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5 months ago
Gorgar is a fun game to play. It has 2 sets of drop targets and a cool spinner. The snake pit magnet is a cool magnet to grab the ball. When you get the A-B-C lift on the lanes it has some great sound effect. Also, it is the first talking machine 7 words but in 1979 way ahead in the game. My wife picked it out so you can not go wrong with that.
7 months ago
Went to local pizza place in athens ga to play the game super fun. Great shots and multiball was crazy. A lot of different shots on the game. If I hit the bell I always lost the ball right down the center that is the only problem with the game that I had. Super fun and great sound.
7 months ago
My parents own this game. I play it when I go over to there house. The backglass is a little strange a lot of stuff going on caveman, knight, dinosaurs, and greek pictures. The banana flippers make the game because the ball comes off with a different angle. For the money great steal or leaning to play.
11 months ago
I played Elvira at a laundromat back in college 96-00 and I put a lot of quarters in her and said one day and that day did came. Fun to play a lot to shoot at and when you get the multiball light organ uh nice organ that makes me laugh. It has some light show. The backglass and cabinet forget about it it's Elvira great to look at. My wife, mom, dad, brother, and our friends love to play her, she would be great in any collection glad she is in my.
1 year ago
Love playing Firepower, plays very fast, some times a ball could last 15 seconds the next could last for 2 minutes. The multiball is hard to get but great light show when you get it. If you like speed this is one to have.
1 year ago
Fun game to play, everybody who comes over loves to play her. Love the female voice "try to the tube shoot"