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1 year ago
Games played: ~20, >100 on Surrogate

A good layout with some nice use of known mechs like the in-line drops and the snake scoop.
Sparky is pretty cool.
The scoop on the right is a bit clunky tho.

Very unique.
Collecting the different items is so different from regular mode based games that it is just plain fun to do.
There are also 4 different multiballs each of which takes a reasonable amount of work to get to.
Besides that there is not much else going on.

Animation stays within the artstyle of the game and looks pretty good.
There are some awesome moments in lightshow and animation such as multiball start on sparky and cross.

It takes a lot of hits to sparky to start that multiball so shooting that shot over and over can get a bit annoying.
There aren't really any worthwile timed modes so there is no pressure to do something quicky which leads to a much more controlled gameplay.

Awesome art package. The sparky sculpt also looks good.

It plays Metallica songs so that's something that won't get boring.
The announcers are ok, but they never say something important or memorable.
Sound effects on the other hand are good.

Generic rock band theme. Therefore not that much cohesion and in this game there is also no focus on the music.

Good game to play every now and then because of the different ruleset.
But not something for constant play because there isn't really anything to do outside of either being in or working towards a multiball.
This also influences the individual game, since the decision making comes down to looking for which of the multiballs is the one with the least amount of shots left and then shooting either that or just shooting something randomly and they will happen eventually.
1 year ago
Games played: ~10, >200 on Pinball Arcade

Everything is very close to the flippers and it also has the wide flipper gap.
The double ramp with the path into the whirlpool is pretty cool.

Incredibly unique way to try and beat that one goal (getting those jackpots) but without any given end goal.
This is the main objective of the game, and getting to it (and retrying) doesn't take very long. It also gives the most points.
Some side modes are are a nice addition, like ramp millions and move your car.
Other side modes become irrelevant and just mix up the music for half a minute.

The hologram is awesome.
Otherwise the game has some very clear indication on what to shoot for and the progress of features.
Animation on the display fits in very well without taking too long to finish when the ball is held.
Since the game focuses on scoring instead of objectives, there is a high amount of big numbers.

Very very right flipper heavy. The left shot, left ramp, whirlpool, center shot and scoop all feed to the right flipper.
This may get a bit boring.
Since the shots are close to the flipper and realtively easy to hit, not missing them while a timed feature is running is the real challenge.

Good art package in the movie poster style.
This game makes good use of black backgrounds.

The most catchy music in pinball.
The callouts and sound effects are very fitting for the theme.
There is a laugh to be had every time move your car starts.

It's about going to the movies instead of one specific movie in some franchise, which is a nice change. And therefore it can be much more generic and light hearted.

The rules are easy to get into for new players and provide an immediate goal to practice the flipper skills, or just have fun.
This is the best pinball machine for "beat yourself" instead of "beat some challenge in the game".
1 year ago
Games played: ~25, >100 on Pinball Arcade

Good layout focused on making the ramps as fun as possible.
This is the perfect example of how a designer can use the height of the playfield all the way from the top to the bottom.
The "upper playfield" is incredibly simple but works well.

This is the low point of the game.
There are really only 2-3 objectives: getting through the rafts, multiball, and plaing whirlpool modes while doing so.
The balancing is also really off with the 3x Jackpot and x5 from playfield multiplier overpovering everything else.

Lighting is very basic and uninteresting because of the basic rules.
Animation is ok-good overall with the muliball locks and start as the most memorable moments.

Incredibly smooth and flow-y ramp shots and loops which make the game very fun, especially with those two shots from the upper flipper.
The bad part about the gameplay is the plunge, which need to be soft enough to roll back down. Trying this over and over is just annoying.

Incredible sculpted playfield art package with the mountain range and the bigfoot.
Backglass/topper and cabinet art look good as well.

Very clever to start with pretty relaxed music that gets more intense the further you progress through the game.
Sound is lacking. It mostly announces the shots made, some grunts by the yeti and some whistle noises.

The comination of the ramp shots with rafting works well.

It is fun, but only for a few games at a time.
The plunge is just plain annoying, and then the gameplay mostly revolves around hitting the middle shots to lock balls, followed by either shooting the whilpool for a mode or the insanity falls to light it.
With the imbalanced scoring and/or lacking secondary objectives there is just not that much else to go for in terms of things that are fun and also give a good reward.
1 year ago
Games played: ~20, probably >500 on Pinball Arcade

Incedibly gimmicky game with the two side flippers with shots into holes, double plunger lane, magnet flipper playfield, clock, gumball machine, rocket kicker and helper magnets.
The layout around it is just ok.
The bumper area and therefore the whole left side of the playfield is kind of disappointing because it's just too dangerous to let the ball go there. This also means that the skill shot is kind of pointless and so it might have been better to just have the autoplunger lane.

Good ruleset with the different features and stacking timed modes that use the whole playfiled.
The jackpot on this game can actually be called a jackpot.
There are some interesting strategy elements like starting the MB with 2 or 3 balls and what to do with the powerball.
The only downside to the powerball is that it is not consistent across games and so if it isn't in the gumball machine there is no way of knowing where it is until it appears randomly.
The most disappointing thing about the rules is that the upper playfield, which is the most special thing on this game, can only be accessed every now and then, so maybe once or twice per game, instead of being a central part of the ruleset.

Fitting for the game with looping animations and blinking lights for the modes, but nothing too special.
The intro to lost in the zone is very cool.

When playing a normal game with the intention of not hitting the dangerous shots "just because", the only shots used regularly are the left and right ramp, lock shot, piano, right loop (but only when lit for gumball) and camera when the piano has been missed.
That means 4 shots on this game are not used because they aren't really supported by the ruleset.
Also those shots that are used also stop the ball constantly, so waiting for something to happen is a big part of the "gameplay".
Overall this makes the gameplay more of a chore that is necessary to progress through the game and get to the fun parts.

Playfield art is ok with a bunch of little details in an otherwise paint bucket filled area.
Translite looks really really good. Cabinet art is a bit boring but works.

The sound and music are good overall (except for the clock modes).
Somehow the sound quality is a bit off, probably due to compression.
And then there is the most awesome jackpot sound/(display/lightshow) effect in all of pinball.

"Weird things thrown together" somehow works pretty well.

Very fun to play every now and then, just to get to MB and witness the jackpot awesomeness.
Otherwise the goals like lost in the zone and powerball mania jackpots provide a good challenge to try and reach.
1 year ago
Games played: ~10

Very good layout. The cannon shot into the side ramp is awesome.
It's incredible that they dedicated one diverter and one VUK just to feed the ball into the cannon from the plunger lane.
The only not so good part is the right ramp.

Average ruleset with some timed modes, a few scoring features here and there and a multiball with a side ramp jackpot.
The ransom feature is a cool addition.

Nothing special, but enjoyable.

The combo of left loop (or right loop) - side ramp - HQ feels really good and smooth.
The rest is kind of clunky and especially the right ramp, which rejects way too often.

Playfield and translite are very basic.
The playfield is a bit better because it has the building scultps, and the translite is a bit worse because there is a giant face staring at me the whole time.
Cabinet art is also simple but looks very very cool.

Pretty catchy and varied music along with sound that doesn't get annoying quickly.
Callouts are ok, and some fit very well (e.g. feel lucky?).

Apparently this is a movie ... and I don't care about movies.
Therefore the theme integration is bad because there is nothing that makes any sense theme wise without at least knowing about the movie.

Really fun because of the shots and especially the side ramp combos.
Good for a few games back to back, but long-term it might get a bit boring because the modes and features are pretty forgettable.
1 year ago
Games played: ~10, >300 on Pinball Arcade

Very unique ball paths with the diverting ramps and the small upper flipper shot into the blast zone.
Two rudy heads are definitely better than one.
The different skill shot options with the two plungers are very cool.

The basic feature of starting some timed modes is only interesting because the modes feel unique in their presentation.
There are a lot of strategies to go for by shifting the focus after getting some awards (e.g. million plus or combos for EB).
Going for souveniers, red hits, blast and other side objectives leads to a good amount of decision making because all of them have a reward or aditional modes every now and then.
The magic standup is a pretty nice feature.

The whole ruleset feels nicely tied in to the theme and this especially shows in the animations.
There is no indication of the mode rules thorugh the lights, so it becomes very important to check the display, which is unusual compared to other games with a focus on modes.
During the modes the display shows very good animations, but again, no important info.

Combos to the ramps are a big part of the game, and they are very well integrated since after a combo to the right ramp it offers a shot with the upper flipper.
It actually makes a difference of when things are shot, e.g. Ted is deactivated during a mode. That is a little annoying sometimes.
The only option when using the upper flipper is not the best choice is to trust the bounces, so those have to be very consistent or else they will get frustrating.

The art packages are very disconnected. The characters look completely different on the translite, the playfield and the rudy heads.
Otherwise, with the green signs and the hard hats, it conveys the theme of "construction site" pretty well.

Some of the most memorable callouts in pinball. They just won't get boring or annoying ever.
The music goes well with it. Unfortunately some music bits are very short and so they can get annoying when they play for more than 30 seconds at a time.

The humor is great and along with the music this is a welcome exception to have a more relaxing atmosphere in a pinball game.
The focus is on traveling the USA, so as a non-american I can't really comment on if the city themes of the modes are fitting.
One of the few games where a shaker motor acutally makes sense.

Interesting game because of the layout alone.
Sometimes the rules are a bit imbalanced (e.g. miami vs. new york) and so this leads to just timing out modes that aren't worth it.
1 year ago
Games played: ~10, >100 on Pinball Arcade

Good layout with some fun ramps and loops.
The turbo is a fantastic mech. Compared to that the spinning car in the top right feels like a stylish shaker motor and gets annoying quickly.
The light-up targets are a nice idea but not any different from normal targets in the middle of the playfield.

The modes themselves are all very different and have good presentation.
The loop combo gives an incentive to keep going for multiball. Depending on the machine setup this can become a very dominant strategy.
There are multiple goals instead of wizard modes but ultimately only the one from the modes is exciting.

The animation fit well with the theme.
Lights are just ok. They are pretty hard to see sometimes, they are redundand (e.g. 3 separate lock inserts) and could have been used better.

The flippers feel a bit unusual at first but after that it becomes an incrdibly fun game.
The pop bumpers are rarely used so for most of the game the ball is not just bouncing around. This makes the game feel quick and in the player's control.
Also since there is no plunge into the bumpers, but instead a skill shot to the left ramp, each ball starts quickly and goes straight into gameplay.

Backglass looks pretty good, cabinet as well.
The playfield has these paint bucket filled areas, so kind of meh.

The commentary style callouts are pretty unique and fitting for this theme with a good amount of them in the game.
Music is good but a bit too cheerful when playing for more than 5 minutes.

It's car racing. Not that exciting, but easy to understand.
It should have a bit more focus on the race itself instead of pit stops, souveniers and all that stuff.

Completing the race is challenging but fun, so it won't get boring quickly.
The only time this game is not the best choice is when the music would annoy me instantly.
1 year ago
Games played: ~20, >200 on Pinball Arcade

The layout is fairly good with one huge orbit, one small orbit, one ramp and a bash toy.
There are a lot of toys/gimmicks on this game with the ringmaster being by far the best but also the only good one.
The boom baloon bumper is a nice idea but it never really creates the same action as a real closed off bumper area would. Instead it just blocks shots.
The ball on the left is pretty stupid.
There are also some pretty questionable design desicions such as the low in/oulane separation that creates way too many unwanted drains, the gap in the left inner loop guide just so the juggler balls don't have to exit through the left loop, and the highwire lock feeding into the slingshot.

A unique ruleset with the 9 different goals to work towards.
The goals themselves are pretty easy to complete (except the ringmasters), but acutally completing all of them is fairly difficult.
The added randomness from the different side show modes keeps the game interesting.
The wizard mode is great.

Excellent lightshow.
The display is also very very well done with a lot of enjoyable animation that is fun to watch and doesn't need to be skipped.

The problems with the design clearly show in gameplay. The main way this shows is that a ball saver is awarded from a few "normal" things throughout the game.
The bumpers on the right and the ball on the left are pointless and they just create a lot of randomness.
This makes the game incredibly difficult to control.

Incredible art package. Nothing more to say here.

Amazing callout package.
Together with the "rock music" during the ringmaster battles this is very fun to listen to.
The only annoying music track is the multiball one.

Easy to understand theme and well integrated with all the toys and rules objectives.

This game should be more enjoyable because of the presentation (display/sound/lights), but the gameplay is just frustrating and that drags the fun down quite a bit.
1 year ago
Games played: ~20, >300 on Pinball Arcade

+ The cannon and bell are very cool mechs/toys for a Pro game.
/ Very easy to understand and learn.
- The layout feels a bit boring. Even worse with the drop targets removed.

+ Interesting progression system with the songs and Encore as the wizard mode.
+ Building up the song jackpot is a good risk/reward rule.
- There are 12 modes, but none of them is interesting. The only difference is which things score some points and build the jackpot.
- The mode jackpot build-up and lighting the next song are two completely different conflicting tasks when the should somehow work together to make getting to Encore enjoyable and also rewarding.
- Getting to and playing multiballs is not interesting. It's just a matter of looking at which MB needs the fewest shots to get to and hitting that, or just hitting shots randomly and eventually lighting a multiball anyways.

+ A good amount of little animations that play when hitting a shot, e.g. the car trunk and the train.
+ Short but good intros to the multiballs.
/ The progression to get to the next song is tied to the jukebox in the back which provides something to learn (which shot has which name).
/ For the focus on points there is very little audiovisual feedback when doing well or getting a big point reward.
- Lighting is incredibly confusing with only one insert per shot for multiple features.
- The flasher in the bumper area is annoying.

+ Heavy on ramp combos. The ball rarely stops.
+ Firing the canon into the target is difficult but it's the big payoff shot.
/ Preparing/starting the playfield x during gameplay provides some "strategy".
- The spring/diverter from the pop bumpers is plain stupid and creates more chaos and bad feeds than it should.

/ Mostly red, yellow and black shapes and some photos.
- There is a giant face in the middle of the playfield staring at me the whole game.

+ Amazing use of the band theme with a small recognizable song piece playing when a shot is hit (e.g. bell, train, hey ...)
+ Songs don't get old because there is no set order and each song rarely plays for more than 1-2 minutes.
/ Good callouts, but sometimes a bit hard to hear over the music.

+ A rock band theme with focus on the songs. Very well integrated overall, but especially in the sound area.

+ Shooting combos while listening to ACDC is fun for a while.
- The songs don't get repetitive, but there aren't any features to be excited about when stepping up to the game.
- Just focusing on gameplay lights or start things (and especially multiballs) eventually so there is no real focus needed except for not draining.
- The shape of the lower playfield that is still present on the Pro. It's like a slap in the face from the artist telling you that you could be playing the Premium right now.
1 year ago
Games played: ~5, >200 on Pinball Arcade

Exceptional layout with good flow.
The warp ramp and the under the flipper shot are nice additions.
There aren't any toys on this game, but the focus is clearly on having easy and combo-able shots.
The only thing that would make the game more interesting is something like a captive ball instead of a target for the black hole.

It's a mode based game with some follow the blinking lights rules.
Nothing special there and also there's not much else to do outside of modes.
The three in a row and three in a colum are a good idea, but there isn't really any incentive to go for columns instead of kobiyashi.
Multiballs along with punch it are ok as well.
Some things like upgrading modes need a lot more explaination during gameplay.

Well the focus is on the colored mode lights so that's the majority of the lightshow.
Besides that there are some nice light swoops here and there.
Also the game can get way to bright sometimes, e.g. during super spinner.
The DMD work is pretty awesome with the looping background animation during modes.

Shoots absolutely fantastic. That's the whole point of the game.

The playfield is intersting with the small white dots and lines, and solves the problem of not having randomly photoshopped characters. But then there is also just Star and not Star Trek, so whatever.
Translite is ok, cabinet looks good.

Small beeps and boops (with high frequency) as the main sound as well as some mode sounds get annoying or repetitive quickly. Callouts contribute to that.
Music is completely unnoticable.

I can't comment on how well the show has been integrated because I don't care about the show.
Compared to the other Star Trek games, this one feels a bit "disconnected" or too "general".

Very fun game because of the flow and combos (even incentivized in code).
When playing the modes over and over again it becomes a bit boring.
1 year ago
Games played: ~30

It's a clever layout with some really long ramps that feel good to complete, especially the arena ramp.
There are also two bash toys (3 on the premium, but this is the pro), which is just one too many and so a good amount of space on the playfield is taken up by those.

There are interesting rules in this game such as the multikills, shot x and the different areas for wiazard modes.
Otherwise an overall good ruleset.

Lighting is well done, although it can get a bit too bright e.g. when the multikill inserts are flashing constantly.
The horde mode is awesome.
Dispplay animation is ok. For some reason they tried to do text scrolling from right to left and it just doesn't work well.

Depending on the game setup there may be a lot of cheap drains from the center magnet, the bumpers and a failed arena ramp.
The shots themselves feel good, exept when they reject by just getting the angle slightly wrong.

The translite and the cabinet look good. The playfield is just ok.

The zombie noises along with the announcer get annoying very quickly.
The music is fitting, but nothing special.
Again, bonus for the horde mode pulsing sound effect.

Killing zombies is a pretty simple theme and also leads to some interesting rules like last man standing and the pile of zombies in the bonus screen.
I can't comment on how well the show has been integrated because I don't care about the show.

A fun game with a serious theme.
The wizard modes provide some clear goals to work towards and they are difficult enough to get to to keep the game interesting.
The only definitely not fun part is the first shots towards prison with a chance that the ball is grabbed by the magnet and thrown down the middle.
1 year ago
Games played: ~50

Everything is very close to the flippers and so there are only 5 (6 with the ram) shots to hit, each of them with almost the same witdth and targets around it - which is a bit boring.
In terms of toys the game is absolutely bland and the ram is just a prettier captive ball (that doesn't even work as well as a captive ball).

Definitely one of the most interesting ways to have a mode based game.
Choosing between the houses with different perks is an awesome idea and well executed (now even better with the code update).

Awsome lightshow with memorable moments like blackwater and winter is coming.
Good animation, although sometimes a bit hard to see with everything being in one color.
Every house has its own color + winter is coming so there's 8 different colors used. That's a bit too much too much to differentiate when not knowing the game too well, so a few more inserts would have helped a lot.

Fast and combo heavy. The gameplay itself is not that instersting. Just shoot a shot and the ball returns to the flipper. That's it.
A bit easy because of how wide the shots are, but very punishing if missed.
The rules dictate what shots to hit and so the game becomes very much focused on not hitting any unlit shots and instead hitting the correct shots in time to progress and complete features.

Awful awful translite. Cabinet is boring with it just being photoshopped characters.
Playfield is better but still not that great (e.g. with the random green in the middle and the focus on cogs).

Very energetic callouts. Goes well with the fast gameplay and serious theme.
Music can get pretty intense as well.

It's GOT and they captured it pretty well with the houses battling against each other. Also provides the intro music and some snow/ice theme bits which is nice.

Great game to explore over many many games with the different houses providing different ways to play the game.
Since it's an easy shooter it's a welcome change to those games with (some) difficult shots and simple rulesets.
1 year ago
Games played: ~20, >200 on Pinball Arcade

Interesting in concept but the execution is abysmal.
It's a widebody, and here a lot of the shots are off to the side instead of in or close to the center.
I have no idea why they allowed the designer to put Borg outlanes on both sides of this game IN ADDITION to a giant flipper gap.
The angles in this layout are so bad that it needs a ball saver to compensate for both of the scoop kickouts!
Toys/Gimmicks are a big miss as well. Slimer is allright i guess.
Scoleri targets are stupid when there is such a wide flipper gap.
I'm not sure why exactly we need 3 captive balls stacked on top of each other that are held in this mech when hit.

Very good ruleset with very distinct modes, good goals and wizard modes.
The mode ladders are linear but it fits well with momorizing the shots and not worrying about what exactly is lit.
There are a lot of values for hurry ups, jackpots and other things to build up over time and collect.

Exceptional lightshow and display work.
Nothing more to say here. It just makes sense that this is the last game before they switched to LCDs as they were creating more and more interesting animation.

Enormous outlanes and giant flipper gap just don't go well together and so the game is more frustrating than fun.

Really good artwork. Just very enjoyable to look at.
Cabinet art is just ok tho, since there is not much going on compared to the playfield.
The city skyline sculpt along with the left building and the plasic in the back is awesome.

One of the best music and callout packages.
Just the catchy music with the diffrerent callouts at the start of the game is impressive.
Sounds are pretty good as well, except for the timer beeping noises. Those get annoying quickly.

Movie theme, so whatever. Catching ghosts is something that I can understand without having to care for the movies.
Otherwise the game is still enjoyable with the music and scenes that make sense somehow.

If it weren't for all those layout problems, the game might actually have a decent layout with some interesting shots.
It's a shame because art, rules, display, sound and lighting are all incredibly well done.
1 year ago
Games played: >300 on

The turntable is very innovative mech (although it seems to have some issues every now and then) and the the crane is still very cool.
The rest of the shots are kind of bland and pretty tight. Feels like a lot of the shots are there for the sake of having a lot of shots - or because there isn't really a better way to put both mechs into one game.

The variety in important objectives makes this one of the best rulesets.
There are 8 different main modes with multiple stages and a ton of side modes with important rewards.
Multiple wizard modes give a good incentive to get though the modes quicky instead of optimizing for points, so there's a good amount of decision making in this game.

The lighing effects are well done.
Each of the modes/features has its own color so it can be very difficult to keep track of what is lit when there is only one arrow per shot. The only way to see everything is to cylce through the channels with the action button.
This ties into the display. Many different things can be happening at once and each of them gets its own little tv screen. This provides some interesting rule features like multiplying the main tv.

Although the shots are pretty tight they can be comboed pretty easily.
The two target banks on the turntable (tv and phone) and the batcave are a bit clunky and not fun to hit.

Good art overall. Looks very comicbook-like. The words with ! all over the art are a bit silly but oh well.
The crane looks pretty good.

The catchy music is fitting for this game. Each mode has a track on its own so the music doesn't become repetitive while playing.
Sound and callouts are great and go well with the music. There aren't any funny callouts, but the self referencing (e.g. "holy chromium sphere") are pretty neat.

I'm not really familiar with batman as a theme, but superheroes fighing against villains in a not-so-serious way makes this game good fun.

Unfortunately setting up a good feature stack takes quite a while with bookworkm, freeze, batturn, egghead and all of the multipliers. Therefore it might not be the best game to play regularly.
For shorter playing games it is a lot of fun to try all the different main modes and side modes and try to complete them. This quickly turns into a game of who can figure out the best strategy for easy points when playing against others.
1 year ago
Games played: ~20

Good layout with some shots being way in the back of the playfield.
It's cool that the lane for the lock shot stayed the same as the Premium and so it makes for a challenging skill shot.
The toybox is just incredible with what seemingly simple things it does, but how well it is used by the game.

Pretty standard/boring ruleset with the songs being the modes which have different shots blinking in some color.
The good parts on top are the mode upgrades and the risk-reward multiball.

Lights work well for what the game wants to show.
Display is good with some animation that fits with the style of the game.
The only problem is the font and the white text on light blue background. Don't know how that got past QA.
The presentation at the start of the multiball is pretty good.

The shots except for the center ramp are fairly difficult and take some time to get used to, but after that it can have some good combos going on.
The feed from the bumpers and the magnet in front of the toybox is often unpredictable and can be a bit frustrating.

Incredible art. It's just amazing how good all of this light blue looks.

It's playing the music from the band during the modes and that sounds good.
The callouts from that jester thing are absolutely annoying. Just have some normal person tell me what to do in the game.

Generic rock band theme. For some reason there is a focus on the toybox and the band with the music is only the second most important thing.

Playing the multiballs is fun and especially trying to get the 6 balls locked.
The modes are ok, but with the upgrades and the completion (which leads to wizard modes) this can be a fun game to master.
When starting over after a short game, playing the modes over again makes it less fun to play games back to back.
1 year ago
Games played: ~15

Average layout with not that much interesting stuff.
Groot in the middle is an easy shot with a nice ball lock mech and that works pretty well for the "moment" when he spits the balls out.
Also the Orb release bounce into the magnet is well thought out.

Follow the blinking light mode based game with 2 multiballs, so a not very creative but still fun ruleset.
The different mini wizard modes from the mode progress are a good addition.
Side rules like HE and shot X add a little bit of strategy, but not that much.

Display is very well done in the sense that the hexagon theme from the art is carried over, and the info animations have a similar feel to them (same style and text font).
Otherwise it's kept very clean and conveys the info that is needed at the moment, with the movie clips only as background filler.
Lighting works in the same way and is therefore not that special, but very readable.

The shots overall feel ok. With the loops beeing a bit above average and the ramps being a bit below average. So overall ok.
Some of them (e.g. the far left shot and rocket) will only be hit very rarely when they are needed for a mode.
The option to start with a multiball is pretty neat.

The whole art package looks good with the hexagon theme along with the characters.
The tilt of the translite art is somehow cool, probably because it's something unusual.
Also the groot head sculpt is awesome.

The music is ok overall and the not-orchestra-epic-movie-music songs are a nice addition.
The whole sound package except for very few bits (e.g. completing a mode) including the callouts is extremely forgettable.

It's a movie theme and I don't care about movies.
Unfortunately there is very little explanation of and connection between the scenes so for me as someone not familiar with the franchise it feels a bit too random.

This game is increadibly easy to understand rules-wise so it's a good game to get into, keep playing, and dig deeper into the strategies.
1 year ago
Games played: ~50

Awesome to see another good use of 4 flippers similar to TZ.
The three center shots are very very easy, but compared to that the left spinner and the upper left flipper shots are very very difficult. This breaks the game a little bit since those three center shots are used for the majority of game features and the rest is not.
There are no toys, but the layout makes up for that.

The rule set base of this game is not that special, but the reward structure makes it very interesting.
A big focus is put on starting and actually completing the modes and challenges to collect soul shards and tomb awards.
There seems to be a weird thing in this ruleset that starting the first set of modes/multiballs/challenges is too easy but after that is becomes too difficult, so not a linear difficulty curve.

There are distinct rule areas on this game so learning the color for each one helps a lot.
Otherwise the light show is not that important.
The display animations are just weird, like few different styles thrown together without any creative direction. E.g. compare collecting eddie letters, collecting mummy letters, aces high, and cyborg MB.
Unfortunately it often repeats animations for obvious things like spelling every mummy letter when the hit was already shown in the lights and with a callout.
The flasher or whatever that is in the pop bumper looks absolutely stupid.

The game can be played in a way too safe way by just shooting the center ramp and spinner for the first however many shots.
Only after the the first modes the game requires something different to be hit.
Focusing on the small bits in the game (upper loop awards, revive, drop target sweep) between the normal gameplay of modes and multiballs keeps the game interesting.
Especially shooting for the upper loops is a well designed feature since those can be tried every time the center ramp or spinner are shot, they feel awesome to hit repeatedly and missing them is not that punishing.

Very interesting choice to go with the egypt theme on the playfield - and very well executed.
Cabinet art is awesome.

It's a really good choice that the dude does all the announcements and mumbling in the background and the lady screams whenever something important is happening. Makes it easy to focus on what to shoot for.
Nice idea that the song can be changed each ball.

An egypt theme without the band would probably be a lot cooler, since in this game it forces it to e.g. have modes about pilots and boats, while the ball rolls over sand.

A game that is very easy to get into and keeps the challenge up. The mix of small goals (soul shards) and wizard mode goals keeps this interesting for a long time.
1 year ago
Games played: ~40

Very unique placement of shots. Lots of ramps. Pretty good mix of easy and hard shots.
The truck mech is cool but ultimately doesn't really do much more than any other captive ball.
The shooter rod feels a bit pointless if the ball is launched into a ramp anyways.

The paddocks are probably the easiest to understand, and are a refreshing way to present modes in a game, but even they have such a compicated sequence of requirements to complete them.
The rest of the ruleset requires a lot of commitment and interest to learn all the things that spell other things that enable other different things. Before that point when everything has been learned (probably though reading a rulesheet) events seem to happen "randomly" and there is no real way to trace back why something is now lit.
Things like the smart missile are great because they can change the whole game plan with one successful (but difficult) shot.
For the high-skill players there are a lot of goals to go for, like optimizing bounties and jackpot values, getting the combos and collecting fossils.

The display is very well done with some pretty intense 3D animations.
Unfortunately that sometimes makes it hard to get the relevant information at a glance.
There are enough inserts to convey most of the relevant rules. Light shows are good, especially for the bonus.

Very combo heavy. Nailing the combo of left ramp - right ramp - side ramp feels awesome.
Unfortunately there are only posts to hit when missing those hard shots (control room, smart missile, right loop).
Ties into "things seem to happen just randomly" - every shot does something or builds to something when hit (usually).
The raptor area is very underused when not focusing on that multiball. And when focusing on that, it's just backhanding that shot a lot which is boring.

Cabinet and side art looks good with lots of different dinos and for some reason a focus on the truck.
On the playfield, the island looks pretty bland and the upper third just looks like a mud pit.

Very high variety in fitting sound effects.
Music is good. Some callouts are good, but for some I just want the game to shut up because they are annoying.

This game just won't get boring.