New look of my Tales From The Crypt !!!

By Pomheavyduty

December 08, 2022

This story got featured on December 09, 2022

56 days ago

Hello Pinside community ! Well...I'm crazy about my TFTC that i bought 1 year ago. Last few weeks ( at part time only ;-) ) , i finally update my playfield and my topper back box at the level that i was always thinking since several months. Check for all photos and details. Hope that you will apreciate my little hobby. 

Thank you for your comments.

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51 days ago

Wow this looks amazing!! I have always loved Data East Pins that's what I started collecting when I started. TFTC is one oof the best ones in my option.

51 days ago

Thank's a lot JSM !!! My TFTC was looking to simple for with the CoVid crazy crise...i spent my frustration on my pin's. was plenty funny and the result is now cool.

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