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6 years ago
Beautiful game. Has a cool 70's retro vibe about it. I'm not particularly fond of Aerosmith as a band but it fits the game well. The LCD animations are fun. Code needs work. All the inserts function but it has several annoying bugs & inconsistencies. Sometimes I regret buying it due to software. My TSPP, FGY & LOTR never reset & never feel incomplete, glitchy or abandoned. Cannot honestly say the same for Aerosmith. I enjoy the game but I'm dissapointed in Stern's coding & unlikely to ever purchase an early release in the future. It seems only VE's are worth buying now days (VE's are usually very polished & coded)

Update: Still no skill shot, still no smart button integration to speak of, still no attract mode, still no outline sounds, still has the KISS bug(s). Bummer. It’s a cool game. When will it they finish baking it?
6 years ago
I just wanted to add something. This game is more like a generic original zombie game inside a licensed TWD cabinet. There's not much from the show on the DMD, PF or audio for that matter. That works fine for me.


I dislike the show. Too stressful. I cant stand watching it... But TWD pretty much represents the zombie genre today so its a fine licensed choice for a zombie theme game of course.

That violin music is horrible. If anxiety had its own theme song it would be that damn TWD pinball violin music. I hate it. Sucks.

Callouts are HILAROUS! Makes me laugh much like FGY callouts do. "We're having goat for dinner" lol. "That one sounded like a melon", "that one is mighty corpsey" & "You're a mess" crack me up when killing walkers.

The art is legit. Blood & brown tones. Love it. The black & white inserts are a genius reference to the comic books which are all black & white. The artist really deserves some props for that integration. Pro cabinet looks nice IMO. My favorite of the bunch minus the spam AMC logos.

The dots & sound effects are cool. Very gross actually which is what you want on a zombie game. Surprisingly violent & gross. Love it.

The toys are weak. Bash well walker then bash him again? Bash prison so the doors open to another bash toy? Lol ok. Glad I dont have to bash the bicycle girl on the pro because Im all bashed out. Weakest point of the game. Bash bash bash the toys.

Layout is tough with cheap drains & as I said some lame bash toys but those ramps are so buttery & silky smooth. Man. They feel so nice!

Software. Wow. The X inlane adds something great to the game. The 2x does too. Those 2 items are like a permanent mode you work on during the whole game. Multikill & walker collecting is super clever icing on the cake. And they have their own wizard modes too? Wow! It's nice you get to earn/choose your award (Woodbury). The aforementioned software features almost put the main multiballs & main modes in 2nd place of the fun/focus which is rare on most games. Bicycle & crossbow break things up a bit. Wish they were worth more tho. Guess thats where 2x and the X inlane come in :-)

I dig it. There are some bugs. Hope it gets an update.
11 years ago
Hilarious pin, fun game, cool layout, fair depth, neat toys (beer can? a pinball machine inside a pinball machine?) Disclaimer: I love the show & own the game so my opinion is likely biased. I wish the plastics & cabinet art were nicer but that is Stern.
11 years ago
I don't see the appeal. Iron man? More like plastic man. In my opinion it has a sparse playfield & uninspiring PF art. HOWEVER The sounds, music, translite & cabinet are really cool though. I would play it on location & I certainly do... But I would not own one unless I had a massive collection.
11 years ago
Awesome game, great theme, fun rules & wonderful sounds. I think the lighting & playfield art/plastics could be cleaner, sharper & etc but overall it's a great package!
11 years ago
Best game ever made.

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