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Pyromedic's ratings

Pinsider Pyromedic has rated 18 machines.

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Rating comments

Pyromedic has written 10 rating comments:

60 days ago
One of the best of the era, second only to Funhouse! Love the 3D effect of the creature. great layout and themed well. One of the best art packages.
60 days ago
Best classic of all time. I still compare all new games to Funhouse! Art, call outs, gameplay, fun factor,you name it, Funhouse delivers!
NOTHING taunts you more than Rudy!
60 days ago
Such high hopes to get a game worthy of the theme. Such a let down.
It's STAR WARS! deserves so much better. :sighs:
1983 Star wars video still the gold standard for the franchise.
60 days ago
Amazing first game from AP. Art is fabulous, fun play and toys. Build quality a solid 10. Fun, challenging and nice change from typical licensed themes.
60 days ago
Brutal, fast. but no longevity in a small collection, to shallow. Amazing for tournament play.
Still, all time classic. Great topper
60 days ago
Zipper flippers!
fun classic game for the time. Artwork style is either love/hate but captures the theme well for the time. Just watch the movie;)
Makes you want to lift your stein and play!
Cab art is great for era, not just simple geometric shapes.
underrated fun game, did I mention zipper flippers?
60 days ago
Love Willy Wonka, but honestly, just doesn't have the excitability for me. Good game, but lacks the wow keep me coming back for more factor.
60 days ago
Totally one of "those" kids who played D&D. Captures the 'feel' of D&D well.
A great layout and creative use of space on the PF. Inline drops in the ramps are a real challenge. The million shot is a tough one. Reflex lanes keep you on your toes. The flames on the bonus count down are sweet, sort of remindes me of Fire! in that aspect. The Blue Warrior, Red Valkyrie and the Yellow Wizard totally makes me think of Gauntlet which I also loved.. The topper with the flashers rock and is the best of the era. Incorporating Elmore's work is a true tribute to the game.
The darker feel works for the game. I think LED's would ruin the 'dungeon' feel.

You'd better have strong flippers or you'll never make the ramps, ever. Reflex saves are a challenge and can be frustrating, but a nice different touch to standard layouts.

Game is very challenging, especially in a tournament atmosphere .
60 days ago
Classic start to the Coaster trilogy. Gorgeous art package, and fun simple rule set. Million shot still gives me chills and makes you feel the challenge to make the shot in time.
5 months ago
I had never played an American Pinball before, and it didn't disappoint. Was (admittedly) worried about an upstart company. I LOVE the theme personally, but the depth and game play is what got me hooked. very deep, so much to do and keep you coming back again, and again. After meeting Josh at SFGE, sitting through his panel, and personal discussion, the amount of love that went into the game is evident and astounding.
I think Oktoberfest is a well thought out, beautiful game. There is so much in it not only from a gameplay standpoint, but from a physical aspect as well. Art blades, real back glass, even the inner apron is adorned with art. Add to that its a non-licensed game and not another "remake theme" You have a FUN game that keeps you coming back to try so many different things. Beer Barrel multiball is now easily in the top 5 coolest multiballs ever, and the corksrew ramp is so satisfying.
Oktoberfest isn,t for everyone, but then again no game is. some cant see past "beer" and its so much more, and if you have been to a real Oktoberfest you could see that.

Ich Liebe Ein Oktoberfest.
Inga is calling out to me, shes ready to bump.