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An arcade rat looks at 40

By Quint

February 06, 2015

5 years ago

Been playing pinball since I was about 4-5. That's when my dad would take me to the Dream Machine arcade at the Lincoln Mall in RI.
Couldn't tell you what tables they had then but I distinctly remember the Black Hole music and sounds so that has to be in the mix somewhere. From then on to about the time I was in my early 20's, I went back there and to any arcade within RI and nearby MA hundreds of times. Sure I played just as many video games as I did pinball (if not more during the 80's) but as I got older, pinball machines were the only games I would go out of my way to play. The feel of the ball moving on the table, the sheer randomness of every game, always drew me in and made for a more rewarding experience.

Overall, my journey with pinball throughout the decades has had quite a few dry spells, as arcades and other venues which normally carry tables have declined but I always seem to return to it.

My first venture to Funspot brought a lot of memories and my love of pinball back but it wasn't until my second trip there, when they had just put Black Knight 2000 on the floor, that the bug would kick in full force.

Currently, I don't own any tables but I do play games nightly on The Pinball Arcade. (User name: Quint)
My plans are to visit as many arcades (The Pinball Wizard, FunSpot) and pinball events (Pintastic New England) as I can and get a good feel for what I want my first table to be. I know any table I buy is going to be a "fixer-upper", as I have limited funds, but this forum has been a bounty of knowledge and is full of pointers for a novice.

Looking forward to mingling with you all and reading your posts.

Favorite tables: Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, Theater of Magic, Star Trek: Next Gen, Guns & Roses, Firepower, Capt. Fantastic, Space Shuttle, Earthshaker


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