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1 year ago
The new code is absolutely brilliant. Changed the game from a weak 8 to a solid nine in my book. I sold mine to a good friend and I still get to play it and he has made it a phenomenal machine with all the upgrades.
3 years ago
I first played this in my local bowling alley. Star Trek in rough shape and needs some tlc. I have been a long time sci fi fan so Star trek is no stranger to me. The callous are done by DeForest Kelley (Bones) and James Doohan (Scotty). When you lose a ball on the right outlane Bones will sometimes say "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic". I love that line. Rules are easy and fun. I liked playing this worn out machine so much I found one for sale near me. I am so thankful to my friend Frostbite for helping me fix it up. If you get a chance to play this game, do it! Money well spent!
3 years ago
Played two examples of this game in the last few years. One in the wild and one I helped a friend pick up. Both played great and has some campy horror humor that sits well with me. It's no Bruce Campbell vs the army of darkness but I'll make do playing this title until then. Drop some quarters and shoot for the guillotine.
3 years ago
My friends has this machine and it is a fun time. Shots are predictable at first but for some reason as I play it the shots seem to elude me. Bluto eating your pinballs makes me laugh every time. Silly pirates. I suggest you play a few games if you see this gem it in the wild.
3 years ago
I have owned SS for about 6 years. I love this game. Of the ones I own, this would be my last resort to sell. The deadheads never fail to crack me up. Meat head is my favorite, good head is a close second but who can complain about the later (tongue in cheek here). Getting the Stiff O Meter multi ball is the payoff for a few simple accomplished goals. Spider multi ball is almost impossible for me but I have gotten there a few times. A color DMD is a must have modification.
3 years ago
Where do I start. For 10k save your money, buy 2 or 3 used machines and you will be much happier. I get more enjoyment out of my Transporter, The Rescue, than I have out of my Elvira HOH LE or my Deadpool LE. I purchased them both new out of the box. I own a Scared Stiff and love it. I have yet to play a full game of Elvira HOH without a lost or stuck ball. The fix for my vuk problem is sketchy to say the least. I may get a little hate for this posting but put yourself into my shoes. 10k for a kick in the butt and the wallet. Not cool Stern. Not cool.
Ok. This is a revisit to my review. Code had gotten much better and has helped the play. Still some minor flaws that Stern is working on fixing like the early skill shot guides. The vuk fix had been solid so far and some tweaks to springs have helped the stuck ball problems I was having.The game does get better with every code revision but I still stand by my earlier review. PS, all you guys that flagged this post are a bunch of butt hurt Stern fan boys afraid of criticism and other opinions that don't follow the party line.
3 years ago
A tough game at first and a challenge. The true joy comes when you start railing the truly hard shots. Scores over two million are possible with patience from me. A great game to play if you have only have a few minutes. I play it over my Deadpool LE 2 to 1.
3 years ago
Out of the box the game did not work. Deadpool had a bad node board. Stern stepped right up and shipped a replacement right out. Plug and play after that. Great game that my friends love to play. There is some great animations that you have to see while others are playing because it's too fast too see while playing for yourself. Was it worth the new asking price? NO. Would I buy it used, definitely. Would I buy it again? Meh.

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