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6 years ago
I got this game recently and I really enjoy it. Read my ratings - I seem to really enjoy every game I buy. Maybe I am easily pleased, or maybe most pinball is enjoyable to me. I am still learning the rules on TOTAN and am figuring out what did I just do that caused that. I think this will be a keeper in our collection.
6 years ago
Played again recently and upped my opinion. I can see this game remaining popular, but I don't know about the holding power - no one does. Glad Stern is stepping up their game.
6 years ago
bought this a couple of weeks ago, and haven't had a smooth game on it yet. Maybe once I work out the bugs - balls that disappear (shouldn't that be on Theatre of Magic), balls stuck coming out of the trough, stop and start games while the pin looks for the balls - I will think it is a better game.
7 years ago
Enjoying the voyage.
7 years ago
There are so many things going on with this game, from shifting ramps to werewolf attacks. Got it because it was a good deal, and not knowing much about it. Was a pleasant surprise.
7 years ago
Early multiball, and early Bally pinball. Great Jetson-like space-age theme. Plays pretty slowly, but still fun. It is a lot of fun to look at, and fun to play.
7 years ago
Very fun game. Fast and great sounds.
7 years ago
Bought Spiderman a while back, but didn't remember to post a review. It has been a lot of fun to play. I am still working my way through all the modes and discover something different every time I play. We don't keep this one locally, so I don't get to play it as often as I would probably like. I love AFM, and SM is similar in many ways. We added the shaker motor, and boy, there are times it seems like it shakes the whole house. It sits next to BDK, and I really think we need to procure an Iron Man for a superhero trilogy.
7 years ago
I have lots of fun when I play CP. Thought at first I would want to add it to the collection, but have had second thoughts. I don't know that it would remain a favorite machine if I played it more regularly. As it is, when I get to play it every couple of months or so, I enjoy the dickens out of it. I don't know that I would like to try to keep it running at home - lots of stuff could go wrong.
7 years ago
just bought this one, so my opinions might change the more I get to know it. Love the theme and the toys. Backglass just doesn't do it for me. SO glad it didn't involve David Copperfield.
7 years ago
in all fairness, I have only played MM a couple of times. I don't see what is all the hubbub. Fun to play, but not something I would stand in line for. However, if I owned, or wanted to own, it I am sure my comments would be higher.
7 years ago
I love everything about this machine. Added the saucer LED mod to ours (green led) and what a cool looking game it became. Very fun machine, but in our house, less popular with some of the younger folks. They will take my AFM when they pry my cold dead fingers from the flippers (hopefully during video mode)
7 years ago
What can I say - a nearly perfect machine for playing and players. The sound gets a little annoying for home use, so I keep the volume low. Everything else about this machine is top drawer.
7 years ago
our first NIB machine. Played at a pizza parlor in Breckenridge and had to have it. In a lineup with LOTR, AFM and 20 EM's, it holds it own. Actually is more popular with players in their 20's than the other two. Yeah, the joker in a can maybe is a little hokey but he really impresses the newbies when they first see him. We added a shaker motor and that added a new dimension to the game. Don't think it is overused while playing and it helps build the excitement of the game, imo. I have not played enough games on the other new Sterns to really formulate a valid opinion as to which is best - SM, IM, TDK, Tron, etc. The few games I have played on SM and IM - I prefer TDK. I played on Tron for the first time last night at Joystix and the one game was fun fun fun. So that may be added to the lineup when we see the LE's. Personally, I think TDK should be given another look by those who slammed it in the past. If sales prices are an indicator, the prices seem to be climbing slowly on TDK and we might have a winner here!