IAAPA 2019 Orlando Convention Center

By RAM2001

November 25, 2019

14 days ago

November 20 & 21,  I was able to attend the IAAPA 2019 Convention in Orlando Florida. There were many of the pinball manufacturers newest games on display.  I first visited the Jersey Jack pinball exhibit. Everyone was very friendly.  I was able to play the Wizard of Oz machine. This game is a work of Art !!  Also,  played Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,  another wonderful game. Dialed In,  was the next game and was very challenging and fun.  It was incredible to experience these machines in person because,  I had only read articles and seen pictures of them...

Next,  I visited the Stern pinball exhibit.  Guess who is there,  sitting in a round table with fellow employees... Mr. Stern himself,  with his distiquistable flowing  grey  hair.  I had many of the new title,  Stern pinballs machine to try out on freeplay.  What can I say,  what a good time !!  I come to find out the Jurassic Park machine is very popular.  Yes, I played it several times and it was great !!  Elvira's house of horrors, machine is also very Cool !!   Star Wars,  this game is great fun.  Munsters,  this machine is one of my favorites...  All the Stern games have a great solid,  well made professional feel to them...

Chicago Gaming Company,  had a exhibit of amazing machines !!   Mars Attacks, remake.  This game was very exciting,  another favorite  of mine.  I would have liked to take it home with me... Monster Bash, remake.  Is another favorite.  This game is the coolest.  What is better than a bunch of monsters.  Medieval Madness, remake.  Another favorite was there to experience !!  This game is very popular.   Chicago Gaming Company makes one of the best pinball machines out there...

I  can not believe I missed seeing and playing the American Pinball games !!   Octoberfest was there and Houdini which is a all time favorite classic machine...

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