How I came to be a pinball fanatic

By Quick

March 18, 2021

57 days ago

As a teen in the late seventies I was never really into pinball. I was more of a Fooseball player. Even won a few tournaments. Had my own Toronado table at home. Then video games started to come out. Galaga, Joust, Missle Command, Defender, Tempest and Tron were my jams. I did play Jacks Open at our local game room on occasion. Started playing virtual pinball in 2019. My son said you should buy a real pinball machine. I went to the local supplier and he let my wife and I play all the machines he had. We settled on a Monster Bash SE remake.  That was February of last year. Now I have four machines and am hooked. A pinball junkie . 

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