Pinball - my go to hobby

Pinball - my go to hobby

By railways

August 28, 2018

4 months ago

Hi Pinsiders. My name is Jeff.

Been around pins for a long time and used to be on Rec. and have been an active member on Aussie Arcade now for for 12 years

My fave era is Bally SS. Iv'e had a few come and go and some of them twice/thrice.

My currrent lineup is, Fathom, Medusa , Centaur , Flash Gordon , Playboy , Firepower , Captain Fantastic , Rancho , Locomotion , Frankenstein , Creature from the Black Lagoon , Roadshow , FishTales , Flintsones.

AND one day a Thunderbirds - I'm  #0002

Rowe-Ami CD 51-A

We as a hobby have also redone some siderails and other trinkets for various games  hence our name Railways. It started out as a bet between the two of us when we had a Corvette game with a badly damaged rail and after seeing this game for months I said I'm going to buy you a new set of black ones (from god knows where?)

Ol' mate says, No , I can make them - and he did. 

8 years on and our rail profile is up to 53 along with other trinkets. 

A hobby within  a hobby I guess but it helps keeping these gals going and looking their best.

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