Poco Pinball - The beginning

By PocoPinball

March 07, 2020

30 days ago

Hey Pinside Pinheads

As with all of us, we all have a back story.
So I thought for my first profil contribution should be the backstory of Poco Pinball.

It was 2009 when my wife and I separated on good terms. I had 2 kids and an empty house and thought, how am I going to keep focused on my kids and career without falling into the single guys life?
My solution was to find a hobby....and to find it fast!

Don't know how but I found an old 1980 Stern Big Game that was just a play field and legs. That was the hobby I was looking for, so I dove right in and started to learn (slowly) to re-build.

3 months later and after many trials and errors, it turned on.... It still needed major tweaking but I played my first game!

That was it and I needed another one, this time with a DMD!

Along came my first (small) DMD Data East Hook.

Needless to say I was "Hooked" and fixed this DE to a solid playing state. As I was getting familiar with DE, I scooped a home use Warerworld. 

More to come......

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