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9 months ago
Ive been playing this game a lot on location and it has really grown on me. Love the theme, artwork, sounds, callouts and just the overall feel of the gameplay. The subway ramp is really cool, and all the shots just feel great. It has just the right amount of stop and flow for me. The wide set flippers do not bother me a bit. I hope to find a premium that I can add to complete my collection.
10 months ago
I love the show and wanted to like this machine but it just didn't grab me. The artwork and overall color scheme of the game leave a lot to be desired. The middle play field is also a little too cluttered for my taste and the flow of the game seemed to suffer because of it.
10 months ago
Absolutely gorgeous machine to look at, I don't believe Ive seen a light show like this on another pin. I grew up with GnR so the theme and music on this machine are spot on. The game I played on location seemed challenging to me, it will take some time to get used to the shot angles and flow of the game. Animations are top notch, some might be turned off by the prominence of old Axl during the concert scenes, but I think its better to have the band represented as they are today rather than from the 80's and 90's.
10 months ago
It's Medieval Madness, absolute classic game. The flow on the game is one of the best of all time, hitting consecutive ramp shots and orbits is very satisfying. Sound and callouts are awesome and funny! Not a huge fan of the play field artwork.
10 months ago
I have great nostalgia for this game, love the art and overall theme. Unfortunately the overall gameplay can be a bit repetitive as compared to more modern games, its just a product of its time in that regard.
10 months ago
Owned a T2 in the past. Absolutely love the theme and the callouts from Arnold. The ball cannon was completely unique for its time and still is to this day somewhat. Sadly the gameplay is basic and hitting the left and right ramps get repetitive. Like many pins from this time the depth is lacking, but its still fun as hell!
11 months ago
About 100 games in and cant stop playing. Love the theme and art work. Very challenging and rewarding.

Update: I have played about 150 games and once you get the ramp shots down, the flow of this game is freaking amazing. Hitting a perfect 123 foot feels incredible. The way that the lighting is used makes some of these shots even more challenging and satisfying to pull off. For instance, on the Raphael weapon hurry up, you hit the right orbit and then immediately have to hit the center ramp to complete the hurry up, but the GI lights turn off for a split second after you hit the orbit and turn on again right at the instant the ball is coming to the side flipper. Yes it can be frustrating at first, but once you get it down its great. I still have not reached final battle on a 3 ball play, but it doesn't seem impossible and Ill eventually get there. Cowabunga multiball seems very challenging to reach, if you can somewhat consistently shoot the inner orbit and cash in on triple mondo jackpot and max krang, then I believe you are very close to getting there.
11 months ago
Owned a TZ for 3 years or so. Absolute classic game, one of the best theme's of all time and my personal favorite Pat Lawlor game.