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QuietEarp's ratings

Pinsider QuietEarp has rated 26 machines.

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QuietEarp has written 21 rating comments:

89 days ago
Believe the hype. This game is fun. I like it more than I thought I would. Call outs get a little old but that is a very small critique. This game shoots well and the rules are great. I have been playing the heck out of it for the last 3 weeks. I was not even that into Jurassic Park but I like the theme more than I thought I would. Can't go wrong with dinosaurs!
5 months ago
Hitting that spinner when it is worth 50k a spin is awesome. Alien Star is not deep but it is fun and fast.
5 months ago
Beautiful Machine. Sounds were great for its time. I found it fun to play for a bit but I feel that I did tire of it.
5 months ago
This is a pretty fun game. The shots and rules are solid and fun. Theme and art is a little cheesy and garish but it fits the early 2000s casino them. Seems like a well built machine.
1 year ago
As others have said, this game is simple and addictive. Games are short and fun. I kind of like the music. I am a big fan of Ed Krynski's games and this one I am currently addicted to.
1 year ago
I had a great example with few plays on it. The pop bumpers were very lively and I found a lot of the shots pretty fun. It did need some extra rules, but I found the game pretty decent and I really like the way it felt. I can't believe Wico didn't make more machines! Not a bad effort at all for 1984.
1 year ago
Victory is a pretty cool game with a few interesting rules that makes it fairly unique and brings some strategy into play.

The music is great. I really enjoy the fact that it makes you focus on one shot and there is a timer involved. It has a different feel than a lot of games and I feel like I do a lot of dead flipping and ball control that seems somehow more natural on this pin.

I wish that there was more of a reward fro finishing the race and that there was something more to do than start the exact same race again.

Overall I am impressed with the game. It definitely keeps me engaged and sometimes I catch myself kind of dancing to the music while shooting those checkpoints.
3 years ago
I recently got a $ Square that had been in storage for years. It had a bunch of playfield wear and a beat up cabinet. I wanted a player. This is a player. It is pure pinball fun. The little flippers are perfect. Completing the 4 targets is always a great goal with rewards in points and increased scoring. I love how you first have 4 targets to aim for and soon there is one pesky target to hit. All the targets continue to give points. Very rewarding and fun game. This is pure pinball joy.
3 years ago
I think that Spy Hunter is an OK game. Not too deep and it is a little weird with the flippers over to the right. It is not bad at all though, but it makes way more sense in a larger collection. I had one and really enjoyed it for a few months. Then when it was time to let it go nobody really wanted it. Not a bad game, but not a great game either.
3 years ago
After reading the reviews I was hesitant to get this game. I think it has surpassed my expectations in fun and challenge. I have the larger red posts on the horseshoe and while it is an important shot, it is not an easy one. Not too difficult either, I would say it is just right. The rules are easy to follow, light the letters, but I find enjoyment in the strategy of how to get them down. Obviously it is a beautiful game.

It has been my go to game for a few months and like most early Ballys I enjoy the simple rules and game play. Anyway, I think it is a pretty solid game.
3 years ago
Night Moves is pretty fun. Some of the best music in all of pinball. I feel that there needed to be one or two more rules or features and it would have been awesome. The playfield is actually pretty large and I think that overall it is a good machine.
3 years ago
Sorcerer is pretty awesome. I wish it had one or two more elements when it comes to rules and strategy, but this game is pretty dang cool.
3 years ago
Simple rules. I love the pop bumper location and the 4 flippers are perfect. A little too much relies on getting in the lit saucer for the 10x bonus for the targets, but that is OK.
4 years ago
Skill Pool is a pretty fun EM. Gotta light those pop bumpers with the rollovers or the points don't come. For some reason I just keep throwing quarters in this machine. I usually don;t like games with gobble holes, but this is a good one.
4 years ago
Good game. I think that I am not a fan of those kickers behind the flippers and that gets a negative mark for lastabilty.
4 years ago
I love this game! It is a great EM. Gotta get the heat level up!
4 years ago
I have played this game more often and I have increased my opinion of it. Still there is something a little off, but I enjoy it more now and have a better idea of a strategy. It is still a little clunky and the flow is not there.
4 years ago
For it's era Comet is great fun. I keep coming back for more. The rules are simple yet good.
4 years ago
Whirlwind is a classic! I think that the only thing I found got annoying was so much scoring emphasis on the upper flipper hitting the ramp shot.
5 years ago
The flow on Demolition Man is amazing.
6 years ago
Good playing game. Not the deepest, but it has great flow and clear rules. I wish the super jackpot was a bit easier to get as it is really tough!