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8 years ago
When I first saw this machine all dark and dirty I really didn't think too much about it. But after the dirt was removed and the machine properly shopped out I started to like it more than I expected. PF layout is pretty simple - but that can be a good thing if the angle is steep enough and the pf surface is smooth (read higher ball speed). Game rules: like most of the EMs the main goal is to build bonus. The captive ball shot is a risky one but I find it fun because sometimes the slings help you out. The pops at the top of the PF are kind of odd because they can send the ball up into the arch rather hard deforming it.

Lighting is surprisingly good. I like the unpainted wood by the slings it's a nice touch compared to most of the newer games. The PF artwork is nice and a bit playful sort of retro looking or stylized. I think the backglass is too realistic and would have been better if it had the same style as the PF.

The single player aspect will limit this game if it's your only machine. Competition makes pinball that much more fun!
Jeremy Agema
Central WI
8 years ago
I like STTNG because Williams went all out on the license. They have all the key actors for scripted call outs - not clips from the show. The artwork is very good with the Enterprise saucer section front and center on the PF. I belive it is fun to play and could take quite a while to master.