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5 months ago
Very fun and adults both enjoy playing
6 months ago
Great loaded that it reminds me of a modern JJP game
9 months ago
This is a great pitch and bat entire family loves playing...whats really great is you can play against each other....
1 year ago
This is a very fun game, but not much to it....the game has great sound, cool theme, nice lighting, and decent layout. Its very different than modern pins with no toys, ramps, etc... After putting 30+ games on the machine it got a bit repetitive, and boring. It would be a great game for a large collection, but I suspect would get old in a small collection.
1 year ago
great game, great rule set, very fast, and incredibly fun....enjoy the ride if you get the chance. You won't regret it.
1 year ago
This game is the real deal...great rules, fun flow, challenging yet easy to understand.
1 year ago
Put about 20 games on this game at my buddies house. I love Star Wars so theme was great for me. I struggled with loving this game. I enjoyed it, but not sure I loved it. The quality is OK (not even close to JJP or the latest from Chicago gaming), scoring was little out of whack. All in all this pin needs deeper code so I'll come back at some point and reevaluate.
1 year ago
I put about 10 games on this machine. Although the theme is different (I actually commend them for that). I find the game somewhat boring, repetitive, and not very energetic (maybe why I like music themes so much). My hope is that the game will mature with new code. If it does I am sure the game will improve immensely....

round 2....played another 40+ games, and now I'm a believer...WOW....
1 year ago
A friend invited my over yesterday to play his NIB Aerosmith Premium. I put about a dozen games on the machine, and I have to say it was incredibly fun to play. The artwork is amazing, the flow is great, the toy box is really fun, and the variety of shots is great. I played the game with the early code so once this gets perfected this game will be right up there with Metallica and ACDC....
1 year ago
I have MMR LE, WOZ RR, LOTR LE, MET LE, and the Hobbit Smaug in my line up. This is nothing short of amazing. The build quality is incredible. The overall feel of the machine is great once you have it dialed in. I have only played about 40 games, but thus far its a very fun machine. For those of you who compare the game to LOTR LE ... well there's no comparison. Their both entirely different games. If given a choice all of my kids gravitate to the this game if for nothing other than the incredible graphics, sound quality, and general theme.....the entire family loves playing this game. My initial impressions were good, but not great. The key is you have to give this pin a chance. Its a little slower than my other pins, but once you get into it, and start understanding the deep rules it gets really really fun.
1 year ago
I played the new AFMR game, about 10 times, and it just blew me away. I've played the old school AFM pin, and loved it as well, but the new large color screen, animations, cool green trim, topper, mirrored blades, and saucer LED's just brought this game to life. The other thing thats clearly noticeable is the quality of build. The CGC build quality is 10X that of Stern and their customer service, and game warranties are much better as well. I have the MMRLE, and its been flawless out of the box. Gotta respect The Chicago gaming remake business model.
1 year ago
Incredible game
1 year ago
What can u say...its Star Trek....I have updated speakers, shaker motor, invisiglass.....all really help in making this a really fun game....
1 year ago
I added the color DMB, Invisiglass, upgraded speakers, flashing LED's, and this game is simply awesome....
1 year ago
If you like Metallica you'll love this is great, and the game is a blast
1 year ago
I upgraded my LE with high end speakers, external sub, color DMB, invisiglass, LED flashers, Color changing LED back box, and a bunch of other goodies. With these upgrades it makes the game simply incredible. Very deep rules, challenging shots....bottom line this game is very fun, love the artwork, music, animations, and when your lucky enough to destroy the ring....look out...its awesome...
1 year ago
I have no clue why people have rated this game lower than it should be...this is game is very fun, addicting, creative....I have 10 pinball machines all rated in the top 20, and the myself and the kids always enjoy playing Transformers.