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1 year ago
Control Tower is a machine that i bought because i wanted a woodrail. I am a Williams man, so it was a good choice and the backglass animations of the plane circling as the 10,000 score progresses is exceptional.
What i didn't expect with the back flippers and big outlanes was how much damn fun this game is!
It's a blast to play and if you ever get the chance to play one do it.
Always popular when it comes up in comp here too.
3 years ago
I really like playing this game, i like that it gives a retro feel to a newish game. I like that it's simple and that it contrasts other more complex games.
On the look out for one.
3 years ago
Annoying, repetitive callouts. The code doesn't feel finished, you get told what to shoot for though so that's good.

Middle of the playfield is very dark, so in a dark location it's extremely hard to see the ball coming to the flippers.
3 years ago
Tricked up with better center playfield lighting, i have bad eyes and the stock lighting leaves plenty of darkness in the center i have pinstadiums on mine.
Friends all love it and we have regular comps with it.
3 years ago
The only machine that i play that leaves me panting like I've run up a hill after I've played a great ball. Attached to my heart it is beautiful and absolutely awe inspiring.

Most beautiful machine to play I've ever played.