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5 years ago
The best single player pinball machine I’ve ever played
(but I’ve played about 30:).
Beautiful art showing a few aristocrats playing cards. One of those games you just walk up to and immediately smile. A real gambling game too!
You can hit a good card score (towards the 21) in one or two balls, and then you’ll need to look at your game score to decide if you want to drain the next 3-4 balls, or go over 21 and keep playing for the score. Being that it’s in free play I’m more interested in hitting the 21 (or 18,19,20). But I could see where a kid in 1960, with a nickel in the line, would think hard in that one. Very cool game.
5 years ago
Beautiful wood rail game. I really like the ‘winter’ theme showing the lady skiers, the snowmen, a lady throwing a snowball at an Indian holding a hatchet, etc:) The name Criss Cross fits with both the ski hill art, and with the tic-tac-toe’s diagonal lines. Nicely themed. The Roto target is challenging with the 2” flippers. The targets are five different rotating colors that match up with the upper five pop bumpers. There are two of every target color on the disc, except for white, and white is the middle one which you really need! There is also one 300k target..for a big score. The Bullseye targets near the flippers are a nice feature too. The round Bullseye colored targets have a hole in the middle with a small rod poking through. If you hit to the side of the bullseye you score 50,000 points. Dead center gets you 100,000 points! Hitting the Bullseye target also makes the roto spin, along with the two button rollovers at the top. The roll over buttons at the top turn into a skill plunge opportunity if the current colors on the roto do not match up with your needs. Goal is to get three pop bumpers lit in a row (like tic-tac-toe). That earns a credit. You can also earn credits by lightning four corners (that lights a gobble hole for the credit). Lighting all five pop bumpers lights the rotating targets and bottom rollovers for specials too. And ‘High score’, along with the ‘Match’ feature, could earn you a coupe more.
Mine happens to be in excellent original condition so I’ve been spoiled with it I think. I gave it high marks.
6 years ago
I really like Golden Arrow.The colors pop out to me. Great game play. All stand up targets, and lots of fun. I'll update later when it's in front of me.
6 years ago
Great game. I like the progressive scoring. The pop bumpers start to light up after balls 3-4-5, along with the top kick-out holes and the lap bonuses. You can steal the game on ball five easy! Only em with a snowmobile on the backglass:) along with cousins Snow Queen and Brisrol Hills. Sneaky return Lane surprises new players. Spinners are a challenge with 2" flippers!
6 years ago
Recently purchased and couldn't be happier. Mine's on 3 ball, with 1200 points set to win the first replay. I average 300-400:). Features include WIDE out lanes, and a drop target hit that sends the ball right back at you down the drain. But...the game play and art makes you forget all that, and you play again and again. It's one of those games you just walk up to and smile. Big Daddy's diamond broach is flashing on the back glass, along with a 'GIRLS' sign above a nearby dance establishment. Risqué. You'll keep smiling while you're getting beat on this game too! A pleasure to own, and very humbling.
8 years ago
Very underrated pin due to low production numbers, IMO. A Gottlieb wedgehead add-a-ball with a billiards theme, perfect! Has campy art (which I really like) and an easy rule set. Not easy to accomplish though. 14 drop targets make this pin one of the most 'drop target heavy' pins out there. The open playfield gives the player ALL drops to shoot at. Drop balls 1-7, or 9-15, then get the 8 ball via the kickout hole or top center roll over lane. This will light up the corresponding 'WOW' lights (top right and lower left and/or top left and lower right). You'll have that one ball to rack up 'WOW's, because once it drains the drops reset (along with the 8 ball light). Game starts with 5 balls, but credit goes to 10 balls. You can win WOW's (extra balls) by hitting the lit 'WOW' targets, or by your high score settings. You can win almost unlimited balls, as each ball can keep maxing out the 10 ball credit lights. This doesn't happen though, as the game always wins. My high score was in the 450k range (tilt disabled, ha), but this game can easily put you in your place too. A lot of opinions about aab play out there, but two things are for sure:
1) you can be doing horrible, but on that last the king (or queen) and rack up a huge impressive win, not just a good finish. All ball's lives matter!
2) when you get beat by this aab (knowing HUGE scores are at least possible), you feel much more humiliated, and you have to play again so as not to feel like a chump. And then it beats you again...and so on. An excellent aab that will add a unique variety to a collection of replay games.

I had specifically searched for this game, and a fellow Pinsider whom I had just recently met called me back to say, "Did you know I have one? It could be for sale". The machine lived just minutes away. Bam! Thanks Pinside!
8 years ago
Awesome woodrail, really like it. 2 lower flippers, 2 higher flippers (=4 flippers!) with a set of pop bumpers in between. This gives it two separate play fields, in a way, which makes sense because there are 2 ways to win on scoring (total score or points). To me this game plays like two games in one. The back box animation just adds frosting on top of an already awesome pinball machine. Only negative would be that a lot of features need to be activated to light (ex. both lower sling shots, 1/3 of the pf!) so game can look a little dark. But when it starts to light up (features will then be activated on and off, it puts on a great light show. It has a permanent home among mostly 70's pins.
8 years ago
Hahaha Team One is (as of 4-15-15) not in the top 100, but it's better looking (but less fun) cousin AbraCaDabra is No. 1. Yes the art is arguably not as good, and it's an Add-A-Ball, but the aab aspect is what many say makes this game superior. Team One is much rarer, a better player (IMHO), and should be MUCH MUCH higher on these list. But, it's rare, so not many have played it. You want a #1 playing pin for 1/2 the price? Keep on the lookout for a Team One!

I own Team I could be biased, but only slightly.
8 years ago
Great drop target game and really compliments the games sitting beside it, Atlantis and Jacks Open. Love the shot where you ricochet (volley?) the ball off all three banks..then back to the flipper for another try. Of course getting into the upper lanes lights the corresponding bank and increases each drop to 5000 points rather than 500. This will stay lit the rest of the game, whether the banks get reset or not. That is the whole key to this game. Keep shooting for the upper play field / lanes and ignore the drops, until at least ball 4. Very colorful and is supposedly based on the famous 1970's Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King battle of the sexes.
8 years ago
Not an EM pinball machine of course, but it has familiar mechanics and sound. I am lucky to own one and love it. Takes up a small foot print and lights up real nice. A perfect addition to an EM game room. Yes, addicting play. It's just as popular as the pinballs when folks come over, and is a conversation piece. I talked with an old bar owner once who said he bought his for around $60 back in the day. Said it earned $30 a week in nickels FOR EVER.
8 years ago
Beautiful game! I am the lucky owner of a totally restored Buckaroo. Bought it before I ever played one (had it shipped). Didn't like the randomness at first, thought 2" flippers were the ugly cousins of my 3" flipper games. Thought the Roto target was impossibly hard to aim for/hit. Waa waa waa. Nothing about my previous statements do I feel are true now. Some may say the animation is cool, but a non playable gimmick, the Roto is cool but takes up too much space, the art is awesome but...

This pin is fun and it's a stunner. Lucky me.
8 years ago
This game is a blast! For me...I like to SLOW it WAYYY down, stay vertical and plink off the needed drop targets, advancing your way to the Royal Flush hand. This game may have the least amount of randomness in regards to scoring, for me. Every drop target shot can be planned and made, but be careful...if you hit the drop bank dead center...straight back at ya bud, right down the drain. The open in lanes will crush the novice player, which I like. The differences in play for this game, to me, make it very unique and fun to own. It will play fast if you want, but I put it into a crawl for potential big scores.
8 years ago
I have 10+ ems. My perspective comes from comparing this machine to my other 70's drop target wedgeheads.

This game differs in many ways, and for those reasons it is a keeper in my collection (gotta have variety). Four 3" flippers - drop targets reset after each ball - center turret (no plunger) - 2 vari targets - lower pop bumpers (think AbraCaDabra) - two ways to play/win (point total AND runs scored).

Vari targets don't come into play as much as one would think, but are a fun aspect of this already unique game. Keeper.
8 years ago
Beautiful game! This is the game that expanded my pinball horizons. I was mostly a 70's Gtb drop target guy until I played this game. Now I have an appreciation for the finer things in life...Woodrails! Unique back box animation and a lot of nudging sums up this one for me. Land in the kick outs to light the 100k pops, try to keep the ball up top...and avoid the gobble hole. 2" flipper play has it's own nuances, which is addicting, and adds a great variety to a 'newer' collection of Em's. Last use of bulb scoring for Gtb...which makes this game even more significant. Interesting note: 'Game Over' is printed on the back of the backglass, but there is no socket in the head to illuminate it. Supposedly the animation took up too much real estate. When the 'match' star lights up...Game Over!

after further review...this game is tough tough tough. Fun, but tough. I have my posts set liberal, and replays set at 6m + and 30 points +. Tilt disabled. And I still get a 2m average score. I'm not a bad player. This game will kill you 5 times before you hit the ground. If you like punishment in the form of pinball, buy one. Make sure you put a more 'giving' pin next to it though so you don't go crazy. Do I sound crazy? I think I am going crazy. 50+ plays with only one replay won.....sheesh.
8 years ago
Unique layout for my collection (mostly wedgeheads). Very challenging, and probably one of the toughest to win extra games on for me. Gotta have tough ones in your line up, and this is one of mine. The bagatelle, along with the 5000 point 'double' drop target scoring, gives a very nice variety of play. Others can wax more poetic than I, and believe them. This would arguably be a game that would keep your interest in a 1-2 pin collection. Few games I would say that about.
10 years ago
Surf Champ: This is the game that gets the most play at my place. One of the last multi-players I've kept. I am lucky to own some popular wedgeheads, all in great condition, (Atlantis, Jacks Open, Volley, Buckaroo, Big Hit, Team One, Pro Pool), and this is my favorite game. Yes, better all-around than those popular titles, IMHO. Both flippers can hit all the drops and roll overs, has a wicked spinner (don't hit it straight on though, into the pop bumper and straight back at ya, down the drain), great theme, extra ball special, replay special, Match feature (of course) many ways to play and win. Surf Champ may be the best pin in history (I haven't played them all so I'm being somewhat dramatic), but if's not far off.

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