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4 years ago
Played GOTPREM at Game Underground - Natick, MA

What I liked:
Fast and tough! Not a beginner/party table by any stretch of the imagination. This game will swiftly shame any bad shots. (I’m looking at you battering ram and dragon ramp)
There’s a lot going on up front on the playfield and it takes a few plays to figure out which approaches work best. Direct shots, like say off the battering ram, will result in insta-drains almost every time. So working the angles will save you some pain.
Despite being target rich, the table has a nice flow to it. The orbits sling the ball nicely and the center ramp keeps the action going without hiccups, even with balls already locked.
The upper playfield is executed perfectly. The action is quick but manageable and both exit ramps flow nicely back to either the left flipper (directly) or right flipped (indirectly). The dragon animatronics are gimmicky in a good way.
The code/rules are another area where this machine distinguished itself. So many options at start-up, choosing which house to take depends heavily on your play style and what you want to accomplish. I tended to pick Martell, as having the add-a-ball feature for multi-ball was a nice perk. I felt the scoring was balanced and the objectives were clear.
The playfield lighting is off the charts awesome. Both Winter Is Coming and Blackwater Multi-Ball have to be seen in person.
All inserts are clear and easy to read.
Drop-downs on the left for the light “Lord of Light” outlane saves are well placed and the Gate pop-up/dropdown reminds me of Space Shuttle.
Calls outs and music are spot on and help with the immersion.

What I didn’t like:
The Photoshop 101 artwork on the cab and translite are uninspired and with the exception of the head side panels, “fuzzy” in most areas.
The playfield art is clear and functional, period. In fact, nothing about the art grabbed me or had a “cool” factor to it.
The backbox lights are static and for the price of this machine, that’s a shame.
The animations are also “muddy”. Stern did themselves no favors by not going with an MMr style color display. Maybe a Color DMD upgrade down the road will help.
It's tough to see what's going on in the upper right area (roll overs and bumpers).
There was a MET PRO next to the GOT PRE and I was surprised by how much better the MET was in these areas over a brand new and much more expensive machine.

At first I hated but then I learned to live with:
There is an F14 style kickback that takes a bit getting used to but once you get the hang of it, you can neutralize it easily.

I really enjoy playing GOT. It’s got enough going on to have that elusive “just one more game” hook we all look for.
However, if you’re looking for casual play, this is not the machine for you.
It’s skills table and you have to bring your A-Game when you push start.
5 years ago
The layout is fine. The sound is great. Songs choices are great.
C-Blocking Jagger may be the worst toy in the history of pinball. Ruins what could have been a fantastic table.
5 years ago
The novelty wears off very quickly and all you are left with is a sparse, boring play field
5 years ago
What a weird and wacky game.
Fun to play, lots to shoot at.
The diamond configuration in the middle took some getting used to but not in a bad way.
Playfield and backglass artwork has a great, straight outta Omni magazine feel to it.
Just a touch slower paced than I'm used to. Could have been the machine I played.
Not sure if I'd want to own it but will definitely play it a bunch if I see it out somewhere.
5 years ago
POTO has some of the best all-around artwork on any machine.
Playfield could use one or two more things to shoot at but what is there is fun (Magic Mirror!) and is nicely lit.
Callouts, sounds and the music are good but the screechy sound quality grates on me after a while. (especially the drain scream)
Overall it’s a great pin for 1990.
5 years ago
Played a Decepticon version at Pintastic.
This table did nothing for me.
The layout felt far away and what was there was cramped.
Lighting was dark.
Sound was nice and loud but call outs felt repetitive.
Not a fan.
5 years ago
This is a great table with a nice mix of flow, bash toys and challenging shots.
Played the Master of Puppets version and holy cow!
The rising cross for Master multiball is one of the coolest things ever!
I also really dug the hammer smashing down the balls into the bottom of the table.
The PRO is a great table and I like it a whole lot but the LE just takes it a step further.
5 years ago
This is a great table with a nice mix of flow, bash toys and challenging shots.
5 years ago
Great theme. Great callouts and animation. One of the best toys ever.
But most of all great feel and flow mixed with some fairly challenging shots.
Every time I play it, I have a hard time pulling away.
5 years ago
I understand the rules are deep and there's a lot to do but it's a bit crowded and I find it doesn't flow as well as I'd like.
The lighting is a touch dark which makes the table feel even more cramped.
I'm sure if I were to ever get 2-3 hours of straight play on it, I'd rate this table higher as the consensus is the more you play it, the more the table reveals itself but for my impressions, it's more akin to Wizard Of Oz.
Lots of crazy crap but just doesn't do it for me as much as it should.
5 years ago
This pin did not live up to the hype for me and I can't figure out why it ends up in tournament play so much.
The well zombie bash toy ruins the flow of the whole table.
The animations are cool but the rest of the presentation seems slapped together.
5 years ago
Surprisingly fun and well laid out table.
Good "bang for buck" title if you can get it under $2K
5 years ago
Fun, fun, fun table!
Getting trolled by Trolls never gets old.
5 years ago
Whole lotta crazy crap going on here.
On the surface everything about this table should point to being the greatest game of all time.
The table is beautiful, the sounds and movie clips are great, toys galore, two upper playfields and I seemed to say "Holy crap! Did you see that?" quite often.
However, once I got past the “WOW” factor, I found it to be a bit frustrating to play. Some goals were clear (like Rainbow & Toto) but others were not leaping out at me.
It didn’t flow all that well either. I felt like I had to work to set up every shot and be very, very careful if I missed. Which leads me to something I thought about while playing.
WOZ is definitely not a table for new comers, in fact something on this level may scare newbies off pinball for good and that’s never a good thing.

I did like it, quite a bit in fact but it's not something I would pay the premium for.
5 years ago
This game was confusing to me as a kid and didn’t quite get what did what and so I didn’t play it much.
Came back to it many, many years later and now I really dig this machine.
The hit matrix and visor are neato bandito and very innovative for its time. Great sounds and spacey music.
Holds up well for its age.
5 years ago
I still remember spotting this game in the dark corner of Aladdin’s Castle. Never seen anything like it and it floored me.
I’m pretty sure I gave ¾ of my evening’s tokens to the Black Knight challenging him again and again.
Holds up very well and I play it every time I make a trip over to FunSpot.
Would love to own one.
5 years ago
As a big STNG fan, I played the crap outta this one when it came out.
The callouts and music are fantastic. The playfield and rules are in the “easy to learn hard to master” sweet spot.
The only part of the table I have a love/hate relationship with is the torpedo cannons. But that’s on me. One game I’m a marksman, the very next, I can’t hit a bear in the ass with a bass fiddle.
Still the best Star Trek machine to date.
5 years ago
When this game came out I thought it was the greatest pinball machine ever made.
I many ways it still is.
5 years ago
Every bowling alley in my area seemed to have one of these in their game room, when I was a kid.
Loved the pop-up heat shield and the multi-ball sounds. Hell all of the spacey bleeps, bloops and buzzes have a great early 80’s funkiness to them. The wave over light show when locking a ball is pretty cool too.
As an older player, there may not be a ton to shoot at I still find the game compelling. I’m sure some of that is nostalgia but fun is fun and this game is that.
5 years ago
Holy cow! This game....This game...
It ate more quarters and hours from me during the 90's than any other pin.
The one at my college's rec room and I seemed to have a bond...
Anyway, I love the theme (was a big G 'n' R fan, still am kinda), one of the best looking cabs ever, great music (although the sound system and midi style is very dated now) and overall really fun to play.
One more game turned into 20 more games, easy.
Really high on my wishlist.
5 years ago
I did not play this table in its heyday and that's a damn shame. I think if I had come across it in the 80's I would have been completely blown away and would have dominated my arcade time. As it is, I played it for the first time last summer (2014) at Funspot and spent at least 2-3 hours trying the beat the Black Knight.
The playfield is a great update to the original Black Knight minus a left side magna save. As to be expected in any Steve Richie table, it plays fast and at times chaotic. I spent the majority of my first 10 games just trying to keep the ball on the table and setting up 3-ball multi. There is a great skyway loop that feels very rewarding when executed. Especially if you can use it to set up a bridge shot. Approach the drop downs with caution. Hit them at the wrong angle and it's a quick trip to the outlanes.
The music is a big hook for BK2k. It’s absolutely outstanding for an 80’s table (hell, for any era table for that matter) and matches up perfectly to the action. The call outs, "NO WAY!" , "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!", make me smile every time.
Overall, the high risk/high reward style of play and a/v presentation make this one addicting machine.
This is the table that brought me back to pinball and has given me the bug to start collecting.