collection, but I wouldn't pay anything near MSRP for it. Play it just to watch the videos - especially if you're into LotR. but don't expect too much.
7 years ago
Black Knight is one of the great WMS Sys 7 games (Solar Fire, Jungle Lord, and Pharaoh being the other three) that just feels like a machine made for pinball fans. I can't say I use the Magna save very often, but there is something satisfying about racking up a huge bonus on a 3-ball multiball.
7 years ago
I played a modified version of Pharaoh at Zapcon 4 (2016) that was set up with no legs and odd controls. Still, it was fun and of the four Williams in the series, I like Pharaoh the best (then Solar Fire, then BK, then Jungle Lord, if you're curious).

The raised playfield is fun, but almost takes up too much space on this particular table. It's neat to watch the ball go off and explore on its own (where you can't see it), but I really need a little more room to shoot. Besides the cramped feel, I also think the raised pf shots are too hard or lack the capacity to allow the player to make a variety of shots. Still, the theme is great, the art is very detailed and eye-catching, and the overall game play is still fun.

I'd like to own a Pharaoh one day, so it's on my list. I recommend playing it several times with special attention to getting that raised pf shot to go through (you'll know the one when you play it).
7 years ago
KISS (Pro) makes a great first impression right off the bat because the player can select the KISS song they want to listen to during gameplay before getting down to business. The song selection also functions as a sort of meta-mode select, and so it feels like several games in one (in a good way). The playfield lights do an excellent job of supplementing the callouts (that aren't always very informative), and the shots are challenging but clean. My only gripe about this game is that the Demon head (Gene Simmons) spits the ball SDTM many times, and often without a ball save in place. So, it can be frustrating to play when the toy effect ruins fair gameplay, but the rest of the game has great kinetics and keeps the player involved and interested. I'd like to own one of these machines someday (and I'm not even a huge KISS fan).
7 years ago
High Speed is supposedly the first major pin to tell a story that develops as the game goes on. The problem is, the story is lame, with a vague Smoky and the Bandit type feeling that never really kept me interested. There are so few good shots in the game (besides the upper pf right flipper that hits the raised loop). I don't like games that just bash into stand-ups and never really seem to do much. The upper pf is messy with a saucer and a bunch of pop bumpers hiding behind the mass of stand-ups. I just don't see why most people like this game - even if it does tell a story. I surely wouldn't pay to own this machine, and I can barely make myself play it.
7 years ago
Spy Hunter has plenty of unique elements. The game features 2" flippers on the upper playfield trap, off-center 3" flippers to guard the drain, and tricky outlanes (or inlanes?) on the left of the lower PF make this table interesting to try to play on. However, of all the times I've played Spy Hunter, I've never been hooked to the machine - it lacks that "one more game" appeal because all of those interesting elements never really come together to make the game fun. Worth playing to see something a little different, but not worth a second shot.
7 years ago
My first impression was: "That is one WIDE widebody!" I almost felt like I was playing Hercules again - and I love a good widebody. The backglass was interesting and so I was sure that the game had to worth all the effort to make a widebody with "infinity" lights in the backglass.

Unfortunately, the designers made the body so wide that the playfield couldn't keep up (it seems about 65% populated). The 4 flippers set up on the drain side seemed pointless (yes, there is a shot that seems only achievable by the right 2" flipper, but the ball barely got up far enough most of the time to make that worth it).

I'd look at this machine and grab it to see how wide it really is, then I'd walk away.
7 years ago
I had to see what the under-playfield action was all about on Time Zone. Really unique for an EM, and not too bad for a few games. Once I figured out how to activate the pretty lights underneath, I was pretty much done with the game. I would like to have one in my collection though - it wins for gimmicky design originality.
7 years ago
I played a super-clean LED'd out version of Galaxy, so it was nice to look at (colorful!). While there wasn't anything in particular about the shots or rules that I didn't like, I found myself able to walk away from the machine without much of a fight. If the table was in original form with stock lights and such, I might not have even played it (okay, I always play them, but I wouldn't stand in line to play this one).
7 years ago
Black Out has exciting backglass art that over-hypes the game before the first plunge. I didn't find any of the features particularly interesting, and the game was a little sluggish at times. Not a keeper, but worth pressing start on a few times just to see why.
7 years ago
The most novel feature of Barracora is the double number rollovers in the upper playfield. 1-3 is controlled by one flipper, and 4-6 is controlled by the other (took a bit of practice to get the proper coordination on that).

The artwork is weird but I like it quite a bit.

The game play can lag a bit, but, overall, a pretty decent early SS.
7 years ago
F-14 Tomcat can be an exciting game, but the wireform habitrails and tunnels are an aesthetic mess and, at least on the on location machine I played on, you can count on your ball getting shot straight down the drain when it kicks out after the plunge and sink. When (or better, if) the game gets going, there are some cool sounds and, if you have the need for speed, the play can speed up quite a bit. Most of the time, though, this game is a dud.

I wouldn't purchase this game, but I'd recommend playing it 5 or 10 times just to see what the game could have been if it wasn't such a messy drain monster.
7 years ago
Data East's '92 Star Wars is somewhat of an anomaly for me. There are a few features that I really enjoy about the game, but, overall, the game is really substandard. I like the TIE fighter skill shot, the rotating Death Star, and the R2-D2 pop bumpers. Also, the game has a at least one somewhat challenging shot and starting a "Tri-ball" multi-ball off Death Star hits is easy (almost too easy). However, the game lacks depth and interesting modes. It is super pretty to look at, and the DMD vids are appropriate and fun. (It is lacking an appearance of Boba Fett though).

Any hardcore Star Wars IP fans will want this awesome-looking machine in their collection, but don't plan on getting hours of exciting play out of the decoration.
7 years ago
Back to the Future lacks complexity for seasoned players and it lacks intuitive game play for beginners. Most shots are straight up and back down (could use an orbit instead of extra-wide ramp bases), and the call outs are not helpful. Missing the skill shot (which is typical, even with the extra-wide "1885" ramp base) generates one of the most annoying noises I've ever heard an SS make. If the game wasn't BTTF themed, I don't think I would have played it more than twice. Unfortunately, even after giving the game ample time to grow on me (because I want to like it), it is a boring, annoying waste of floor space.

I played BTTF on location with 3 balls per play on free play. I wouldn't recommend anyone purchase this game, and I'd only recommend playing the game so you can see how a fun-looking game can be terrible.
7 years ago
The OTHER Indiana Jones is so good, this game didn't stand a chance by comparison. Cramming all four movies into one game was a terrible idea (just like the fourth movie). The shots feel "cheap" (so weak and pointless... hard to describe), and the gameplay is dull. This table reminds me of the plastic tabletop games that can be found in the toy aisle.

Don't do it... just don't.
7 years ago
Tales from the Crypt plays well - but its theming and fun is where it gets its clout with me. The skill shot is fun (a "timing" shot, with drop targets involved). The callouts are fun and I am almost always a fan of wireforms and metal ramps. I haven't ever been able to rack up a huge score on Tales, but it's worth playing just for fun.

I'd like to have one some day - after some of my other favorites. However, I would like to see an Elvira (SS and PMs) and Tales lineup (campy, silly, licensed B horror).
7 years ago
Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street sure is a nightmare. The SDTMs abound, the super fast ball lock (skill shot-ish) robs the game of continuous fun when the house on the upper PF eats the incoming shot, and the Freddy face toy is neat but fairly useless.

Don't put any money in this machine - no matter how much you like the NoES franchise (well, maybe one credit, just to see how awful a great license can be in a pin).
7 years ago
There are some Star Trek (DE '91) haters out there - I'm not one of them. There is an issue with the ball eject from the right side of the upper PF - sometimes it shoots the ball directly to the drain. However, with that issue aside, I really like playing this version of ST. The ramps are out of the way in the upper PF, but they play a role in the game play. The center "moving target" is a little too easy to hit at times, but shooting ships on the DMD is one the rare video features in pins that feels well-integrated into the theme and play.

I'd like to own this machine someday (and, hopefully all the haters will keep hating - drive the price down for me).
7 years ago
Grand Prix feels like a Williams EM. Shooting the spinners and the center drops is fun, but the rules seem a little weak. The saucers are fun to shoot, but they don't seem to add much to the game play.

As far as EM's go - I wouldn't snatch this one up unless it was dirt cheap.
7 years ago
Hook has some fantastic ramps and neat toys - but it has some serious play flaws. It feels limited and the shots seem orthogonal, boring, and frustrating. I'll admit that I couldn't make it through two games on the machine I played on-location. Perhaps I would like a HUO Hook better (though the one I played seemed to be well-maintained).

I'd give Hook another chance because it looks like it should be fun to play - but it really failed to live up to the excitement the playfield generated as I walked by.
7 years ago
Johnny Mnemonic is a great game. The ramps are quick and easy to hit, the orbits are smooth, the Crazy Bob's hole goes to a somewhat lame but innovative video mode. And, of course, the Glove toy is unique and (when it works correctly) a pretty neat feature.

Near the top of my wishlist - play it if you can.
7 years ago
Ripley's Believe It or Not has a lot going on - sometimes a tad too much. The Idol toy with the magnet catcher in the upper playfield is neat, but could be more visible. The ramps are so-so, but somehow, RBION is still a pretty fun game to play.

I'd like to own it - probably after 20 or so other games - but it could make the wishlist once a few others move off that list to my "collection" list.
7 years ago
Poor Flying Carpet - I really wanted to like you, but making me hit four letters as my ball goes through the outlanes is no fun. Also, the chevron shaped layout of the rollover lanes on the upper playfield are not a skill shot - they are just annoying. The concept is neat, but there's no lastability to this Gottlieb EM.
7 years ago
Cyclone has tons of squiggly clear plastic ramps, which really helps visibility during play. The spinner in the back box is fun, as is shooting the center hole. The orbits are just okay, but the overall feel (kinematics) of the game are pretty decent. The Skill Shot is a real Skill Shot - even if it looks a little cheap - hitting the 100k is fun.

I like enough that I'd let it take up space in a large pinball room. Weird clowns aren't really my thing (not creepy, just don't do much for me), but the game is fun enough to merit a few plays on location to judge its playability for your self.
8 years ago
I've played several on-location versions of Firepower and it just doesn't do anything for me. As an early solid state, it seems to hang on to so many EM type shots and features (and, as several early SS's, it has no ramps), but it seems like it could have been so much better. That is, I've played comparable EM's that blow Firepower away.

No fun, not even for free play. Also, if you are fan of Robotron 2084, you'll hear some familiar sounds... they couldn't even make an original sound board? Just falls flat...
8 years ago
Poor Xenon - I want to like it, but it just isn't in the cards. From the annoying pop bumper male and female "moaning" to the less-fun-than-expected ramp-to-tube shot, I really can't stand to play more than a few games on this snooze-fest. But I really want to!

I wouldn't go out of my way to play it - as a matter of fact, I have no trouble just walking past it. Maybe it's just not for me...
8 years ago
Decent early SS. I really liked the drop target series on the upper right PF and the raised PF with 2" flippers. Also, the sharp drop-off to the saucer is a unique way to get the ball back to the main PF (center down ramp). Some of the sounds drove me a little nuts, but that usually isn't a reason to dislike a game for me. rnrnFG would be a great early SS for a collection, and I'd pick one up for a good price if I found one.
8 years ago
I bought my Quick Draw as a learning project EM, but I ended up really liking the game play. I see why the multiple drop target games, especially the Gottliebs - are usually highly rated - so much to shoot at!

From the two horseshoe kickouts to the 2x 5-drop target banks, Quick Draw is a super fun EM. (Watch out for that AX relay though!). I'll be selling mine soon, but somewhat reluctantly now that I've seen how fun it is. Definitely would add to an EM collection after my fictional SS collection comes to fruition.
8 years ago
Space Station feels like a solid game, even though some of the shots are a little awkward. I like the integration of the drop target in front of the ramp, as well as the ball lock / release system.

Overall, not a bad game, and I'd add one to my collection if I needed to fill a hole. Definitely worth the play on location.
8 years ago
Batman TDK is fun to look at, and sometimes fun to play - but ultimately it ends up being a sluggish, awkward contraption. The crane shots are exciting and challenging, and the Joker shots are fun to hit. The see-saw on the left side is strange, as are the shots that go to the upper right playfield.

The playfield art actually bothered me, which never really happens - it was too realistic and somewhat distracting. Sounds weird, I know, but it happened.

EDIT: Played again recently - bumped my score up slightly, but I'm pretty sure TKD is maxed out now (can only go down from here).

I'd recommend giving TKD a whirl, but I wouldn't seek it out. However, I did get the impression that the game could grow on me, so 'll keep playing it when I can - maybe my rating will change after I've gotten over some of the cosmetics and weird shots.
8 years ago
Iron Man is quick, high-power game that features great toys and challenging gameplay. One of the things that drives me crazy about certain game designs (AFM, Spider-Man, many others) is that they have center playfield shots that almost always end up in a SDTM rebound. Iron Man fixes that by having its raised center target (Iron Man MONGER toy) have a magnet in front of it. When the ball hits the toy, the magnet randomizes the return of the ball. This changes a risky and often frustrating shot in to a thrilling and fun shot.

The game play is quick, but the ball doesn't drain quickly. The MONGER multiball is easy to activate, and what's more fun than one rapidly moving pinball? Three rapidly moving pinballs!

I'd like to have an Iron Man in my collection - definitely play Iron Man on location when the opportunity arises.
8 years ago
I wanted to like Elvis. That raised playfield and the nice shiny metal ramps were attractive features - it looked like fun from afar. But, as soon as I started playing, the kinetics were all off, and the standup hound dog seemed to draw all my shots.

I wasn't a fan of pinball Elvis.
8 years ago
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those games that feels like the lower playfield is too bare and the upper playfield is too crowded. I liked the game play (sinking ships and attacking the Kraken is fun), but the shots seems like I was shooting longshots at wide open Swiss cheese.

The theme fits Pirates well, and I liked the DMD animations and I liked the call-outs. However, I just couldn't get in to the game. I'll bet this game could be fun for others who don't mind the barren playfield, but this wasn't my cup of tea.

I'd recommend playing Pirates, but not owning it.
8 years ago
Poor P2K... RFM beats SW:E1 in lastability, but SW:E1 has great theming (most of the time there's a little *too* much theme). The dual saucer multiball is easy to hit, as is the center target (over and over and over). There isn't much to the playfield or to the ruleset - definitely a game designed for beginners.

I'd rather have RFM between the two P2K's, and I wouldn't go out of my way to play SW:E1. However, there's only two P2K's, so I'd own SW:E1 if I could Jedi mind trick the seller into selling it for under $500.
8 years ago
The Getaway is always good for a few plays. Watching the ball fly around the metal track is a thrill, as is changing gears with your knee as you hit the RPM orbits and race around the playfield. Good fun - not great - but solid as a good game.

I'd recommend giving this game a few plays, but I wouldn't go out of my way to play it. Probably won't ever own this unless it fell off of a truck.
8 years ago
WHO dunnit feels like playing a mix of pinball versions of Clue and The Maltese Falcon (or whatever noir PI film you like). The theming makes the game a unique experience, even if some of the shots are a little awkward.

The elevator ramps located dead center in the PF are a unique feature, but they can be a hindrance to game flow. Still, I like the concept, especially when I'm in the mood to play something a different. The phone shots and the large orbit are run-of-the-mill, but not bad.

I also liked the casino features like playing roulette with bonuses and spinning slots (though, the casino theme seems out of place for a murder mystery oriented game). Figuring out who the killer is in each case presents engaging modes with enough sideshow modes to be satisfying.

I'd recommend playing and owning WHO dunnit to anyone - just be prepared for that center ramp set to be annoying at times.
8 years ago
Space Shuttle has its moments, but ultimately it usually just frustrates me. The game has a few features I enjoy - the static rollover skill shot, the hard-to-get ball locks, but easy multiball once those ball locks are settled, and the outlane saver gate which reminds me of the EM gates that I enjoy.

Sometimes sluggish, but sometimes a fun time, I'd recommend playing Space Shuttle on location, but I don't know about owning it. It seems challenging enough to have in a collection, but I think I'd get tired of it quickly.
8 years ago
Future Spa is a nice early SS widebody that integrates some interesting features on the PF. But the main reason I rated it as highly as I did is because it is really a beautiful piece of art. A little silly, sure, but great to look at.

The various rollovers in the left out / in lanes are neat, as well as the far left ball save.

The stacked progressive drop targets on the left are dangerous but thrilling to shoot.

The skill shot is average and the saucer in the upper-left PF is mostly a luck shot, at least for me.

Great over all game - I'd recommend it to anyone for some great, lasting fun.
8 years ago
When I first approached Theatre of Magic, I thought, "There seems to be an awful lot of empty space on the lower playfield." I thought maybe the designers were cutting corners or going for a minimalist style. But after I played it a few times, I realized what all that space is for: 2 speedy orbits, 2 ramps, the "box," and some other well placed features.

First, any game that does tricks with magnets (especially off the surface of the PF, e.g., on the side of the "box") usually wins some points with me for ingenuity (Dracula, X-Men, etc.). I found the skill shot challenging but fun to try for - I like how the release of the ball determines the prize.

I also liked call-outs ("I'm a great magician" - just me!!!), and the art.

The captive balls (usually another feature I like to see implemented well) are so-so, and the multiball was challenging for me.

I'd recommend this game to anyone, and I'll probably put it on my top 25 want-to-own list.
8 years ago
Attack from Mars is a fan favorite, but I think it's a greedy drain monster most of the time. Sure, shooting the Flying Saucer toy up the middle require skill to pull off, but the frequency of SDTMs is too high for this game to be any fun.

Also, there is a kickout hole on the right that eat the ball at the worst times - my shots seem to land in there too many times in a row to maintain good flow. (RFM unfortunately inherited this feature too).

The theme is great and I like the music and call-outs - but the game usually just sends me looking for a vindicating pinball experience.

UPDATE: After extensive on-location play, I do see why this game is loved by so many. *When* I can develop a good groove on a great game, I do enjoy the game play. I notched the game play up one, but not much else.
8 years ago
World Cup Soccer has several interesting toys and gimmicks, which saves it from being a bit of a annoy-o-tron by screaming GOAL at the player over and over.

The hole in the back of the upper PF is a challenging shot that is usually rewarding - extra balls are easy to come by once that shot is perfected.

The skill shot is unique because it requires three different plunges to complete and delivers the ball to the right flipper for a safe start each time.

I really liked the moving goalie feature and the penalty kick kickout.

Multiballs come easily and are plentiful, and jackpots are decently balanced for a game with crazy score inflation.

I'd recommend this game to anyone, especially soccer fans, and I would at least rotate World Cup Soccer through a personal collection.
8 years ago
I played Twin Win against my brother at The Game Preserve when I was visiting him in Houston. We both despise losing, so we went a couple of rounds on this EM, winning and losing, back and forth.

I really liked the lap completion feature, which probably isn't unique to this game, but new to me. The spinner in the surface of the PF is one of those gimmicks that gets me every time. I especially liked how the bonuses could be built up but collected almost any time.

The outlanes are killers and the flipper gap is not forgiving. However, there are enough features to make this game fun despite all the drains (especially when you play with 5-balls).

Twin Win is a great two-player game and I'd recommend it to anyone who has a competitive streak and a loud-mouthed buddy or sibling. I'd put it in my top ten EM wishlist for ownership.
8 years ago
I'm surprised RollerCoaster Tycoon hasn't made it into the bottom quarter of the Top 100 on PS. I must have played on a special machine because I was stuck on this game for 45 minutes the first time through.

I've never played the PC game, so I have no idea how well the theme matched the IP, but the modes were on target for amusement park themes, and the call-outs were both funny and helpful.

I prefer metal habitrails and wireform ramp returns (for looks, mostly), and RCT has plenty of those. The ramps were easy to hit and I always knew what I was supposed to be doing from the get go. I liked the dunk mode (a little difficult to complete) and the VUK "ride" that crosses the PF and drops down on the right. The skill shot required actual skill, but not too much.

The only things I didn't like about RCT were the stupid troll in the upper PF (Why the troll? They could have put something much more interesting and thematically aligned in that cup!), and I had a few SDTMs that seemed a little unforgiving. However, I liked the challenge. This is one of those games that it is easy to get a ball going and start scoring, but you would really have to master the nuances of the rules and the layout to get a great score (as far as I know, there weren't any unbalanced point earners).

I'd recommend this game to anyone, and I wouldn't mind owning one (though there are many games ahead of it). I'd also like to note that I think this would be an excellent "trainer" game. I think young players / first time players could really benefit from the clear call-outs that always keep the player on some task. It's never a mystery which ramp you should be shooting. Great for beginners, but enough backend challenge (moderately deep) to keep a skilled player going.

EDIT: Bumped the rating down just a little after I realized that it wasn't as "moderately deep" as I thought. And, I played on a machine that kept sending the ball directly into the left outlane after plunge. Might have been an off balanced machine, but it was so annoying that I couldn't bear to think of leaving the rating so high (still ultimately a design problem, even if the machine was not HUO).
8 years ago
Dracula plays like a vanilla game - but its theme and sound kept me playing longer than the design and kinetics warranted.

I found the ramp hard to hit on time, and there were some other flow problems with the PF layout. However, the ghostly magnetic ball drag is a well-placed and creative feature - freaked me out the first few times through. Good thematic integration.

If the game wasn't so awkward, I'd give it a higher rating. I'd recommend playing it to anyone - you might have better luck than I did. Dracula isn't on my wishlist, but I don't pass by it without playing on location.
8 years ago
Whirlwind served to remind me of the fun I had playing the original EM Fireball. I am a sucker for gimmick and ball flow randomization, so the spinners in the surface of the playfield help whirlwind earn a higher rating than he rest of the game deserves.

The ramps were challenging to shoot, and I like the way the ball was returned on shoot the ramps. The lighting was iffy on the machines I've played on.

Decent overall game, fun or frustrating - you never know until you plunge. I'd recommend playing this game and I'd put it low on my wishlist for ownership.
8 years ago
I was introduced to Fireball by a dedicated pinball historian and fan (story about the experience forthcoming). Without his explanations of the game and history, I might have rated it lower. However, I had a great time playing, even though I was terrible at it.

Building the jackpot for the saucer on the left was fun, as was slamming into the captive ball. But, the spinner in the center of the PF is of course what makes this game a challenge to play as well as a unique experience. It wins good points on theme and fun for me.

I'd recommend playing this if you get the chance, and I would have one in my future collection if I got a decent deal on it.
8 years ago
Of course, this isn't really a "pinball" game, and of course the whole game itself is a gimmick, but I thought I say a few words about it.

Even though I've rated it as a sub-par game, I'm glad I've played it, and I'm glad the title exists. Innovation and stretching the status quo is important to keep pinball alive. Sure, this is a silly game, but someone at Atari said "Let's see how big we can make a playable pinball machine," and they gave it a shot. Now we know what happens when cabinets are maxxed out - good to know.

I'd recommend this game to anyone for one "experience" play. Probably don't want to own it for any reason other than collectibility though.
8 years ago
Pinbot is a fun title, but it lacks lastability for me. The machine has some unique features that I appreciate, but I rarely find myself stuck to the coin door for long.

The unique features I like are the raised playflield on the right and the elevator ball lock in the center of the upper playfield (I think this inspired the elevator on Dr. Who).

I've yet to play on a machine where I could get the spiral skill shot to work - either I don't understand how to get the ball to the top or it is a poorly designed skill shot (that takes up a lot of room on the PF).

The colors are fun, and I like the "robotic" voices. I also like watching the ball bounce around on the raised PF, waiting to see if it will come down the return or just fall off the edge and cause me grief. I find the free-fall-wherever feature interesting because most games have well-defined paths once the ball hits a ramp or hole - but you never know where the ball is going to fall on Pinbot.

I wouldn't turn down a cheap Pinbot, but I wouldn't seek it out for my future collection. Still, give it a whirl if you ever see it.
8 years ago
The cannon. The cannon. The cannon!

Sure, T2 is probably best-known for its cannon toy and the "Direct hit" call-out, but that feature alone really does make the game. I'm guessing there are purists and naysayers who dislike the cannon, as well as players who try to offer some sort of iconoclastic deconstruction of T2's overlooked features, but c'mon - it's really all about the cannon.

Multiballs come easy and the ball moves clean and swiftly on most games. T2 isn't a drain monster or really all that difficult to play - but I'm always just trying to get to the cannon-firing shots / modes.

T2 also holds a special place in my personal pinball playing experience because it was the first game that I played well over and over again. I've earned lots of replays and even a few high scores on this game - I'd own it in a heartbeat, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Not because it is a great overall game, but for the (......wait for it......) CANNON!
8 years ago
Monopoly is one of those games that looks like it is going to be a lot of fun, but then turns out to be a bit of a dog. I was excited when I first stepped up to the machine, but I soon realized that the original layout and flashing contrasting colors and weird constantly spinning flipper were all pretty much useless.

The skill shot is risky - that rotating mini-flipper on the right can shove the ball straight for the drain, and the points one gets for the skill shot are not great. The left ramp in the mid playfield is a little off - I was hitting it when I didn't want to and never when I did, but that might just have been my lack of aim.

The upper playfield was a little cluttered and sometimes I wasn't sure where the ball was or what was going on.

The theme was executed well, and I did want to play it over again at first just because the rules were challenging. Turns out that I never seemed to get paid out for all of my study - once I figured out that I wasn't going to get anywhere fun, I stopped playing.

I would recommend trying a few games on this machine to get it out of your system, but don't plan on camping at it, and certainly don't buy it unless you're getting a great deal.

EDIT: Played some more on-location and Monopoly just feels more and more crowded and awkward the more I play it.
8 years ago
I've played The Walking Dead on-location in several places and I've never played more than three consecutive games. I'll admit that I'm not a fan of TWD (I'm not not a fan either - take it or leave it), but the game could be so much better.

I liked the toys the most - they were interesting and gory and just what one would expect from a TWD theme. Stern's designers did a good job adapting the zombie motif (but like I said, I'm no expert in TWD lore, so maybe fans have a different opinion), but the layout is somehow sloppy or bare or... I can't quite put my finger on it, but the playfield just seems like it is lacking good kinetics.

The DMD and sound were good, but that is to be expected from a 2014 game, so no extra points there. This might be the worst post 2010 game I've ever played.

I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone unless they are a hardcore fan / collector of The Walking Dead. Even then, attract mode is going to be what you're paying for (and, as it stands now , paying you will be).
8 years ago
X-Men (Pro) is probably just a good (rather than excellent) game when the gameplay is examined in a vacuum. However, I have been an X-Men fan for more than two and half decades, so the game automatically gets max theme points from me, even if I think there were other ways that the designers could have execute the IP integration.

The game also has several features that I'm somewhat of a sucker for: magnets and large character toys to smash into. The latter has to be done correctly to be successful (like the Balrog in LotR, but don't get your ball stuck (or do...), but not like the creatures in The Walking Dead). X-Men gets close with Magneto and Wolvie.

The ramps are fun and I like the various modes when I can understand the call-outs. I wonder if there is an audio mod (is that even a thing?) or something that could replace some of the confusing instructions. Still, ever since I translated the calls, I've enjoyed playing X-Men. I'd like to see how an LE plays for comparison.

I'd recommend this game to anyone into X-Men, and I think most pinball players could get some fun out of this game. It's in my wishlist for obvious reasons, but I think the game is a little underrated (in Pro version).
8 years ago
Every time I play JJ's Wizard of Oz, I have a blast. It's one of those games that seems to hypnotize me when I play it. I find it challenging, fun, and great to look at. I am not a fan of the pink stand-up directly between castle drop / VUK and the lock ramp - that thing is not well-placed. the various levels of PF and the growing witch and haunted tree pops make the PF an adventure.

The modes are easy to start and there are so many toys and gimmicks (the left outlane "TOTO" alone is a neat feature, but I'll be damned if I can make the "Ball Saving" TOTO shot!) that the lastability of the game is improved by all the different shots the player can make.

WOZ is a great game and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to play. Buying, on the other hand, is steep and probably won't drop much since the game is still fairly new.
8 years ago
Twilight Zone is a fan favorite for good reasons. It wasn't the first game to utilize magnets in an interesting way, but the Magna Flip (when it works!) is a fun feature, as well as the gumball and the other quirky features that make TZ stand out.

I think the playfield is a little busy and a little dark, but when I get a great game going on TZ, I forget about the claustrophobia it tends to induce during bad games.

I can't say I've watched a lot of the Twilight Zone shows (old or new), but I like the weird theme anyway. There's something about the music and the creaking doors that brings back good memories of playing this game in my teens - TZ is one of the few games I remember playing a lot back when I was first introduced to pinball (nostalgia should be a weighted rating slider too).

I don't have it on my wishlist, which might be odd, but almost every TZ I've played on-location is broken. It seems like it would be a nightmare to maintain, and I've played it enough to know that games are real hit or miss. If I'm going to spend that much money, I want a guaranteed good time.
8 years ago
Spider-Man gets great reviews, but I've never found the game all that interesting. Theme is important to me, and I like comic book character themes (esp. Marvel), so my rating is probably somewhat inflated in that regard.

The playfield is kind of boring and the toys are just so-so (Sandman is pretty neat, though). I keep hearing that the ball can really get flying on this game, but I've yet to experience a great ball on any of the machines I've played on.

The ramps are a little tricky and the call-outs are a little confusing at times. I'm going to keep playing this game to see what all the hype is about, but I think it will turn out like MM did for me; I'll be an outlier on this one forever.

EDIT: I didn't change the rating much, but the more I play SM, the more I dislike the Sandman position on the PF - reminds of the SDTM generator that AFM has with the Flying Saucer shot. Still, I did bump the animation rating to top notch (though that is weighted pretty light for me).
8 years ago
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is a really fun game. My first runs through were not great despite making some shots and saves - just couldn't hit what I wanted. So, I started with a fairly low appraisal of the game. However, I've played IJ:TPA at several locations now and I think my first game was on a machine that wasn't properly leveled (or something).

I like the raised playfield on the left - good luck getting that extra ball! The ramps are well placed and the modes were not only interesting but also stuck with the theme well. I prefer metal habitrails and ramp returns over plastic, so IJ:TPA gets extra points for that too. And, who can resist a widebody?

Since the game turned out not to be the sluggish drain monster I thought it was, I would recommend this game to anyone interested in the theme or just some fun pinball. It's on my wishlist, but would probably lose out to several other games on the list before I'd own it. Still, a great game.

EDIT: Every time I play IJ:TPA, I like it more and more. Bumped up my rating a little to reflect that "over time" score.
8 years ago
"Where's the ball coming from this time? "

I asked myself that a lot my first few times through Spectrum. This machine earned a special place in my heart not because it is the most fun or fantastically themed game ever, but I rate it high for its innovation and bare challenge.

Spectrum was the first machine I played where the ball kicked out of the drain with the right flipper instead of using a plunger to get the ball in play. Also, it utilizes some interesting playfield mechanics -- the ball will "disappear" and another ball with pop out of a saucer without warning (after playing through a few times, I got used to watching the correct saucer for ball release).

The rules are a little shallow (hit the correct colors as it calls them out - not much to it), but this game would be a conversation piece in a collection - I'd like to have one someday if space allowed.
8 years ago
I'll preface these comments by pointing out that I am not sure if the on-location machines I played were Premium or LE.

I play AC/DC every time I get a chance to do so. I'm a sucker for gimmicks like sub-playfields, firing pinballs with cannons, and for pseudo captive ball bell toys. Sure, I like AC/DC the band, but the theme wasn't what won me over. The sound is great (which isn't crucial for me, but I like it when it's good), and I find the game appropriately challenging for my skill level, even as my skill level grows. I can make the shots when I'm playing well (meaning not on accident, which makes a game lame, and not impossible, which makes a game frustrating), and I like the various toys and gimmicks enough to rate this game fairly high.

I'll just note that if you are thinking of purchasing an AC/DC machine, you should probably like the music of the band, because you'll hear it over and over (just like the rock stations on the radio). This game is on my wishlist and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in seeing various pinball elements in a game (like the cannon, see also T2 and IJ). The only caveat is the bit about appreciating the music.
8 years ago
I wouldn't say I'm a dedicated fan of the Lord of the Rings lore, but the pinball adaptation of the books / films is one of the most fun games I've ever played.

The ramps vary from piece of cake (center ring) to difficult (left ramp), and the modes also build nicely through the gameplay. The Gollum multiball is a little soft (too easy sometimes when I don't want it), but the other multiballs are fantastic. The raised PF "soul collector" posts on the left (reminiscent of Pinbot's right side) add fun, chance scoring, and a neat theme to the game. The Two Towers multiball jackpots are easy and thrilling to hit over and over.

My criticisms of are mainly of the PF layout - feels like there are too many orbits, and ring ramp rejects will punish you hard. The VUK on the right and the odd design of the Orthanc almost make the game a little too cheap feeling (don't look to close at the toys or decorations!). The layout feels like a predecessor to GoT Pro and KISS Pro - lots of places to shoot... over and over and over... but, LotR is still better than those other, newer games I mentioned. Unique and playable - a great overall machine that just falls a little short in PF layout.

If I had any complaints about Lord of the Rings pinball, it would be that it can be almost too easy. But sometimes easy gameplay is a good thing if it is accompanied by fun shots and a diverse collection of modes to run through. The wizard mode is a good challenge, so the game isn't always too easy. It's on my "someday" wishlist and I'd like to make this game a part of my future collection. I'd recommend this game to anyone of any skill level looking for a great time playing pins.
8 years ago
I don't think of myself as a contrarian, and I take no pleasure in going against the grain just for the sake of being "different." But really, what is all the hype about MM? I'm sure it's been discussed and argued forever since it is such a high-profile game. But I don't get it.

First, the callouts and the dialogue is just annoying. I usually like "Army of Darkness" / "Princess Bride" humor, but I just want this game to shut up most of the time.

The ball lock jump is a neat feature, as well as knocking on the castle door / drawbridge. Multiballs are plentiful and most of the modes are easy to start and complete. The toy castle shaking apart is amusing and the pop-up troll targets are kind of fun. But that's all that I can say that is positive about this game.

It's not that there is anything overly frustrating about the game play, and it's not a bad design. However, playing MM feels very vanilla - I don't get a thrill out of it, and I usually only force myself to play a few more games because I think I must be missing something. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not missing anything - I just happen to be an outlier WRT MM. Of course, since the game is in such demand, I'd consider purchasing it for investment purposes if I got a great deal, but I wouldn't play it everyday. Not on my wishlist - which is probably a good thing; I could buy 3 or 4 machines that I would like better for the price of one MM.

EDIT: Played for several more hours - still not a fan. I can easily walk away from this title

EDIT 2: Over the years, this game has grown on me. After playing hundreds of games and exploring the rule set completely, this MM is often hard to pass up. It took a while, but I understand what all the hype is about, finally.
8 years ago
Bounce to an outlane. Bounce to an outlane. Bounce to an outlane. I'm done. Really, this game could be more fun if it wasn't so frustrating. It's one thing for a game to challenging, but I can't stand drain monsters. And the game is rather unforgiving too - no ball save in sight even though 2/3's of my plunges are doomed.

I like the campy theme, and the game is fairly easy to play if the ball can live for a few flips. The barbeque kickout is amusing and I think the boogie monsters are funny. The ramps are decent, but I've never been amazed by any games I've played of Party Monsters. It's not on my wishlist and I would only own one if I got it for a steal.

EDIT: The more I hold EATPM up to other games that are rated very highly, the more I realize that it really is a decent game. Still unforgiving at times, but plays better than many other games that get too much credit.
8 years ago
Revenge from Mars is ubiquitous and eye-catching if nothing else. But is it other things too - it's innovative and fun to play (though the call-outs and dialogue can get annoying if you're not in the mood - especially the Paris mode). I see this machine almost everywhere I go, and I usually will give in and play a few games even though I've played it many times already.

The pop-up jump ramp (does that thing have an official name?) is really fun, but watch out - if you don't land squarely on the back return platform, the ball can be headed straight for the drain while the machine counts your bonuses and chatters at you. Normally, the ball will jump the pop-up ramp and drop to the left of the upper playfield and come to a brief rest while the score counter rambles on (and the ball can be released by flipping), but don't let your guard down.

The skill shot is not ideal - one of the rollovers (the right one) in the upper-left PF is almost impossible to see through the reflection of the "3-D" screen. I also have trouble seeing where the ball capture hole is because of the reflection of the screen.

The Martian bank shots are risky and can be frustrating, but clearing them in the Martian Attack mode starts a multiball, so I can understand why they are difficult to hit.

Finally, the kickout hole on the right is way too easy to hit and usually only produces crap points / bonuses. The ball comes out quickly and a rapid flip at the returning ball will often send the ball right back into the hole, scoring nothing the second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) time the ball goes in. This can be frustrating because this catch and release repetition kills the flow of the game and can make it tedious. That hole is nearly the same on AFM, but that is one feature they could have changed without any complaints from me.

Those are mostly minor gripes - I can play this game over and over without too much fatigue. Extra balls are easy to come by and the Mothership multiball is pretty freaking awesome. For as much as the machine chatters at the player, it can be quite fun and interactive. I don't have it on my wishlist, mostly because it seems like I can throw a rock anywhere and hit Revenge, but I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to own one if space allowed.

Also, as a side note, if you like pinball and haven't seen the documentary, "The Future of Pinball" (aka "Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball"), check it out. You might appreciate Revenge from Mars even more after seeing the doc.
8 years ago
I'm biased towards comic book themes, but the widebody JD is really a fantastic machine. The super-duper mode (can't remember what it is actually called) is a lot of fun and I like that I can play a "regular" game or just jump right in to a chaotic super-duper game.

The crane is a neat feature, as is the Deadworld spinner in the back off the left ramp / crane (? this is from a hazy memory). The ball has always moved well on the various machines I've played, and I dig the playfield art.

Also, I prefer metal habitrails over plastic returns, so JD scores there as well.

Like I said, I'm biased by the theme, but I appreciate the ingenuity behind the design and the integration of the IP with the modes. Judge Dredd is in my top three personal favorites and definitely on my wishlist.
8 years ago
Creature from the Black Lagoon is moderately fun, but I do have some complaints about the playfield layout. First, I am short for a man (5'6"), but I doubt I'm at the low end of expected player height. That said, the skill shot rollovers are hard for me to see because a ramp return (plastic) is right in my line of sight for seeing where the ball is. Sometimes I find myself leaning towards the game over the PF because I'm not sure what the ball is doing, only to have the ball come out the left side of the orbit and head straight for the drain. Not great.

The bank shots that open the snackbar are awkward - I usually only get them through the process of playing rather than with carefully placed shots. This might be my shortcoming as a mediocre player, but those standups are dangerous to shoot for because the bounce often sends the ball SDTM.

Being restricted to two-ball multiball is limited and lame (I'm spoiled, sure, but at least give me three!).

Finally, I've yet to see a Creature with a working sub-playfield holo. That is just frustrating.

Overall, the game is okay, but it's not on my wishlist.

EDIT: I finally saw the creature under the playfield. I gave the title a bump just because I was amused by the holo.

SECOND EDIT: This game has grown on me quite a bit. I thought I would get tired of getting F-I-L-M over and over - but I haven't. It still feels fun and engaging, so I gave CFTBL a bump today (10//11/15).
8 years ago
Scared Stiff is a fun game with fairly easy rules and some neat gimmicks. I like watching the ball spit out of the coffin on the left ramp return as well as pounding the crate in the center of the upper playfield. The multiballs are easy to start and keep alive. The outlanes kill me on this one often, but only perfect SDTMs escape the flippers for me. The minigame spinner in the backbox is neat, but probably could be a little better. For instance, if the spider spun around a little faster and if there were better prizes that one could score, it would make landing on good prizes more challenging and more rewarding.

I've played this machine quite a bit and I don't get bored of it. The skill shot is an actual skill shot, which is a feature I appreciate - I usually hit the crate so getting the perfect plunger release is a challenge (a plus). I'd recommend this game to anyone - easy to play, hard to master.

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