Marvin & Clay got me started (thanks!)

By PM_Jeremy

August 01, 2013

9 years ago

I have always had an interest in pinball and owning one was something of a fantasy for me. After I moved into a house with a large unfinished basement I got to thinking about owning a machine. But I had one question - would I be able to fix it? Some searching on the web - the year was 2001. I found Marvin & Clay's excellent repair guides. These gave me the confidence to go after my dream. I then went on the Mr Pinball site and looked for local collectors in my area. I contacted one and he mentioned that he was out of the pinball hobby but just happened to have a Firepower stored in his garage. We made a deal for the machine that I never plugged in - I just verified it was complete.

After going overboard on the back box connector and circuit board repair I plugged it in. It came to life and the smile took a week to wear off my face. Then came time to tackle the playfield. Since this was my first machine I took it apart in stages and put things back in place before moving onto another section.

How far my skills have come in 12 years. I have 7 pins plus a Stun Runner video game (that I repaired). I also help other fine pinball enthusiasts repair their machines. I love getting a machine that is broken down and bringing it back to life. Of course I love playing with friends and family but there is something special about repairing them.

It has been a great hobby with great folks and I am glad I got into it.

Jeremy Agema

Central WI

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8 years ago

Welcome to pinside Jeremy!

8 years ago

Cleaning up and repairing pinball machines can be quite rewarding. Pinside is pretty good too. :-)

8 years ago

Welcome aboard cad-kid!
I had many an hour logged onto my local arcade's Stun Runner.

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