If your shipping your game, DONT USE BELTMANN if you can help it!

By portsideken

August 28, 2021

30 days ago

Hello Fellow Pinheads, Ive just had the worst experience paying for and dealing with the shipping of my new PIN. Who would have known how bad a company can be only until after you have a terrible experience. I needed my new PIN shipped 513 miles. I never saw anywhere in writing they can allow themselves AS LONG AS THEY DARN WELL PLEASE to pick up and drop off your cargo. The experience started when I placed the order to pick up my PIN. After payment IN FULL, tracking was available that now showed they awarded themselves the luxury of 7 full days to make a pick up at the origin location. I never thought it would actually take that long. I didn't give it a second thought. 6 Full days went by and I had to call. They explained that the origin location was in a RURAL place (It is NOT) and they were trying their hardest to get it picked up. The next day they made it to the house late afternoon and got it wrapped and onto the truck. It literally took them one evening and part of the next morning to get my PIN 400 miles to Earth City, MO (St. Louis) There it sat. And Sat... And Sat.. 6 more days.. Yes, 6 more days went by and I had to call Beltmann again. They explained the that end destination is considered RURAL... OMG, not again. They gave me a choice to either wait 4 MORE DAYS or I could drive to St. Louis and get it myself, a terminal pick up for a $62 credit. OK, not happy at this point. Ive been waiting 2 full weeks now for a 513 mile delivery. I elected to drive up to St. Louis to a terminal at the DALTON Transport location where it sat. They loaded the machine into the back of my Suburban and I left. This is a 6.5 hour round trip drive for me. I get all the way home, unload my PIN and find out the legs for the machine never made it into my truck, but they were left at the DALTON Transport terminal. Trying to compose myself I call Dalton and they cant find the legs. I call Beltmann and they think my legs are on the way to Texas... What will it take to get my PIN? 2 hours later they call me to inform me they found my legs, but wondered when I was going to come back to get them.. MAD NOW.. I tell the guy they need to bring them to me.. He says fine, we service your ZIP Code 3 times a week.. WAIT WHAT?? If you service my ZIP code 3 times a week, why has it taken 2 full weeks to get this thing to me? Deep Breath.. Composure.. He says we can get it to me next Wednesday. This make it 2.5 weeks total in shipping that I paid just shy of $500 for on 513 miles.. After my legs came, I called Beltmann and explained this and asked for some consideration for a small discount in addition to the credit I was to receive for driving to go pick up my PIN at the terminal. The lady sent me an insurance claim to fill out as an inconvenience claim.. Laughing now from all the CRAP I just endured working with BELTMANN Transport, AND Dalton Transport I didn't think I should try to file a claim only to wait 6 more weeks only to be denied. Moral of the story PINHEADS... Dont do business with BELTMANN OR Dalton Transport. They charge premium prices for less then desirable service, then make you go pick it up yourself if you don't like it.. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.. Rant OVER!!

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