Pinball is FUN

By Rackaball

November 19, 2022

8 days ago


I was an ETN in the US Navy. While stationed in Florida in 1973, I bought a Gotlieb Rack-a Ball.

It was in very good condition. I had it in the barracks for a time, and learned how to repair and preform the care and feeding of a mechanical system.

After I got out, I went to school for electronics and was learning early computer things and digital logic.

The transition from electro mechanical, to digital was made easy by working on that Rack-a-ball machine.

I've been an AtoD converter ever since.

Still have Rack-a-Ball, but over the last few decades, I've refurbished many machines, including, Jukeboxes.

Allways looking for 45's and 78's.

Now my youngest son just got a Gotlieb Arena. We should have done for the Holidays.

Got to your sight looking for dipswitch settings.

Got a good download. Thank You.

Happy Friday,


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