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1 year ago
Not a bad game. My mind was more or less blown when the first time I saw the multiball stacked on the spinning disc...good stuff.

The backglass likeness on Paxton is fairly horrid and hearing "Everybody underground NOW!" gets old after the hundredth time but all in all a fun pin.
1 year ago
Another Premier title that I enjoy far more than the score would reflect. No real flow to the game, the signature Premier flippers, and general high level of cheese. None of this matters when that air raid sirens hits, which no matter the popular opinion is completely awesome.
1 year ago
Here's one that by all reasonable standards I shouldn't like, but here I am.

There's no real flow, the sound is cheesy (La Cucaracha? Really?) the Premier displays are tiny, and yet I want one. I love the faux Miami Vice flavor and would love to retheme one. I don't even mind the translight that gets so much hate.
1 year ago
This one doesn't get a lot of love, but it's the game the wife had to have and my only DMD.

I think as collectors and/or serious players we sometimes lose sight of what the average person enjoys in a pinball machine. Guests flock to this's easy and fun enough to be approachable and shots like the Stan shot between the pops keep a little skill involved for the players. Yes, the play and the callouts can get a little repetitive but my friends and kids don't care.

Not the deepest ruleset in the world but it definitely brings the fun and really, that's all I expect a pin to do.
1 year ago
Another Atari pin I've added for its artwork. Play on this one leave a lot to be desired...with two sets of flippers you'd expect twice the shots but nope. There simply isn't much to do on the playfield. However, turn it on, step away, and just LOOK AT IT. This is Atari's best looking machine by far. The counter rotating clock dials, the attention to the's an amazing piece of art.

It'll take awhile to get mine up and running but it's one of the three Ataris I had to have. Scarce and long as it's not the only machine in a lineup it more than holds its own on looks alone.
2 years ago
Steve Ritchie's first design, sound by Eugene Jarvis, art by George Opperman, what could go wrong, right? Well, one out of three ain't bad...

Seriously...this is a fantastic looking machine with slow, widebody play that leaves much to be desired. There's one kick out that literally cannot be deliberately hit. Only a lucky bounce will knock it in there. I have the utmost respect for Ritchie, but I suppose everyone has to start somewhere. Sounds are typical late 70s Atari beeps and bonks. This one's a keeper for me as I'm trying to put together a nice Atari lineup just for art and history's sake, but I can't see this one keeping anyone else's attention for long.
2 years ago
In the spirit of full disclosure, I'm an Atari fan. That said, this isn't a great pin. It plays a little faster than the typical Atari widebody due to the split level playfield, but it certainly won't ever be mistaken for fast. The art, though colorful, doesn't rank among Atari's best comes off as rather cartoony and amateurish next to efforts like Airborne Avenger or even Superman. Sound effects are virtually interchangeable with Atari's other pins.

Still, this was the first pin I ever purchased and will likely remain a keeper as long as I can keep it running. Others will quickly grow bored of the repeatedly-bash-drop-targets-to-advance-bonus gameplay.