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3 years ago
This one of my first experiences with Stern modern machines and hated it. Confusing, clip art, etc.

BUT, this is the only game I have owned all 3 versions!!! After learning the Pro, it started to grow on me . . . It was popular title at the arcade and upgraded to a premium . . . Now have an LE at home.

The premium is only stern I know that is powder coated. Add to that a beautiful art package (Perhaps better than LE). But LE adds great laser cuts rails and internal light.

So many ways to play the game. I’m a decent player and feel I just scratch the surface with some the rules

Game flows well (Steve Ritchie) and feels familiar to layouts past and present . . . .
3 years ago
Led Zep is a dream game by a dream designer. The LE was a no brainer for me. Usually I choose games for home or Arcade between Pro or Premium between perceived benefits between models.

In this category, the Pro Playfield looks empty.

Steve Ritchie. T2 got me excited about pinball. T2, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Star Wars feel like family friends (shots) in this game
Satisfying shot and flow
Addition of expression light adds to enjoyment
I know LE art package controversial, but I like it

As an arcade owner the Pro looks empty and rock pins have not earned great at our location
Game currently seems repetitive
Songs - 10 could get boring in a short period of time (half of GNR pin)
code - seems like it needs maturity. Hope to re-rate that
3 years ago
Chicago Gaming did a great job of remaking this game. Next to it too cousins (Med Madness and Attack From Mars), the LE is certainly the prettiest of the bunch. I would even say it might win a beauty contest, or come in second and the $10 that goest with that!

However, for myself and my arcade patrons it is also the least popular of the three. So when COVID hit and someone needed to be retired, Monster Bash did not make the cut.

Is this a fun and beautiful game? Yes. Does it deserve a place in the top 10? Not in my book.
3 years ago
I'm in the minority here, but I do not like this game! It is way too long and a snooze fest in my opinion. In our leagues, I dread playing this game. I also never saw the movies, so the theme does not resonate with me. I have rated this game as largely decent (not good or excellent) and also the quality of that vintage Stern is poor compared to Bally Williams or modern games.

As an arcade owner, this game seems to earn well (perhaps due to its ease of use), so it has that going for it. But as a collector, this would not be in my top 50 (yet alone top 10).

Pros - Toys and shots for its time, earning on route, integration of theme (for those that like it), approachability,

Cons - Long ball times, theme, difficulty to upgrade to LEDs, easily breakable (and difficult to find plastics), cheap cabinet (artwork)
3 years ago
I think Keith Elwin did a tremendous job with his first game and also appreciate that the Pro plays well comparably to the premium / LE. As an arcade owner, people like this game despite the theme (rock pins don't seem to earn well and Iron Maiden, perhaps even less). It earns so so. I appreciated the non "cookie cutter" layout of the game and innovative rules sets. As a collector, this game would not (did not) last long in my collection as the theme did not resonate with me and the game is too easy.

Pros - Great innovative layout, lots of multi balls, cool animations, multiple satisfying shots, multiple flippers . . .

Cons - Long game times, theme (another tired rock pin) with repetitive songs
3 years ago
Attack from Mars is a great game and Chicago Gaming has done a great job with the remake! This game deserves a spot in the top 10!

As an arcade owner this is proven theme that patrons love! For a collector, it is similarly proven theme that Chicago Gaming has upgraded to perfection.

I personally prefer it slightly to Med. Madness, as it is slightly harder (but can still have exceptionally long ball times), but not quite as fun.

Pros - Fun humor, proven layout and shots, fun game, great earner, well built,

Cons - Similar layout to other games, can have long ball times,
3 years ago
Elvira is a theme that I have never really understood (perhaps I'm in the minority). We have an LE at the arcade, but it earns poorly (and based on quick sales of other arcade owners, I believe they have similar experience). Sometimes owners of the games rate new games high to keep the resale value of games high (as I think might be the case with this game). As an arcade owner, this game does not earn great (clients speak with their quarters) and as a collector I have no desire to own this game. I'm also no fan of the Stern (Premum, LE, Super LE model) vs. the traditional (Pro, Premium, LE model).

Pros - Animations seem to accurately reflect the theme, some interesting toys, fun humor (harkens to the double entendres throughout the game), game has an open layout which allows for flippen' fun (vs. methodical play)

Cons - Theme (again I don't get it, nor does much of my clientele), a bit on the easy side (ready for the game to be over when I play in league), suspect quality, insane price gouging on the topper!

This game does not deserve a place in the top 10 of games, especially at the price point. I noticed a lot of flags on my review. I have owned over 100 games and don’t understand the hype for this game and based have a multitude of customers that agree.
3 years ago
I think Ketih Elwin has done amazing things and this game is even better than his debut! This is one of my favorite games.

As an arcade owner, this game is a great earner (combination of multiple movies and dinosaurs) make for a no brainer. Combine this with a fun game that both newbies and experienced players can enjoy and you have a top ten hit! As a collector, I think this would make a great addition to any collection.

Although I am rating a Premium, I think a Pro would be a great addition for anyone as you do not lose much in game play.

Pros - Great shots, theme, animations, different ways to play, balance of game play (easy enough for a newbie, but challenging enough for a good player). Not a "cookie cutter" layout as many Sterns can be. Initial multi ball and modes are easily accessible for newbies. Multiple Skill shots are fun addition.

Cons - The rules of the green dinosaur arrow, chasing the orange Rescues diamonds is a bit challenging to explain to new players. The rule set is also slightly complex (but great for a home collection).
3 years ago
This game is bolted to the floor at my house. As a collector you owe it to yourself to own one of these. Every time I play, I marvel at all the shots, modes, innovations for the time of the game. This game even had my son and I going back to watch old TZ episodes that are represented in the game.

As an arcade owner, it seems overly complex for the casual player and certainly tougher to maintain. That coupled with cost, make it a tough game to route.

I have read that they allowed the Lawlor team "poetic license" to do whatever they wanted with this game, and that was admittedly a mistake when the game came out for cost (Bally) and operators. However, there is a reason this a grail game for collectors.

Pros - Multiple modes, multiple balls, toys, shots (4 flippers), upper playfield, gumboil machine (power ball), magnets . . . so many innovations for its time

Cons - Hard to think of many (perhaps skill shot and ball coming out of lower pops). Perhaps the Golden Earring tune can get a bit old (but is it a Pro?)
3 years ago
This is one of the greatest games ever and Chicago Gaming did a great job with the remakes. As an arcade owner this is consistently a top earner. As a collector, this game deserves a place in most collections. This games earns a spot in the top ten as it rightly deserves. Is this my favorite game of all time? NO! But it certainly ranks up there with the best.

Pros - Fun Game, great humor and callouts (Tina Fey!), layout is oft repeated (which is a sign of greatness), destroying the castle is fun, lots of toys,

Cons - Can get a little repetitive, scoring competively (i.e. destroying castles) can get a little boring, game is a bit on the easy side (I have completed King of the Realm multiple times - so this didn't stay in my collection, but did at my arcade).
8 years ago
Would be great if it was actually the Who and not the Broadway show! Sound is a little weak as normal for Data East Games. Blind Cover is a great gimmick and plenty of different modes to play. Topper is simple, yet fun (silver ball)
13 years ago
I played this back in college in the late 80s. When looking for my first pin, I wanted a family friendly machine for Christmas that was reasonably priced. The Santa Claus on the sides is a nice touch.

After nearly a year, we are all still enjoying the machine. It has a good balance of challenge and skill. It is really cool in a retro 80s kind of way. It is still one of the top pins that I have played and certainly a bargain compared with newer machines cost $5K and up.

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