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2 days ago
WOW Such a amazing game. At first I didn't feel I needed the premium until I actually played a premium and instantly placed a order for one. It took over a year but so glad that I have this game and this game is bolted to the floor forever.
39 days ago
By far one of the greatest games ever made. The theme is perfectly integrated with all 3 movies. I wish they made games like this nowadays. I luckily found one local and will finally have this game in my collection.
66 days ago
Amazing game. Have about 100 plays on my pro and it's absolutely the best game I have ever owned. Not many toys in this game but it makes up for it with its fast and flowing pace. I truly enjoy the ruleset and snikt multiplier. This one is never leaving my collection unless I can get a premium.
67 days ago
As much as I adore John borg and all his games. This is a terrible theme. And sadly don't like anything about this game.
5 months ago
Amazing theme. VERY UNDERRATED. Simple rules but best theme integration of any gottlieb.
5 months ago
By far one of if not the greatest games ever made. I would put it under Godzilla premium/LE. But this game is my absolute favorite of 90s Bally/Williams
7 months ago
Typical stern . Beautiful artwork and big theme. But sadly this game misses the mark on opportunity of Capitalizing on this amazing theme with integration. Don't get me wrong it shoots nice . But this deserves the 1990s brian eddy treatment like he did with shadow.
7 months ago
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Everything about this game screams top 5 pinball of all time. From the detailed mechs, to the flow of the ramps. As it stands right now at .80 code I would put it in my top 3 of all time and it will only get better with code updates. Must have for any pinball collection
8 months ago
Ok. I have put 60 games on this baby in 2 days. Really only 1 day if you consider yesterday was Christmas and I was gone all day. My first impression is just WOW. the theme is completely nailed in this one. Everything from the ambience of the holiday and the movie perfectly. The games shoots great but is also very difficult so will take me some time to get used too the geometry of this layout, which isn't a bad thing. But by no means is it anyway clunky at all. I can see the direction they are going with the code and that makes me so happy as this is a absolute dream theme for me. The animations ofcourse are the only weak point of the ENTIRE game. But more variation ESPECIALLY in the house and sanitarium this game is all time favorite. I personally can't stand the cabinet art on the screen in house mode but fully understand that it's only a placeholder for the time being. The video clips are very cool and can't wait for more. I truly love the little touch of looking through the mask when you incidentally hit the judith myers target. But would love longer ones of that scene. My main hope is in the final stages of code is the do implement the staging of balls too cut down waiting time and help with glow. But even as it stand right now A+ and this game will NEVER leave my collection
12 months ago
This is such a sleeper and way underrated game. The rule set in this game is what makes it shine. Truly would love to own this one day
1 year ago
This game has got to be the sleeper of our generation. Just ordered a NIB pro bc this game has truly grown on me. I will say the premium/le is better with the projector and telekinesis lock but the pro is still a very solid game with very deep rules that with cleland sound package will make anybody happy for a very long time. I will have this game in my small collection for a VERY long time.
1 year ago
This game has really grown on me and currently about to get my 1st one this week.at first I overlooked this game at my local arcade bc of poor original lighting( incandescent) and it didn't work 100%. But I played a nice one at a friends and man I'm hooked.this game has got to be one of the best original license pinball ever designed only behind MM and AFM Ofcourse. The rule set is what makes this game shine with the changing of music with every raft completed to the moving sasquatch. This game will not be leaving my collection anytime soon once I get it. It is definitely better than 99% of the games being produced lately only EHOH is better and guess what same designer. Give it a chance and guarentee it will not disappoint.
1 year ago
This game has really grown on me . The rules may not be deep but this game has that it factor that stern wishes they could put into their games. Rudy is a engineering masterpiece. I don't see this game leaving my collection anytime soon..
1 year ago
Best art package in a stern but sadly it's the hardest game I have ever played. I have owned it once and may own it again and give it another chance as the theme alone is one my favorites of all time.
1 year ago
This is my personal favorite bally table. Just imagine this perfectly kinetic table with a theme of big stature like Indiana Jones or die hard.this game would be a all time top 10. This game is bolted to the floor
1 year ago
About as perfect as it gets for 90s bally pinball.
1 year ago
One of the true classics of pinball. Tour the mansion is such a fun wizard but is easy to accomplish.the only thing I can say negative about this great game is that it feels too easy sometimes but that is nice change sometimes.
1 year ago
A true masterpiece. Definitely set the bar for what too expect from music pinball machine experience. Cant wait to get it in my collection
1 year ago
I got this game about a week ago and really gave it some time before rating it.first off I love the Playfield art and backglass truly top notch for the era.gameplay is quite fast if set up properly.i could see it getting repetitive in a small collection but all early data east are like that.in my opinion this is very underrated and worth every penny I spent on this game.i dont see it leaving my collection for a very long time. Hopefully cpr will make a Playfield for it bc I will buy it day 1.
2 years ago
Very underrated game. Difficult and very unique layout and is a total ass kicking game.will definitely drain quick if you are not in the zone. Love the modes and its quite a deep game and I adore mode based games. This looks too be a keeper in my collection.
2 years ago
Great game.truly a great trifecta to the elvira pinball. So glad I added it too my collection.it is the one game the it truly bolted to the floor..give it a try before judging it bc it definitely is amazing too play.
This is by far the most deep and just plain fun stern out there. Trust me dont let the fan layout or somewhat barron Playfield make you look this one over. You will not be disappointed by any means.this is lymans baby and will only get better and better as time marches on with new haunts
2 years ago
I have had this game a week today.i wanted to give myself time to really put some time on this game before reviewing. All in all this game is a keeper for me.It is just so much fun and I truly believe it should be way higher on the ranking list.the theme integration is perfect and is such a fun game. don't be fooled though this game takes no prisoners as it is quite difficult and that's what makes it a great game too me.if you ever get the chance too play it.DO IT.
3 years ago
great game hate that I traded it awhile back.will get another one if I ever come across a good deal on 1
3 years ago
game is ok had it for 2 months before i traded it for Johnny mnemonic bc it just had no flow .
3 years ago
one of the greatest complex and best layouts on a pinball machines i have ever seen. I will have one in my collection before too long.my wife is dying to get one as well
3 years ago
Adore this game.finally got one after looking for over a year and I must say it has that just one more game feeling.and if you can't go wrong with a ball eating TREX .I just wish winteriscoming would make more updated t rex mods and mine would be a 10.musy have for any collection big or small trust me
3 years ago
ok I have to update my rating as I have owned it a month . Even though I despise the theme.this is by far the greatest game in my lineup, the code is deep and keeps you pushing to get to number of the beast. This game will Never leave my collection and so glad I pulled the trigger and got one finally. Top 10 game all day
4 years ago
one of if not the best early solid state games.it truly has that just one more game feel every time I play mine. must have for any collection
4 years ago
Such a wonderful and unforgiving game. I truly miss mine and will jump at the chance to get another at a fair price. If you are looking for a very challenging but simple design pin this is the one.but I truly feel this is a game for the more serious collector with 5+ games in a collection bc I can personally say that with this in a small collection it will not be as loved as it will with more games too enjoy bc this game is so difficult .