Always liked, now I love pinball

Always liked, now I love pinball

By Pwaka1986

January 19, 2018

1 year ago

Back in the mid 90s my family used to go to the local bar that had a family room and a small game room at least once a month. It always had a pool table, a cruisin world racing game, and the two pinball machines. Road Kings was the staple, the other spot changed out every once and a while. I remember Addams Family, T2, and Twilight Zone. Anyway, Road Kings was always there and it was the first pinball machine I remember playing. I loved the light and sound show it would give, and that center ramp with the random diverter was always fun. Since then, I’ve always preferred pinball to most video arcade games. Video Racers, burger time, Pac-Man... that’s really all I ever liked. Something about the real ness of pinball just makes it captivating. Unfortunately, years later in the early 00’s that bar burned down, and I always wondered what happened to that Road Kings... did it survive? 

Years later, I came across Williams Hall of Fame for the Wii. That game rocks, and I wish it was possible to upload more video pinball games into the wii format, because the best part is still having the triggers in your hands rather than touching a screen on the iPad. 

Thanks to actually learning the rules and mastering the games, I really got to appreciate Pinball much more. And after years of having not played real machines, I’ve been seeking out places to play. The experience is unlike anything else, I love playing it. I love the details, the artwork. Being a graphic designer myself, I really love the art. What a fun job those guys had? Right? 

Anyway. I’m very interested in making connections with other local pinsiders to maybe start some kind of league or something? 

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