Chris Pinball story

By Profgrif

September 13, 2011

10 years ago

My name is Chris and I have been playing pinball since I was 9, my first pin I ever played was Xenon and that is the game that got me hooked, have 1 in my collection after all these years, first pinball I bought was Whirlwind which to me is one of the greatest pinballs ever, through the years I have gone through a few machines and I am now a point where my collection is where I want it, although the taste of the new machines may move some of my others out someday.

Learned how to really play while working at a bowling alley in El Cajon Ca. Keith Elwin would come and play there all the time and when I watched and learned what can really be done on a game I was instantly hooked for life! I will always have pinballs around me and at least one of my kids enjoy playing them with me too.

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10 years ago

welcome to the site profgrif

10 years ago

your collection might be good now, but it will grow like rabbits

10 years ago

Welcome to Pinside. Pinball is a wonderful hobby and it is nice to read its getting passed on to the next generation. Great selection of pins by the way.

10 years ago

A sweet collection of pins indeed!! Welcome to Pinside.

9 years ago

Welcome aboard!

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